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South Korea, please ban the dog and cat consumption now! 대한민국의 수치, 잔인한 악습 개식용을 반대합니다.

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Dear Officials of the South Korean Government,

We recently watched a documentary called “Boshintang (Dog Meat Soup) 보신탕” produced by an animal rights organization in your country exposing the South Korean dog meat industry. We are shocked and saddened by the rampant cruelty committed against millions of companion animals in your country.
In English: http://youtu.be/QTqUGTBgUWU In Korean: http://youtu.be/id_zbmoDyJY

Why is the nation of Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, SK, and so many global companies still condone this activity which is a hold over from another century. Why do an industrialized nation remain shamefully indifferent to this unimaginable brutality and horror?

You can continue to make excuses about “culture and tradition”. However, a culture that continues to torment and kill companion animals should not exist in this day and age. Such activities will only damage the image of South Korea in the world. People of other nations are becoming aware of South Korea’s dog and cat meat trade and are appalled. This will have a financial impact on South Korea as people will begin to boycott your products and refrain from visiting South Korea.

Your neighboring Asian countries have banned the dog and cat consumption many years ago for this reason. It’s time for South Korea to enter the current century as a member of the global community and become a more ethical and compassionate society.

Please take the moral leadership that you are called upon by your people. Do what’s right for your country! Ban the dog and cat consumption now!
대한민국의 개, 불쌍한 누렁이를 살려주세요! 잔인한 악습! 개, 고양이 식용을 반대합니다!

[Your Name & Your Country]

Boshintang (Dog Meat Soup), Documentary by StopIt! Korea Campaign
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