Watchdog: Dog farm and slaughterhouse in Jeju shut down by Watchdog 10/9/2021

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

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Watchdog begins demolition of dog farm in Jeju.

The dog farm in Jeju, which Watchdog raided and exposed live yesterday, has been in operation for at least 15 years.

The dog farm and breeding compound, which brought in and bred dogs from various places and even directly slaughtered and dismembered the bodies of these poor dogs in the backyard warehouse, is now in the process of being shut down and demolished by Watchdog.

The dog farm owner hid for two days and removed all of the slaughter tools this morning, but the Watchdog team had thankfully already finished collecting all of the evidence in advance.

In the end, at Watchdog’s request for two days, city officials came out and talked to the dog farm owner on the phone and then met in person to activate the relocation (quarantine) measures for the remaining dogs.
Right before the slaughter, the remaining 51 animals were able to escape brutal slaughter.

This dog farm had been operating for decades, dogs which should have been companion animals were silently killed and burned at this awful place for years, and finally now; this dog farm will be closed starting today.

Please join us! We need to push forward on a much larger scale. Let’s become a powerful “Watchdog Corps” to abolish dog farms and slaughterhouses!

Watchdog members are currently serving on a volunteer basis. The goal of the organization is to raise enough donations on an ongoing basis to enable them to hire full-time paid activists to expand and carry out their vision of the complete elimination of dog farms and slaughterhouses. With a dedicated full-time paid staff, Watchdog will be in a position to accomplish even more than they are currently doing.

Operations like this are only possible through donations to CARE. Please help them continue their important work of shutting down the dog meat industry in South Korea by donating today. Click HERE to see the most recent updates from the Watchdog. Thank you!🙏🏼

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Watchdog post in Korean:

오늘 또 하나 폐쇄됐다.>
-와치독, 제주 개농장들 철거 시작한다-
어제 와치독이 급습하며 라이브로 보여드린 제주시의 개농장은 최소 15년 이상 운영되어 왔습니다.
어디선가 각종 개들을 데려오고 번식하며 뒤꼍 창고 안에서 직접 도살하고 해체하는 작업까지 해 왔던 개농장 겸 번식장은 이제 와치독에 의해 폐업의, 철거의 수순을 밟게 되었습니다.
개농장 주는 이틀간 숨어지냈고 도살기구들을 오늘 아침 모조리 치워 버렸으나 와치독은 미리 모든 증거 채집을 끝낸 후.
결국 이틀간 와치독의 요구에 시청 공무원들이 나와 개농장 주와 통화하고 직접 만나 남은 개들의 격리조치를 발동하였습니다.
도살직후 남은 51마리는 잔인한 도살을 면하게 되었습니다.
이렇게 십수년간 운영된, 누군가의 반려견이었을 개들이 소리 없이 죽고 불 태워졌던 곳은 오늘부터 폐쇄됩니다.
더 모여 주세요! 더 큰 규모로 밀고 나가야 합니다. 개농장과 도살장을 철폐하는 막강한 <와치독군단> 이 됩시다!
🥷와치독 군단 되기🥷 ( 와치독 정회원가입) 🤝회원가입:
⚡️제보문의 [email protected]
➡이메일: [email protected]

  1. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakOctober 10,21

    at last !!!! the one at least !! hope it is not the only one !!

  2. Cecilia Johansson
    Cecilia JohanssonOctober 20,21

    This is indeed good news. Keep fighting for the innocent animals. I will always be a voice for them.

  3. June Davis
    June DavisOctober 20,21

    Absolute heroes. Thank you so much for saving these innocent beautiful creatures.My support will continue as long as your fight continues.

  4. Sandra
    SandraOctober 20,21

    stop cruauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jane Nash
    Jane NashOctober 20,21

    Good riddance. I hope he gets his comeuppance for his lies and deceit and murder of innocent sentient animals.

  6. Robyne Zuendel
    Robyne ZuendelOctober 21,21

    I certainly hope this POS gets they same fate those defenseless dogs got. No animal deserves to be tortured alive I also blame the government for sitting by and doing absolutely nothing about this horrific trade. Many thanks and respect to Watchdog.

  7. Manuela Lopez
    Manuela LopezOctober 21,21

    I sigh petitions give what I can to STOP this cruelty. Keep going. Appreciate all you guys do for the innocent

  8. Lisa Blanck
    Lisa BlanckOctober 22,21

    Thank you to Watchdog. I know this cannot be an easy accomplishment.

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