Watchdog – Using the current law, Watchdog is shutting down one of the nation’s largest dog farms with an 8,000 dogs capacity. 11/3/2021

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

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The large-scale dog farm in Pyeongtaek, which Watchdog reported on through video Livestream about a month ago, will be shutting down, leaving behind a shameful history. It is the largest dog farm we have seen in Korea so far, with a capacity of 8,000 dogs.

Watchdog studies and puts into practice within the current legal system a tenacious interpretation and application of the law. Watchdog is working to shut down all the dog farms that we have found, especially the large farms that have been built and operated as factory farms.

Government officials who bear the responsibility of closing large-scale dog farms maintain an extremely passive position on applying the law. However, when faced with Watchdog’s interpretation of the law, and with no understanding of the law themselves, they have no choice but to agree with Watchdog. Local governments are learning that existing dog farms in Korea are already illegal within the current legal system.

This particular dog farm in Pyeongtaek divided the typical dog farm-sized raised wire cages into thirds. Dogs were confined to a space no bigger than their body length and were forced to stand, facing forward, as there was not enough room to turn around. Creating three tiny cages out of one already tiny typical dog farm size cage allowed the dog farm to maximize the number of dogs. Utilizing this cruel method of housing the dogs made it possible to breed as many as 900 dogs per greenhouse, and there were as many as nine greenhouses on the dog farm. On an area of about 1,000 pyeong (approximately 0.8 acres), 8,000 dogs were raised simultaneously!

Dogs were fed large quantities of illegally supplied spoiled food waste. Inside the structure, where the cages were connected, a wheelbarrow filled with rotten food waste funneled this garbage to the dogs through a hose. A large profit could be made at this factory farm with a minimal number of laborers, and the dog farm owner fought Watchdog vigorously to keep his business open.

This dog farm will be shut down by Watchdog. At first, Pyeongtaek City responded passively to Watchdog’s complaints, but in the end, it was decided to issue a shut-down order, and administrative procedures are currently underway. This dog farm has a capacity of 8,000 dogs being raised simultaneously, so the number of dogs being born, surviving, and sold to slaughterhouses is estimated to be 8,000 dogs at a time, repeated 3 to 5 times each year.

Each year in Korea, approximately 2 million dogs are slaughtered for consumption. We can assume at least 20,000 dogs come from this one dog farm, which means it supplies 1 in 100 dogs sold for slaughter annually. If this dog farm were to continue operating, over the next 10 years, 200,000 dogs would live miserable lives and be brutally slaughtered as meat dogs. With the shut down of this dog farm, that number of dogs would be saved from a wretched existence.

Currently, dog farm owners expect to receive and are waiting on the government to compensate them ahead of the uncertain enactment of the dog meat ban legislation. These farmers will not quit their businesses unless this exorbitant compensation is received.

Remarks by politicians and even some animal rights organizations about enacting a law to ban dog meat on the premise of compensation, without carefully considering the impact of their words, encourage and strengthens the position taken by the dog farm owners. Watchdog members are extremely wary of any promises of compensation because as the compensation negotiations drag on, the enactment of the ban on dog meat consumption will continue to be delayed.

Watchdog will not passively and quietly wait for the revisions of the law, which is still in the distance. Watchdog will not debate with the Meat Dog Trade Association or waste time discussing the pros and cons of dog meat consumption. Watchdog will use all existing laws to shut down dog farms right now.

The Korean government must commit to shutting down all the dog farms now. There is no reason to compensate the dog farm owners for their illegal businesses. If local governments continue to turn a blind eye to the operation of these dog farms and continue to waste time with their passive administration, Watchdog will file accusations against them of neglect of duty.

Watchdog commits to wiping out more dog farms in 2022!

Watchdog members are currently serving on a volunteer basis. The organization’s goal is to raise enough donations on an ongoing basis to enable them to hire full-time paid activists to expand and carry out their vision of the complete elimination of dog farms and slaughterhouses. With a dedicated full-time paid staff, Watchdog will be in a position to accomplish even more than they are currently doing.

These results are only possible as a result of generous support from our supporters. Would you please help them continue their important work of shutting down the dog meat industry in South Korea by donating today? Click HERE to see the most recent updates from the Watchdog. Thank you!🙏🏼

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President Moon Jae-In, please help your country’s “animal friends”: end the horrific dog and cat meat trades.

Watchdog post in Korean:

와치독- 현행법으로 국내 최대 규모 ‘8천마리’ 개농장 없앤다.

이제 대한민국에서 개농장은 끝났다.
와치독이 약 한 달 전, 라이브로 공개했던 평택의 8천 마리 규모 개농장이 부끄러운 역사를 남기고 자취를 감추게 됐다. 단일 개농장으로는 지금까지 국내 최대 규모다.

와치독이 현행 법 체계 안에서 연구하고 실행에 옮기는 끈질긴 법 해석과 적용은 이제껏 목격되는 모든 개농장을, 특히 공장식 시스템을 구축하고 운영하던 대형 개농장들까지 무력화시키기에 충분하다. 대규모 개농장들의 폐쇄에 대해 심적 부담을 가진 공무원들은 법 적용을 두고 지극히 소극적 입장을 견지하지만, 당초 법에 대한 이해가 부족한 지자체 공무원들은 와치독의 법 해석에 대한 설명에 결국 동의할 수밖에 없다. 현존하는 대한민국 개농장들은 현행 법 체계 안에서 이미 그 존재 자체가 불법이라는 것을 지자체들이 알아가는 것이다.

평택의 개농장은 일반적 크기의 뜬장을 3분의 1로 다시 쪼갰다. 개들은 가로X세로 자기 몸길이만한 공간 속에서 한 마리씩 갇혀 일직선으로 선 채 앞만 보고 살아야 했다. 더 빨리 살을 찌우게 하며 더 많은 개체수를 불리기 위한 방법이었다. 이러한 방식은 하나의 비닐하우스 당 무려 900마리의 사육이 가능하게 했고 이 비닐하우스가 무려 9동이 있었다. 약 천 평의 땅 위에서 8천 마리가 동시에 사육됐다.

개들에게 주는 음식물 쓰레기도 불법으로 대량 공급되었다. 하우스 내부는 모두 연결되어 있었고 바퀴가 달린 전동차가 호스를 통해 음식물을 공급하고 있었다. 모든 것이 공장화 된 시스템은 적은 인력으로 많은 이윤을 창출케 했고 이들이 와치독의 등장에 격렬히 저항할 수밖에 없었던 이유였다.

이 개농장을 와치독이 없애게 됐다. 평택시는 와치독의 고발민원에 대해 처음에는 소극적으로 대처했지만 현행법으로 완벽히 불법이라는 와치독의 설명에 결국 이 개농장에 대해 원상복구명령을 내리기로 결정하고 현재 행정절차가 진행 중에 있다. 평상시 8천 마리 사육이 가능한 곳이었으니, 일 년 안에 태어나고 살아남아 도살장으로 팔려가는 수는 8천마리 X 최소 3~5배로 추정된다. 최소 2만 마리 이상, 한 해 도살되는 수 최대치 2백만 마리에서 100분의 1이 이 한 대형 개농장에서만 팔려나간 개들이었던 것이다. 즉 대한민국에서 한 해 도살되는 개의 100분의 1이 이번 고발로 사라지는 것이며 이 농장이 살아남았다면 10년 동안 20만 마리가 식용으로 비참한 삶을 살다 죽어갔을 것이다.

최근 개농장주들은 막연한 금지법 제정 분위기에 앞서 정부의 보상을 당연시하는 입장이다. 막대한 보상이 따르지 않으면 그만두지 않겠다는 것이다. 정치인들이나 동물단체들의 고민 없는 ‘보상 전제 개식용금지법 제정’ 발언도 이러한 입장을 부추기며 심화시키고 있다. 와치독은 보상에 따르는 협상기간 동안 금지법 제정이 오히려 지연되는 등 발목을 잡는 ‘보상전제 발언’을 심각히 경계한다.

와치독은 아직도 요원한 법 개정에 막연히, 무기력하게 기대하지 않겠다. 육견협회를 마주 보고 앉아 여전히 소모적인 개식용 찬반 논쟁에 한가하게 시간을 할애하는 것도 우리가 할 일이 아니다. 현재 존재하는 모든 법을 활용하여 개농장 자체를, 지금 당장 없애 나갈 것이다. 현행법대로 하면 된다. 없애라. 불법을 보상할 이유도 없다. 와치독은 불법을 눈감아 주고 소극 행정으로 시간을 낭비하는 지자체가 있다면 직무유기로 고발할 것이다. 2022년도에는 더 많은 개농장들이 와치독에 의해 사라질 것이다.

-WATCHDOG / 와치독 –

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  1. Monica Lucchi
    Monica LucchiNovember 5,21


  2. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakNovember 5,21

    when he was elected to be a president of South Korea, I was so happy, I had so much hopes in him to ban, to stop for ever this horrible, inimaginable , horrendous trade ….. and now, I see that nothing happened and probably I will sign and share the petitions to the next president …..when do they understand that this trade, this torture is not acceptable anymore ?

    [email protected]November 5,21

    Shut down these illegal farms NOW. It is MURDER . Dogs and cats deserve to live a good quality of life. Not a life of misery and death. They were not put on this earth to be tortured and abused.

  4. Anu Sipiläinen
    Anu SipiläinenNovember 5,21

    Olette barbaareja jotka syövät lemmikkejä, hyi kauteata !!!

  5. alan n/a broomhead
    alan n/a broomheadNovember 5,21

    about time close the rest of them while your at it.

  6. Mia Hellstroem
    Mia HellstroemNovember 5,21

    It’s time to show human compassion!
    No country can call themselves civilized sanctioning cruelty to animals.
    You are humans so please act accordingly and stop supporting this sadistic and shameful trade of animal cruelty!
    These animals feel the same pain as you do so how can you inflict such unspeakable pain upon them?
    This is NOT how humans conduct themselves and still call themselves humans!

  7. Johanna Schwarzer
    Johanna SchwarzerNovember 5,21

    Es ist unfassbar und stimmt einen mehr, als traurig, dass es auf diesem Planeten immer noch solche Barbaren Völker gibt, deren Regierungen ignorant und verantwortungslos das Leid und die Grausamkeiten, so wie Brutalitäten gegenüber hilflosen Mitgeschöpfen einfach dulden! Eine Schande, wie sie nicht größer sein könnte! Ich fordere ein sofortiges Ende und ein Handeln der Süd Koreanischen Regierung!

  8. Irene Leggett
    Irene LeggettNovember 5,21

    Can I ask what is actually going to happen to the 8.000 dogs IF they are rescued or will they be horrifically killed by the psychotic, evil pieces of human trash before rescue arrives????

    • team teamNovember 6,21

      Dear Irene,
      Dogs at these massive dog farms cannot be saved. Watchdog does not have that kind of resources to rescue all the dogs from all dog farms they shut down. It is heartbreaking, but they have to focus their limited resources on shutting these places down.
      It is a reality, and we must pressure the Korean government to ban dog meat. That is the solution, but the Korean government is profoundly indifferent, so until that happens, activists like Watchdog have to do whatever they can to shut down this horrific industry.

  9. Madeleine LiCausi
    Madeleine LiCausiDecember 7,21

    Shame to all in your country who condone the barbaric torture and killing of helpless animals. A civilized society would condemn these horrific immoral atrocities. The lack of outrage confirms your country still functions in the dark ages. What a sad commentary for these unlucky animals.

  10. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisDecember 11,21


  11. Josette Roux
    Josette RouxMay 13,22

    Torture of these animals make me say that the hell is here

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