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We receive many kinds of emails at, some that are very positive and some that are less so. The following message from Al & Jane, however, is the kind of message we love getting from our supporters! While many people express anger and distress about the dog meat trade, too often their busy lives leave little or no time to actually do something about it. Meaningful action such as that taken by Al & Jane will do so much to shine the light on this issue and help put pressure on the South Korean government to change. I hope Al & Jane’s message will inspire you to find the time to volunteer, to be one more voice on behalf of the S. Korean dogs, and help to bring an end to this horrific cruelty towards our best friends. Anything you can do to help is appreciated! Thank you!


We received a wonderful petition update from Voices for the Dogs & Cats of South Korea this morning about the 23 dogs that are coming to Washington D.C. for adoption and that that meat market will be closed. That’s great news.

We emailed 100+ members of our church, friends, and a great many PA animal shelters to go on to your website. So far, little response.

Jane phoned the following consulates:

January 2

– NY UN Korean Office – got message across – spoke to a person, not a message machine.
– Newton Consulate General, MA – they only spoke in Korean.
– NY Consulate General – got message across.
– Atlanta Consulate Office – got message across.

January 6:

– Houston Consulate General, TX – DID NOT want to hear message – referred us to the NY Consulate office.
– Chicago Consulate General – left message on answering machine.

Today we are working on a letter to the International Olympic Committee.
We are committed to this cause.
For the animals,

Al & Jane

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