Urgent Call to Action – Stop the Korean Dog Slaughters’ Demonstration in Seoul!

[Update] Click HERE to see the update on this demonstration.

Campaign created by Susan Song.
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Protest is planned by the Korean Dog Meat Association at the Korean Presidential residence (Blue House) in Seoul on September 22, 2017. They plan to bring live dogs in trucks to the protest in defiance of defending the dog meat trade/industry in South Korea. Please take the action to file petition asking Korean government to not allow this protest to take place.

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Please leave comments to the following organizations after reading the entire post first:


Please submit a complaint to #국민신문고

1: read my letter at the end of this post to understand the issue.
2: review “how to submit”
3: copy and paste my letter at the end in the complaint form.
4: attach these 3 photos from this post with your form.
Thank you.

I have created a tutorial #Video on how to submit a complaint form to the Government of S. Korea, This can only be done on a #pc, NOT a mobile device. This is for both the citizens of Korea and foreigners, and they will respond to you. English is accepted.
✔Please save this link to the portal for future submissions:
✔Here is the YouTube link of the tutorial:


I formally submit this complaint regarding the planned protest by 개고기 육견협회, the Dog Meat Association, at the Presidential Residence(Blue House, 대한민국 청와대) on September 22, 2017. They plan to bring live dogs in trucks to the protest in defiance of defending the dog meat trade in S. Korea. I respectfully ask you to not allow this protest to happen.

The dog meat trade is an illegal activity that is nothing but a shameful mark on the Korean nation that which has been drawing huge negative attention internationally for decades. There is an ongoing boycott of not only the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics but of all things, such as travel and Korean products!

We, the international animal lovers, keep a very close eye and monitor the progress on the status of banning of dog and cat meat trade in your country.

We urge you, the Korean Government, to please take your stand and to not allow this day on 22nd be the day of great shameful display by 개고기 육견협회 시위 (dog meat association demonstration).
Please watch this video from 9.18.2017 where President Moon, while in New York, was approached by American animal lovers who passionately pleaded him to ban dog meat trade. (
Thank you and I await your favorable reply.

Korean Dog Farmers Association Demo 092217 (3)

Korean Dog Farmers Association Demo 092217 (2)

Korean Dog Farmers Association Demo 092217 (1)

  1. Patricia Ann Newton Goldsmith
    Patricia Ann Newton GoldsmithSeptember 20,17

    You are no better than North Korea. I HATE YOU

    • eric archambault
      eric archambaultSeptember 21,17

      Sadly, we are not better than North or South Korea, or Ukrainian peoples, Spanish, French or Tanzania’s peoples. are you sure that american or european farms, slaughterhouses, pet stores are free from neglects, atrocities, inhumanity ? You would be sadly surprises…
      I believe that when you hear the words “bad behaviour against animals”, you only think at dogs, cats, guinea pigs or parrots only. YOU are not better than Korean, those who don”t want to see the bloody animals reality in their country are sadly not better than Korean.
      Bye, wish i will never meet you.

      • Guilherme Sartori
        Guilherme SartoriSeptember 21,17

        Wrong. Firstly you must consider that most vegans start animal compassion with dogs/cats, making the connection and spreading the compassion to other animals. What kind of compassion do you think a dog eating country will ever have for a cow, a pig, a chicken (which they ALSO eat) ?

        The idea must ALWAYS be: fight for dogs/cats and remember other animals, go vegan. It must NEVER be: “If one animal is killed somewhere in the World, it’s ok for South Korea to kill all of them”.

      • Susan
        SusanSeptember 21,17

        Wrong! They believe that adrenaline is the animal before death creates tastier meat. So, they have come up with horrendously cruel ways to torment and torture the dogs and cats before and during the slaughter. I won’t even begin to describe the sickening ways they have thought up to torture these animals, but it’s beyond anything a mentally sane person could dream of. I can only speak for the US, that yes, it’s cruel to kill living creatures of any kind for meat, and far too many live very sad lives, but they are usually slaughtered in a more humane manner, and not tortured to make the meat better.

    • Shirley Andersch
      Shirley AnderschSeptember 21,17

      Well said!!!!!

    • ai
      aiSeptember 21,17


    • Tania Mara
      Tania MaraSeptember 22,17

      Karma will get you soon! Justice will be done!

  2. Honor Parker
    Honor ParkerSeptember 20,17

    Please do not let dogs be used in this protest – they are sentient beings and we humans should respect that and act responsibly.

  3. Janet G Heinle
    Janet G HeinleSeptember 20,17


  4. Sari Kansanaho
    Sari KansanahoSeptember 20,17

    This is insane, stop it immediately.

  5. Tucker
    TuckerSeptember 20,17



  6. Joan DeLorenzo
    Joan DeLorenzoSeptember 20,17

    Glad we went to war for you barbarians.

  7. Ann
    AnnSeptember 20,17

    Stop this protest. This barbaric act has to stop!. Dog’s have feelings too. What kind of people are you! The most evil in the world.

  8. Paul
    PaulSeptember 20,17

    Maybe a present from N.Korea will end your reign of cruelty, just sad about the loss of all our four legged friends..

  9. Leinani
    LeinaniSeptember 20,17

    S. Korea is just as horrible as N Korea…They’re all a bunch of scum bag, sub humans. Dog & cat slaughter/consumption NEEDS TO END NOW!! You can always judge a nation by the way it treats their animals. Humanity has MUCH to learn and progress on!!!!

  10. Kiva Huffman
    Kiva HuffmanSeptember 20,17

    You sick greedy evil no conscience filthy sub humans. Dogs are better than you. They feel love and they just want to be loved. North Korea will hopefully end you. I worry about the dogs…evil, evil, you will pay for this in hell.

  11. viola mazackova
    viola mazackovaSeptember 20,17

    Ako môžete zabíjať mačky a psíkov, sú to predssa inteligentné a spoločenské tvory a žraž ich ste hamba civilizácie !!! Týmto okamžite žiadam prísny ZÁKAZ ich zabíjania…!!!!

  12. Tina Jordan
    Tina JordanSeptember 20,17

    This is so disgusting! I will NEVER visit your country until this is ALL stopped and ended!

  13. Eva Tervala
    Eva TervalaSeptember 20,17

    Kim – Jong – un from North Korea and Trump are going
    to distroy your Country soon and then we are so happy ?????☠.

  14. Angie Sieb
    Angie SiebSeptember 20,17

    This just wrong. Please don’t alow this or you are just as sick as North Korea.

  15. Darlene Avery
    Darlene AverySeptember 20,17

    This vile, despicable atrocity truly show who you are. Soulless, without morality or compassion. You truly are as evil as your northern neighbour. To torture and slaughter innocent defenceless dogs and cats and bears is beyond any horror normal humans can fathom. I continue and urge others to boycott all products, events and The Olympics 2018. Truly hell on earth.

    • Susan
      SusanSeptember 21,17

      YES! Well said! Hit them in the pocketbook, that’s the only thing they care about. Boycott all Korean made products!

  16. Kimberly Beebe
    Kimberly BeebeSeptember 21,17

    This is disgusting and inhumane. Get rid of these soulless sub humans please. If you allow this to happen, may you receive all the Karma you deserve, if not in this life then the next life. Your state is no better than North Korea. Shame on you!

    • Ivonne g
      Ivonne gSeptember 22,17

      I pray that GOD throws his WRATH upon ALL HE who HAS PARTICIPATED!!!

  17. Barbara Smuts
    Barbara SmutsSeptember 21,17

    Although I fiercely object to the dog and cat eating practices in S. Korea, I am horrified by the many posted comments vilifying Koreans. First, not all Koreans participate in these activities. Second, before we condemn Koreans, North or South, as “sub human” or “scum’ or any of the other epithets people are hurling at them, we should remember that our very own meat industry enacts comparable torture on animals who are sentient beings like dogs & cats (for example, pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.). People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We need to protest the Korean dog meat industry but we need to protest the N. American and European meat industries with equal passion. And we should never condemn entire nations. That’s no different from Trump’s Muslim ban.

    • Meaghan Simpson
      Meaghan SimpsonSeptember 23,17

      Thank you Barbara Smuts…your comments summed up my response a lot…the big picture on the planet with mass extinctions of 60% of species disappeared…gross grim gruesom grotesque industrial meats and poultry farms in USA and EU, etc. You name it, from cock fights, dog fights, dog racing horse racing, bull fighting, gross grim gruesome animal breeding MILLS, obscene animal hoarders, zoos, imprisoned Sea World animals, circuses, breeders of big game animals for pelts and body parts, poachers/killers of heritage wildlife species for ivory tusks, animals imprisoned in tight cages in laboratories sicko science testing for decades never see outdoors, USDA/US FISH & WILDLIFE murderers of millions of our precious heritage wildlife species in most cruel methods scams by profiteers of gross crimes against nature animal cruelties beyond belief. Then there’s the animals abusers of sea food fishing ocean life and ocean death OY VAY mother ocean is way whacked by humans, the military testing high tech military grade bombs and sonic blasting war killing millions of sea animals… Wake up USA people the facts are abundant that there are humans all over the world and in USA committing horrible terrorizing crimes against animals, plants, people, waters, airs, lands/soils and fires. Humane Society USA and International Humane Society we are working on so many at every level and evoking laws against all cruel heinous gross grim gruesom terrifying of animals…trophy hunters or guinea pigs stabbed and roasted on a skewer…or how about fresh live crab…you plop live crabs in the way hot steamer…OY VAY! Is that a humane way to go? I don’t think so no
      SOOO I eat berries and corn and beans and lemons and peppers and garlic and pink salt…plenty of whey…when I pray, chant, sing in the woods the deer come round my cabin and walk with me and nuzzle my hand as we amble along…all the creatures love to sing and dance to music too! They sing right on key and they move right on que! Doggies and kitty cats sure do too. The froggies and foxes I know for sure do… I love animals wild and domestic beyond forever it’s true. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  18. Joan Natoli
    Joan NatoliSeptember 21,17

    This evil must end NOW. I will never visit this country & will boycott anything to do with it, you have no heart.

  19. pamela kelly
    pamela kellySeptember 21,17

    Dogs are family members who deserve to be loved and cared for. You people from S Korea who torture and kill innocent animal should go to hell and burn.That’s what you deserve.

  20. Aline
    AlineSeptember 21,17

    They protest – that means they feel pressure! We are doing all right! They know their last days are coming soon…

  21. Nancy Lowe
    Nancy LoweSeptember 21,17

    What is the purpose of this protest? Is it to say that you should be able to torture and eat dogs and cats? Why are the Asian communities killing off the world’s wildlife and do so cruelly? Do you have no feelings of empathy towards another feeling being? You cause pain and distress. It is sickening. I will never visit your country or buy any of your products as long as you act this way. Your behaviour is atrocious and despicable. I find it hard to class you in the human league. Please stop it immediately.

  22. Jan
    JanSeptember 21,17

    The guy bringing the poor dogs to be eaten to a protest is sick. Those dog meat killers low life humans deserve to locked up in cages and paraded in front of the South Korean Government Officials. You have no compassion for the wonderful companions aka dogs. Your dog meat killer/ government is not even close to normal limits of being decent. How mentally sick are you people? I cannot fathom your extreme cruelties towards a person’s best friend, a tailing wagging loving dog. SICK

  23. Lyn Clayton
    Lyn ClaytonSeptember 21,17

    This is the most barbaric, evil, cruelty ever. What is the matter with you sub humans, you obviously have no heart or soul. Dogs are domesticated, loving and loyal, unlike you evil monsters. I will never visit your country, or buy your products, or any country that participates in this horrendous cruelty. Shame on you.

  24. joyce s
    joyce sSeptember 21,17

    Dogs and Cats are not for human consumption and this barbaric cruelty needs to stop now. They are mans best friend and are family members. They will stand by you when no one else will. Stop this torture and cruelty to our animals.

  25. vicki Crichton
    vicki CrichtonSeptember 21,17

    Have you no soul ? look into the eyes of the poor sentient creatures you slay carelessly and cruelly do you not see their sacred life? How can you treat them so badly and kill them so callously. Please stop for the dogs sake and for the sake of your eternal soul. Lest you yourself be be reborn as a dog in a dog eating, cruel, careless country yourselves

  26. Quin brigitte
    Quin brigitteSeptember 21,17

    c’est honteux, cruel …. l’être humain n’a vraiment pas de cœur !!
    Aidons ces pauvres bêtes à sortir de cet enfer.

  27. Di
    DiSeptember 21,17

    This cruel and barbaric torture of cats and dogs are a shameful stain on all Koreans even if there are plenty of Koreans
    that oppose this!

  28. tanja
    tanjaSeptember 21,17

    I boycot all s. korean products ! so sad, what your people are able to do to the poor dogs. Disgusting nation, shame on you !

  29. inge van der ploeg
    inge van der ploegSeptember 21,17

    please stop this cruelty

  30. Joanne Connarty
    Joanne ConnartySeptember 21,17

    This must not be allowed,these sick,evil individuals must be stopped.
    Please may the authorities of Korea realise the eyes of the world are on them.

  31. Jean Riding
    Jean RidingSeptember 21,17

    Please stop this now

  32. Kaisa Kähönen
    Kaisa KähönenSeptember 21,17

    STOP this horror now!

  33. Jacky
    JackySeptember 21,17

    Nothing can defend this barbaric act… it seems this country is living in the dark ages or just don’t care…. barbaric people

  34. Michaela Bartkova
    Michaela BartkovaSeptember 21,17

    Stop this protest! Stop this barbaric cruelty towards a person`s best friend…

  35. denise hogan
    denise hoganSeptember 21,17

    i am sick to death of animals being tortured. we have just got to do somthing NOW

  36. mauren brown
    mauren brownSeptember 21,17

    You are obviously very ignorant people, do you know or even care, how much dogs and cats, love and are loyal, and friendly to us, they are our best
    friends, bring so much love and comfort, especially to people living on their own. They are clever and sentient animals, who when trained help people
    who are blind and deaf, you are killing and EATING these wonderful creatures. You are a very cruel human race, and this has to STOP, STOP, STOP

  37. Sandra Sales
    Sandra SalesSeptember 21,17

    This isn’t a protest, it’s murder, and if these people do this the Korean populace should drag them off the streets, and hang them.

  38. Sandra Sales
    Sandra SalesSeptember 21,17

    The brutes harming the dogs I mean

    VICKIE BRITTONSeptember 21,17

    this is very cruel and these babies are part of our families

  40. Bonnie Engelman
    Bonnie EngelmanSeptember 21,17

    Forget cultural relativism. It is barbaric to torture, murder and eat dogs and cats, animals that have been domesticated and have served man for thousands of years. They serve us, we shouldn’t serve them. You are raising the ire of the world by your filthy practices.

  41. esperanza pinto martinez
    esperanza pinto martinezSeptember 21,17

    por favor basta ya de abusar y matar salvajemento los perros ellos son nuestra compañía nos dan amor y lo minimo que podemos darles es lo mismo

  42. Martina Freund
    Martina FreundSeptember 21,17

    All countries the dogs eat has quite forfeited to be saved by dogs! Shame on you! Dogs are best friends, familymembers and rescuer!

  43. Vagnat
    VagnatSeptember 21,17

    Arrêtez de massacrer des chiens et des chats pour le plaisir malsain de certaines personnes qui pensent que manger du chien va prolonger leur sale existence de barbares sans coeur
    Honte à votre peuple

    • Tania Mara
      Tania MaraSeptember 22,17

      Please stop this cruelty. You are all barbarians?

  44. JoLynn O'Shea-Walker
    JoLynn O'Shea-WalkerSeptember 21,17

    So, Korea, this is the way you wish to go down in history??? Dog eaters??? Barbaric PsOS!

  45. Joanne Connarty
    Joanne ConnartySeptember 25,17

    Hit these evil bastards in the pocket by boycotting the winter Olympics,as they don’t care about anything else, obviously animal welfare is the least of their concerns.
    They are sub human filth.

  46. H
    HSeptember 25,17

    Stop and put those Devils into Jail !!!

  47. alessandra
    alessandraSeptember 27,17

    Non visiterò mai la Corea e inviterò tutti i miei amici e conoscenti a seguire il mio consiglio e anche eviterò gli acquisti di prodotti provenienti da questo paese, fermiamo al più presto questo orrore

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