Watchdog – The reason why dog farms and dog slaughterhouses must be shut down

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Video transcript:

Different fates of the dogs in dog farms and slaughterhouses within the same area.

A dog farm/slaughterhouse #1 in Goryeong County

There were not only dogs here, but lots of black goats as well.

Watchdog: “When Watchdogs raided, the dog farm owner was in the middle of leaving to deliver dog meat. You can see the axes he used for slaughtering here.”

Watchdog: “They killed the animals by repeatedly hitting them in the head with a hammer. This is obviously a very cruel method of killing, so please relocate the dogs to a shelter under Article 8(1) of the Animal Protection Act.”

Watchdogs confiscated evidence of slaughter, such as hammers, which the butcher admitted using to kill dogs. The dogs were allowed to be relocated to the county shelter.

But that wasn’t the case at another dog farm.

Another dog farm #2 in Goryeong County

The dog farm owner was not at the site, and because there was no evidence of actual slaughter on the dog farm, the county officials refused to take action and claimed that there was nothing they could do.

Watchdog: “The dogs spend all their lives in small, raised wire cages and they are fed only molded, rotten garbage to eat.”

Watchdog: “County officials are saying that the dogs cannot be relocated because it is not a slaughterhouse, but please call and ask the Eco-Friendly Livestock Division of the Goryeong County Office to at least take the mothers and babies to their shelter.”

The county officials claimed that they were limited regarding the action they could take because the farm owner was absent. Later the dog farmer learned about the raid and secretly sold the dogs. Therefore, the dogs were not relocated to the county shelter.

Watchdog: “Are you occupying this land for unfair compensation from potential developers?”
Dog farm owner: “…… The land has been sold, and we are in the process of shutting it all down.”
Watchdog: “You are collecting food garbage to feed to the dogs, right?”

In South Korea, keeping dogs in raised wire cages is not considered animal cruelty, so not all dogs are relocated to a shelter upon request by animal activists.

However, if they are not relocated, the dogs will eventually be cruelly slaughtered for human consumption.

Dogs and puppies were not relocated to the shelter because the land where the dog farm was sold. So these puppies were sold to another farm and will grow up in the garbage heaps, eating molded garbage, and then end their lives being slaughtered for their meat.

This is why Watchdogs want to eliminate dog farms and dog slaughterhouses as soon as they are found.

Watchdog – The reason why dog farms and dog slaughterhouses must be shut down

Watchdogs discover hundreds to thousands of dogs in farms on any given day. These dogs eat nothing but rotten garbage while living their entire lives in painful raised wire cages, but existing Korean law does not consider this animal cruelty.

Watchdog finds a slaughterhouse, captures the evidence, and confronts the owners on the spot. Some dogs are relocated, but current laws do not consider dogs at the farms and slaughterhouses eligible for this. Therefore, since the owners rarely release them voluntarily, they are usually sold to other dog farms or slaughterhouses.

If they are relocated to the shelter, they have a chance to live, or at least they are given euthanasia under the authority of the local government. But if they are not relocated, they will eventually be butchered at the slaughterhouses.

Should we leave the dog farms as it is just because we cannot rescue the dogs there? Is it meaningless to relocate them to the city shelter just because we cannot rescue them? By shutting down these dog farms, we end the vicious and cruel cycle of misery and suffering. This is why Watchdog is trying to shut down the dog farms right now.

What do you think?

Watchdog members are currently serving on a volunteer basis. The goal of the organization is to raise enough donations on an ongoing basis to enable them to hire full-time paid activists to expand and carry out their vision of the complete elimination of dog farms and slaughterhouses. With a dedicated full-time paid staff, Watchdog will be in a position to accomplish even more than they are currently doing.

These results are only possible as a result of generous support from our supporters. Please help them continue their important work of shutting down the dog meat industry in South Korea by donating today. Click HERE to see the most recent updates from the Watchdog. Thank you!🙏🏼

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President Moon Jae-In, please help your country’s “animal friends”: end the horrific dog and cat meat trades.

Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Watchdog post in Korean:

개농장을 없애야 하는 이유

와치독이 하루에 발견하는 개농장 개들은 수백에서 수천마리입니다.
고통스런 뜬장에서 썩은 쓰레기를 먹고 있지만 대한민국의 법은 그 자체를 동물학대로 보지 않습니다.
와치독이 잔인한 도살장을 발견하여 그 증거를 잡고 현장에서 대치하며 일부는 격리조치를 이끌어 내지만
현행법은 농장과 도살장 개들을 격리조치 대상으로 보지 않기에 격리되지 않는 경우가 더 많습니다.
격리라도 되면 살 수 있는 기회도 생기고 지자체 권한으로 최소한 안락사지만 격리가 안되면 결국 도살로서 삶을 마감합니다.
구조하지 못한다고 개농장을 그대로 두어야 하나요?
구조하지 못한다고 격리조치도 의미없는 일인가요?
<고통을 대물림 하지 않는 길>
와치독이 지금 당장 개농장을 없애는 이유입니다.
여러분은 어떻게 생각하십니까?
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