Petition: South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Below is petition letter for our South Korean government campaigns.

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South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

To the South Korean government,

Please watch this documentary, “The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea”

We ask you to take immediate action to crack down on the illegal dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants that serve dog meat in your province. We request that an official document be issued, mandating that the following existing Korean laws be enforced by its government officials, police and judges:

Unauthorized processing of food waste fed to dogs in the meat trade is a violation of the Wastes Control Act, Article 15-2, Article 25, Section 3. Suppliers of food waste and transporters of food waste to dog meat farms are violating this regulation.

Food waste fed to dogs in the dog meat trade is a violation of the Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, Article 14, Section 1 & 2. Unauthorized collection of food waste and the act of feeding it to dogs in the meat trade is in violation of this regulation.

Excrement and resulting environmental damage produced as a by-product of the illegal dog meat farm is a violation of the Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta Article 11. The excrement produced at dog meat farms causes environmental damage to the immediate and surrounding area.

The act of the slaughtering of dogs for human consumption is a violation of the Animal Protection Act Article 8, Section 1, Clause 4. The act of the slaughtering of a dog, without justifiable ground – such as out of necessity for veterinary treatment, or in circumstances of immediate threat, harm or damage to human life or property, is a violation.

The slaughter of dogs by electrocution is a violation of the Animal Protection Act, Article 8, Section 1, Clause 1. Inflicting injury or death to any animal by the following means: battery by tools, exposure to drugs, exposure to extreme heat or fire, electrocution and drowning is subject to legal punishment. Therefore, the routine slaughter of dogs by butchers and farmers by these methods is in violation of the Act. Further, electrocution as a method of slaughter is internationally recognized as an inherently cruel method of slaughter and banned globally.

The slaughter of dogs from an unauthorized slaughterhouse is a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, Article 7 Section 1. The Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, states that dogs are officially recognized and classified as “animals” that are “prohibited from being slaughtered and distributed as food for human consumption”. Therefore, those vendors operating dog slaughterhouses are operating outside of the parameters of the law and in violation of the law.

The slaughter of dogs for his/her own consumption is a violation of the Animal Protection Act, Article 10. The intent of the Act is to ensure that no animal is slaughtered in a cruel or revolting manner, and shall be free from unnecessary pain, fear, or stress during the process of slaughter. Therefore, the only humane way of slaughtering dogs would be by euthanasia (lethal injection). All currently practiced methods of slaughter by butchers, farmers and traders excludes euthanasia as a method of slaughter, therefore they are all in breach of this Act. This is also a violation of the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act Article 7 Section 1 Clause 2. According to the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, the slaughter of animals for his/her own consumption is allowed only for the livestock animals that are publically announced as classification of livestock in the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and dogs are not classified here.

The display and sale of dog carcasses in traditional outdoor markets is a violation of the Food Sanitation Act, Article 4, 5. Violation of laws banning the sale of harmful food due to the contamination from unsanitary and illegal slaughter of the animal and display of the dog carcass. For example, dog carcasses are routinely contaminated by microorganisms that cause human diseases and food poisoning; this can lead to serious and life threatening health complications. There are also strict laws that ban the sale of meat from sick animals, due to the fact that there is no quality control or formal monitoring of slaughter practices in the dog meat trade it is very likely that violation of these laws is happening routinely.

Dog meat restaurants’ sale of dog meat soup made with dog carcasses from an unknown source is a violation of Food Sanitation Act Article 44 Section 1 Clause 1. Uninspected livestock products must not be transported, stored, displayed, sold or used for manufacturing or processing of food for human consumption.

Please refer to the legal information regarding the dog meat consumption in South Korea published by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates):

The United States House of Representatives has formally passed H.Res. 401, “Calls for an end to the dog and cat meat industry and urges all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade.” (

International coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained your country’s image. The time to end this tragedy is now. The favor of your reply is requested.

  1. Linda Sorrells
    Linda SorrellsFebruary 11,19

    Please stop the barbaric dog and cat trade. How can you think it’s ok to brutaliz theses precious companions

    • Renee M Bellemare
      Renee M BellemareFebruary 11,19

      I don’t know how they think this is ok…in my mind , S.Korea and all other countries that think torturing of animals and eat them is fine, are nothing but evil! sick MF’s….that is hard to forgive!

  2. nathalie welter
    nathalie welterFebruary 11,19

    Stop this inhuman and so cruel Dog and cat meat trade in South – Korea.

  3. Renee M Bellemare
    Renee M BellemareFebruary 11,19

    Please stop and ban these horrific, brutal, cruel, inhumane, despicable, disgusting, crazy and insane trades! Your country and all other countries that do the despicable, ungodly acts of cruelty are a dirty filthy stain on this earth! I abhor your country and all other countries, it is EVIL! so STOP YOUR EVIL AND BAN, SHUTDOWN, END this! TODAY!! IT IS NOTHING BUT EVIL HORROR! and TORTURE OF INNOCENT ANIMALS!

  4. Cassio Vieira
    Cassio VieiraFebruary 11,19

    This barbaric trade is a stain in Korean culture. Everywhere in the world when someone sees a Korean, the first thing that comes to his/her mind is: Korean eat dogs! I must stop. Right now!

  5. Brian
    BrianFebruary 11,19

    This oppression and violence against all animals needs to stop now!

  6. mahi j denny
    mahi j dennyFebruary 11,19

    This is a horrific and barbaric act. These animals are human companions, please stop this disgusting murder fest!!



  8. kohler
    kohlerFebruary 11,19

    Please stop this horrible and not ethic trade

  9. Klaudia Arthofer
    Klaudia ArthoferFebruary 12,19

    Please Stop

  10. April L Buechel
    April L BuechelFebruary 13,19

    Dogs are the most loving and sensitive beings on this planet; they are better than humans, all they want is love. To treat them like this is an abomination. Please realize that you have the power to stop this and you own the karma. Let me warn you that your next life might well be this same treatment. If you have the power to stop this, do it now, before you have sealed your fate. Let this be the moment you end this horror. Do what is right or you will suffer.

  11. Lona Hansen
    Lona HansenFebruary 16,19

    Please stop The cruelty. Dogs and cats are loving animals, The Feel Pain, they want so be loved, they want to live in a caring family. How can you be so cruel to these animals. My heart bleeds thinking about all the horror they are exposed to. You can stop it, please show the world you care.

    ARBUTINAFebruary 19,19


  13. sharon Robinson
    sharon RobinsonFebruary 20,19

    Dogs are intelligent, sensitive animals hence why they are used as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, they can detect cancer by smell and drugs and explosives plus they are used by the police & military so with all these possibilities and obvious intelligence why would S. Korean people treat dogs so appallingly. Educate your people to respect animals and treat them well and start by banning all restaurants that serve dog meat & closing all dog farms. In the eyes of the rest of the world S. Korea is still acting as if they are in the past and not progressive where I’m sure the younger generation would like to be seen as part of the future without this evil stain on they’re country.

  14. Paula Lloyd
    Paula LloydFebruary 20,19

    So so cruel, barbaric! PLEASE stop this horror.

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