How to file e-People petitions-South Korea’s official government online petition

The e-People petition is the South Korean government’s official petition site, and your petition will receive a response from the Korean government. Anyone from all countries can file a petition using the e-People petition.

✅ Need to check the status of your e-People petition or received an email that “Your petition has been processed completely”? Click HERE for the instructions.

But I am not Korean, and I don’t live in Korea. Can I still file an e-People petition?

Here is how to file an e-People petition. Please use it to speak up for the voiceless dogs and cats in Korea. Please follow the easy steps below. Thank you!


Click the petition link: 👉


On this page, please click “Application Petition” as below. “My Petition” is for checking the status of the application you already filed.


Scroll down to click “File petition”.


Complete ONLY the required fields with an asterisk (*).

📌 DO NOT try to fill in Tel No., Mobile Phone, and Fax No. fields as they are NOT required.

If you don’t feel comfortable about using your home address, feel free to use our PO Box address instead:
PO Box 60191
Sunnyvale, CA 94088 USA

📌 If you get an error message “Invalid domain address,” please check how you entered your email address in the form and correct it.

Don’t know what to write? Please use the “Suggested Message” on our campaign pages. They are campaign-specific.
✍ Click HERE for the general suggested message to the Korean government in English.
✍ Click HERE for the general suggested message to the Korean government in Korean.


Click “Submit”, and it is done! No further action is required from you. 👍🙏
If you would like to check the response from the Korean government and submit your satisfaction survey, go to step 6 below.


You will receive status update emails from the e-People. When you receive the email “[e-People]Your petition has been processed completely.” or “[민원알림] 귀하께서 신청하신 민원에 대한 답변이 등록되었습니다.,” then, log on to e-People to see the response to your petition.
Click HERE for instructions on what to do next.

Is the e-People system down? 😩
Contact the e-People petition administrator in Korea.💡

Kyong-Hwan, Jo. (국민권익위원회 조경환)
📧 E-mail: [email protected]
☎️ Phone: 044-200-7275 📠 Fax: 044-200-7924

✊ Ready to get started? Click HERE to start filing e-People petitions TODAY!

Thank you for caring and taking action! 🐶🙏🐕🐱😔🧡

  1. Tallia Fierro
    Tallia FierroJune 24,20

    This site can’t be reached
    When I click the link this is all I get.’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

  2. Angela Kinsey-Foden
    Angela Kinsey-FodenJune 24,20

    To the Korean government please stop the abuse and horrific cruelty of murdering innocent cats and dogs. There is no need for this to are a modern country stop hanging on to outdated cruel practices.

  3. NB
    NBJune 25,20

    Thanks (finally makes some sense) but why not map the title and contents across automatically?

  4. Margaret Irving
    Margaret IrvingJune 25,20

    To fthe zzzkorean

    To the Korean government. Please stop this horriffic killing of dogs and cats. Some of them are stollen from homes, Try patting their head and you will be amazed how sweet they are. They are DOMESTIC PETS not LIVESTOCK. pLEASE STOP THIS HEART BREAKING PRACTICE.

  5. Fernand MARTIN
    Fernand MARTINJune 30,20

    I’ve just been able to file my petition following the steps you outline above.

    • team teamJune 30,20

      Thank you, thank you!! Keep filing more please.

  6. roberta riva
    roberta rivaJune 30,20

    Impossible. At the end there apper the following words: “Invalid domain address”

    • team teamJune 30,20

      Dear Roberta, would you be so kind to send us screenshot of what you see so we can try to help you?
      Our email is:
      Thank you!

  7. Lisa Fewtrell
    Lisa FewtrellJune 30,20

    Epeople petition done x

    • team teamJune 30,20

      Dear Lisa,
      You are the best! Thank you so much and keep filing please!

  8. Gabrielle Deustua Hochmuth
    Gabrielle Deustua HochmuthJune 30,20

    Hello everbody,
    I have tried 3-4 times to fill up this petiton but whatever i tried it din’t work…even following each step carefully. Can someone help please, i really want these dog murders to stop for ever.

  9. Helene Desiree Jørgensen
    Helene Desiree JørgensenJuly 2,20

    What title are we gonna use and what content? Thank you so much

  10. Andrea Burmann
    Andrea BurmannJuly 7,20

    It won’t let me submit without first entering a fax number which I do not have

    • team teamJuly 7,20

      Dear Andrea,
      Fax number is not required so you should be able to leave that blank.
      Please only fill in the required field with asterisk (*).
      Thank you!

  11. Ellen Reznick
    Ellen ReznickJuly 8,20

    I wrote a petition and when I tried to submit, I got a message that it is an invalid domain address and to try again. I simply used the link so I don’t understand how it could be the wrong domain address.

    • team teamJuly 8,20

      Dear Ellen,
      Can you please try again and if you see the error again, can you please send us the screenshot? We will try to help you.
      Our email is: [email protected].
      Thank you!!

  12. Sharon Hopkins
    Sharon HopkinsJuly 9,20

    I tried to complete your petition form but was asked about an attachment – what attachment? !! Also when I tried to submit (without an attachment) a message came up saying Invalid Domain address. I don’t have a fax No either ! Why can’t you show an example of how to complete one of these forms. I noticed that a lot people were unable to and found them confusing and not user-friendly. They also had the same message flag up when they tried to submit. L=Many people are unable to complete these forms as they are too confusing and complicated – I am not very computer literate either ! I want to help the Korean dogs as much as I can.

    I have demonstrated outside the Chinese embassy in London against Yulin and have also demonstrated outside the Korean embassy in London years ago.

    Can you show a screenshot of how it should be done for people like me, unless you simplify this form then people will give up and not bother and then the dogs will suffer more ! Thank you.

  13. Dean Grice
    Dean GriceJuly 11,20

    please stop the evil treatment of all animals

  14. Maria Lategola
    Maria LategolaJuly 16,20

    Instead of sooo many e mails to click. It s better just 1 letter and with 1 click you can send to all….

  15. shirley cooksley
    shirley cooksleyJuly 24,20

    I can see lots of caring people having trouble completing this form!! The email details are a bit confusing but once you see the problem it looks obvious. Enter your email name in the 1st box, there is an ‘@’ THEN ENTER the rest of your email details in the 2nd box. Submit and hey presto!!! Good luck.

  16. Sarah Ratcliffe
    Sarah RatcliffeJuly 27,20

    The fact that your country continues to consume dog and cat meat it absolutely abhorrent. Your country should never be considered an advanced society when they lack the compassion and moral compass that make an advanced society. These people are barbaric in nature.

  17. sharon gooding
    sharon goodingJuly 29,20

    I followed the above instructions which made signing the e-People Petition so easy. Thank you.

  18. Rose Brooks
    Rose BrooksSeptember 6,20

    I have spent many hours trying to sign these. I’m desperate to help but it is not as easy as you make out! I hate having to give up. Can you give a complete sample, from beginning to end- using symbols or something instead of names, which we will, of course use.

  19. Adeline Wong
    Adeline WongSeptember 19,20

    Managed to file petitions following your instructions. I used the title , e.g. “Seoul Mapo-gu, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants” and copied and pasted the korean version of the petition letter.

    • team teamSeptember 19,20

      That’s awesome! Thank you, Adeline!

  20. Maria
    MariaSeptember 27,20

    The page says
    The following people can file a petition with the [Multilingual Petition Service] of the e-People service:

    Overseas Koreans
    Foreigners living in Korea

    Maybe that’s why they ignore me?

    • team teamSeptember 27,20

      Dear Maria,
      They are not supposed to ignore you.
      Have you not receive any response for your e-People petition? Please check your spam folder to make sure their emails didn’t end up there. Please file another e-People petition asking them to respond to you.

      ***But I am not Korean and I don’t live in Korea, can I still file e-People petition?
      Yes, you can and you should.
      The e-People site states, “Available everywhere in the world, e-People will take the lead in creating a new Korea by resolving even trivial complaints after listening closely to the voice of the people and accepting their creative ideas positively.”
      It also states, “The following people can file a petition with the [Multilingual Petition Service] of the e-People service:
      Overseas Koreans
      Foreigners living in Korea”

      This means that these two categories of petitioners can use the petition forms in the languages listed at the top of the petition page. This does not mean that only the “Overseas Koreans” and the “Foreigners living in Korea” are eligible to file petitions on e-people.

      I have filed about 3,000 petitions on e-People in the past several years. I am a U.S. citizen and live in California. I had received responses to most of my petitions on e-people, even if the majority of the responses did not provide resolutions that I wanted.

      The e-People petition is the most effective way to protest against any issues involving Korea, including the dog and cat meat cruelty, so please continue to file the e-People petitions. Thank you!

      • Maria
        MariaSeptember 28,20

        Thank you for such a detailed answer. Of several attempts the last is the only one looking properly handled (yet). The previous president’s administration just ignored me, they just didn’t respond (though letters came that it was filed successfully). But to hell with them, they were corrupt. In the new President times they either respond with some weird “site admin” comments or transfer the petition to some body and in the same minute return it as untranslatable (though it was in Korean and English that time! The text was taken from this site), or just nothing happens, and I switched to emailing various people, but none of them responded (campare – Sen John McCain responded in one day!).
        However, I’ll file more. We must not be something they can easily get rid of. To be precise – it must become easier to get rid of dog traders than from us.

  21. Brent C Harknett
    Brent C HarknettSeptember 28,20

    I am getting the error “Invalid Domain address please check and enter agai”
    Here is the url –

    • team teamSeptember 28,20

      Dear Brent,
      Thank you for taking action!!
      If you get an error message “Invalid domain address”, please check how you entered your email address in the form and correct it.

  22. Marty
    MartySeptember 28,20

    I think what I will do, is just call the Korean embassy until they stop. Do they even look at our petitions? Take action!

    • Maria
      MariaSeptember 29,20

      I think both ways are good. The embassy better realizes the risk of customer boycott, but it can take time before the critical mass of incomung calls and letters will make them notify the Government in Korea. It’s better to use all the possible ways. And, to my understanding, if there is a specific city or district name in the title of the petition, they forward it to the local authorities who are exactly those who can do what we want of them – e.g. close specific farms or markets. And the embassy can only act on a larger scale, notifying the government that dog meat is a problem in general. Thus, one way is important for closing specific businesses, and the other – for building pressure to pass a total ban on dog meat.

  23. Lynda Corns
    Lynda CornsOctober 23,20

    Sent message recently every time i try to do this it says invalid domain address….well my email address is correct, its always correct, but STILL it keeps saying this ….there must be something wrong with your system ? its very frustrating

    • team teamOctober 23,20

      Dear Lynda, can you please send us the screenshot of your error message to [email protected]?
      I would be glad to help you.
      📌 If you get an error message “Invalid domain address”, please check how you entered your email address in the form and correct it.

  24. Jane Nash
    Jane NashNovember 3,20

    ePetitions are easy to do. The system tries to make it awkward by asking for you to send for codes to check the outcome of petitions, but if you are patient, you can get on there. I file petitions every week and it seems to be the best way to get through to the country and individuals within. PLEASE SEND PETITONS TO INCHEON ABOUT THE LOTTE MOUNTAIN DOGS. THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT ACTIVISTS CANNOT BE FINED FOR SHOWING COMPASSION AND TRYING TO SORT OUT THE MESS THAT THIS FARM HAS CAUSED BY OVER-BREEDING LARGE DOGS, WITH NO MONITORING BY THE MUNICIPALITY. The activists are a credit to their country and I have pointed this out. Please keep filing petitions on this cause.

  25. Maria
    MariaNovember 17,20

    To Koreans – maybe someone will explain… Not a very important question, but it comes to my mind every time I open the e-people site. What is that thing pictured at the top? Is it a drum to call for justice? If so, if they position their site to be such a drum, they MUST resolve every problem. Or they are liars.

    To non-Koreans – when cursing Koreans please remember that it’s them who fight on the ground, and mainly it’s them who start movements like this one. Those brave people are Koreans, too. Korea as a state must be condemned and punished for its ignorance, but these people deserve their names to be printed on the banknotes, as Americans print their Presidents. For everyone to know whom the country is proud of.

    • team teamNovember 17,20

      “The Voice of the People is the Voice of Heaven.”

      The Korean name of “e-People” is actually “Drum for the people,” which originated from a drum hung in front of the royal palace

      so that people can beat the drum to file a complaint directly to the king during the Joseon Dynasty 600 years ago.

      At that time, people can file a complaint to the head of their local government; if their case cannot be resolved by the local government, however, they can beat the drum to meet the king.

      “e-People” is the modern version of the drum for the people, based on the perception that a nation should be governed by and for the people. It addresses people’s complaints against government agencies and encourages people to participate in governance to improve policies.

      Available everywhere in the world, e-People will take the lead in creating a new Korea by resolving even trivial complaints after listening closely to the voice of the people and accepting their creative ideas positively.

      • Maria
        MariaNovember 17,20

        Thank you! The modern version misses one thing… the drum itself. If we could literally beat a drum in front of the authorities residences – I think they would be quicker to act… It’s hard to ignore a drum. Or a phone call.

  26. alessandra
    alessandraNovember 27,20

    Basta crudeltà nei confronti di cani e gatti

  27. Mary Ann Arndt
    Mary Ann ArndtNovember 30,20

    I have followed all the steps but can’t seem to get past the ‘invalid domain please check and enter again’ part. I have checked and my email address is correct and valid. The mobile number and fax number etc… are highlighted but I am following the above instructions and leaving this blank. Any advice. Thnx

    • team teamNovember 30,20

      Dear Mary,

      📌 If you get an error message “Invalid domain address”, please check how you entered your email address in the form and correct it.
      Thank you!

  28. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisDecember 6,20

    Se c’è un animale amico sincero nei confronti di noi uomini, che ci aiuta sempre in tutte le difficoltà, ci aiuta anche psicologicamente, come in questo momento tanto difficile, donandoci il suo amore e la sua fedeltà, sono i cani e anche i gatti, pensateci prima di trattarli con tanta crudeltà

  29. Cindy Big Yu Chan
    Cindy Big Yu ChanDecember 13,20

    You need type name then after @ sign type, etc

  30. Lou
    LouJanuary 4,21

    En fait pour déposer une pétition sur e-people il faut avoir un compte gmail sinon le site ne prends pas en compte d’où je suppose beaucoup ont essayé mais n’y sont pas arrivés. Et donc n’ayant pas de compte gmail je ne pourrais jamais déposer une pétition ce qui est fort regrettable.

  31. laura boragina
    laura boraginaJanuary 12,21

    i just filed petition!!!

    • team teamJanuary 12,21

      Dear Laura,
      That’s wonderful!! Thank you.
      Please continue to file.

  32. Maria
    MariaJanuary 17,21

    Yeah, it’s a bit difficult not to get lost among alll those Korean names and to remember to which cities and districts you’ve already wrote. But a simple trick can help. Just copy the list of campaigns to a Word document and mark those you contact.
    Actually , as time passes, their responce can change – new people come, and the pressure works. Their rhethoric weakens in general, in average. Every new letter can be the one to make some mayor decide he’s got enough of being shamed and petitioned. One by one they will give up. Then – a chain reaction.

  33. Gloria
    GloriaFebruary 22,21

    Fatto, ci sono riuscita.
    Ma non c’è un modo più efficace di risolvere questo problema sia in korea che negli altri paesi barbari dell’est?

  34. alessandra
    alessandraFebruary 24,21

    I cani e i gatti sono esseri innocenti che on chiedono nulla solo di essere amati rispettati non di essere torturati maltrattati e infine uccisi e mangiati

  35. Henriette Heck
    Henriette HeckApril 21,21

    Please stop the horrific dog and cat consumption NOW !!
    Stop it Now !

  36. Henriette Heck
    Henriette HeckApril 21,21

    Please stop dog and cat consumption NOW !
    This is horrific and needs to end NOW !

  37. Karen Lyons kalmenson
    Karen Lyons kalmensonJune 18,21

    Treat all others as you wish to be treated or you are no more than an expletive deleted

  38. Savannah Judd
    Savannah JuddJuly 13,21

    Let these animals,pets live .I know you see their terror in their eyes and in their whinng. hope you will help ,don’t kill something that has love to give,Please please

  39. Tina Dunleavy
    Tina DunleavyJuly 14,22

    E-People petition successfully filed !

  40. Madhuri
    MadhuriAugust 23,22

    Do i have to file a e-petition form for every city? Or is it a one time thing

    • team teamAugust 23,22

      Hi Madhuri,
      Please file a separate e-People petition for every campaign.
      Thank you.

  41. Frances Hankin
    Frances HankinOctober 4,22

    I was told that my e-mail was an invalid domain address too, but if you click on the ‘self’ arrow on the third box along in the e-mail section and scroll down, is listed as a server. Click it and it automatically fills in the boxes (twice for some reason) with ‘ Then it will your e-mail as a valid domain adddress… ( have taught myself to be more computer-literate by filling out these petitions because this matters so much to me. If there was ever a reason to learn new skills…)

  42. Frances Hankin
    Frances HankinOctober 4,22

    I messed up my first comment, meant to say “then it will accept your e-mail as a valid domain address” – Missed out the ‘accept’. (My cat is very sick in hopsital and I’ve hardly slept for days….) The ready-written e-mail thing in the ‘self’ box saves time too!

    • team teamOctober 4,22

      Thank you for taking action and filing e-People petitions!

  43. Naseem Mahmood
    Naseem MahmoodOctober 9,22

    This goes beyond understanding how these countries offer only lip service to there laws and action do speak louder but unfortunately atrocities are being committed on thousands of dogs who are stolen and end up in horrfic filthy cages locked up 24 hours a day with no medical care beaten electrocuted boiled alive skinned alive blowtorched alive.what sort of monsters are you .your total disregard for animals life speaks volumes of injustice and atrocities worldwide.dogs and cats are pets and not for human consumption.were is your humanity you heartless godless people.their is accountability no bloodshed on earth will be left unpunished. these scrupulous dog thieves are committing atrocities and the illegal restaurants serving dog and cat meat are no better your laws are only lip service with no force of law .which is allowing total disregard of animal protection .be the voice for the voiceless shut down the hundreds of illegal slaughter farms operating..

  44. Fabienne
    FabienneJanuary 1,23

    Pour la pétition le lien ne fonctionne pas !

  45. Jane
    JaneFebruary 12,23

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed the answer to this but under the field ‘country of residence’ can we put the country we reside in? Will they deal with the petition if we do not reside in Korea?

    • team teamFebruary 13,23

      Dear Jane,
      Yes, please put the country where you live in the “Country of residence” field. The South Korean government must respond to your petition even if you do not reside in Korea. Some cities and counties will refuse to answer, claiming that they are not responsible for responding, which is inaccurate. But we must submit our e-People petitions to all cities/counties/provinces, etc.
      Thank you for taking action.

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