English Caption – “Moran Market Dog Meat Shops Maintenance by City of Seongnam vs. Right to Survive…”Dog Fight” with Pride at Stake”

English Caption – “Moran Market Dog Meat Shops Maintenance by City of Seongnam vs. Right to Survive…”Dog Fight” with Pride at Stake” 성남 모란시장 업소정비vs생존권…자존심 건 ‘개 싸움’: http://youtu.be/zVFmWEoFVk0

‘Dog Fight’ is in full swing at the Moran Market in Seongnam these days.

As city of Seongnam moves forward with the maintenance of dog meat shops, shop owners are resisting with the demand for guarantee of their survival.

Yeon-Tae Kim with JTBC affiliates, Central Daily (Joongbu Ilbo) reports.

Moran Market, Seongnam.
A row of dog meat shops lines the street.

In cages, dogs bred for consumption look flaccid.

Shop owner completes price negotiation with a customer and drags a dog inside.

Yellow dog (Neurongi)seems to have sensed his death, he is struggling desperately.

After a while, this dog burned into black is sold as health food dog meat.

Number of dogs slaughtered and sold each day by 21 dog meat shops in Moran market is approximately 200.

[Gyeong-Soon Kim/ Seongnam Hadaewon-dong: They are living beings so when I see them being slaughtered sometimes, it’s horrible and hideous.]

[Gang-Woo Lee / Seongnam Seongnam-dong: It’s not good aesthetically to display and sell them in the street where pedestrians can see.]

City of Seongnam is set out to make some changes because of endless civil complaints about Moran market’s repulsive scenery.

They’ve decided to move the cages from illegally taking space on the road and sidewalks.

That’s because Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act does not classify dogs as livestock, so the sale or distribution of dog meat cannot be banned or regulated.

[Eun-Sik Shin / City of Seongnam, Animal Resource Team Leader: Based on our current law, we can’t regulated them but we will ask them to move the cages voluntarily.

If this doesn’t work then, we will issue them warning and if the warning doesn’t work then we will impose fine.]

Shop owners who have been in business at this market for the past 40 years are resisting claiming that moving the cages will threaten their livelihood.

[Gang-Chun Lee / President of Moran Market Livestock Traders Association: We are very offended because we are being treated as if we are committing crime.]