[Urgent] 45 Dogs being rescued by Nami Kim and her team needs your support!

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Update on “50 Dogs” Dog Farm Rescue

SaveKoreanDogsWe went to count the number of dogs there, and thank god the twenty dogs were all still there.
I respectfully demanded that the meat supplier sign a document to promise that he will be out of the dog meat business for good. Two copies were sealed with fingerprints, which is legally binding in Korea. I stressed that I can go to the city anytime to make him pay the fine charging him for violating the livestock farming law. Acorn jelly is one of the popular Korean dishes, and I am glad to see that he has already started the acorn supply business. Eun-Yong (Melisa) and I bought some of the acorn yesterday.
He agreed to my suggestion that I bring a few scrap collectors to come and take the wire cages instead of burning them down.

The first release, the “Miracle Family” – the mom and her four pups are doing well, the twenty in our hands, and all together, there are twenty five dogs at the boarding site. Unfortunately, the farmer had sold five dogs without telling us beforehand. We have twenty more to rescue. Please help. Click HERE to see the photos.

Nami and her dedicated team are working around the clock to save these dogs and puppies and they need your financial support to make this rescue possible. These dogs need medical care, food, boarding, and need to be prepared for adoption and transported to their new homes. Please donate whatever you can afford to help them save these dogs.

You can also donate directly to the SaveKoreanDogs team by sending Western Union transfer to Nam Hee Kim(Nami) in Seoul, South Korea. Then email Nami to let her know that you have sent the fund: [email protected]

Thank you for your compassion and your generosity for the Korean dogs!!!

Click HERE for previous update on this rescue.

Click HERE to watch the video of the dogs remaining at the farm who need to be rescued.

Click HERE to watch the video of the first round of rescue.

Click HERE to watch the video of the mommy dog and her puppies rescued already.

Click HERE to go to donate page.
Click HERE to follow Nami and her team on Facebook.

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  1. Åse Galtung
    Åse GaltungSeptember 21,15

    I am so happy for theese dogs. thank you!

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