Victory! A Special Bill to end the dog meat was passed and mandates a 3-year grace period for all operations to cease.

South Korea passed a bill to end the consumption of dog meat. “Special Bill to end the breeding, slaughter, and distribution of dogs for consumption and dog meat consumption” was passed by South Korea’s National Assembly on January 9, 2024, and mandates a 3-year grace period for all operations to cease. Click HERE to learn more about the Special Bill.

The voting results were:
208 – Favor
0 – Oppose
2 – Abstention

This is a victory that we have campaigned so hard for over 12 years. Big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported our campaign to speak out against dog meat cruelty in South Korea and taken action to give a voice to Korean dogs! We would also like to thank every one of the activists in South Korea for their courage, compassion, perseverance, and dedication to ending the dog meat trade.

Cats are not included in the bill that has passed. We will continue campaigning until cat meat consumption is also banned and no more dogs are raised and killed as food in South Korea.

The National Assembly of South Korea processed 101 bills at the 4th plenary session of the 411th National Assembly (extraordinary session) on Tuesday, January 9.

Below is from the National Assembly report:

Resolution of the enactment of the “Special Bill (Alternative Bill) to end the breeding, slaughter, and distribution of dogs for consumption and dog meat consumption.”

The enactment of the “Special Bill (Alternative Bill) to end the breeding, slaughter, and distribution of dogs for consumption and dog meat consumption” specifies the steps necessary to end the consumption of dogs and provides support for existing dog meat industry workers for the closure of facilities and changing of jobs.

It is prohibited to breed, multiply, and slaughter dogs for consumption and to distribute and sell food cooked and processed using dogs. Slaughtering dogs for consumption is punishable by up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 30 million won, and the breeding, production, distribution, and sale is punishable by up to 2 years in prison or a fine of up to 20 million won. However, the prohibition and penalty provisions will take effect three years after the enactment of the “Special Bill” to minimize social disruption.

From the date of promulgation, the establishment and operation of new facilities intending to engage in prohibited activities such as dog breeding farms, slaughter, and distribution will be prohibited.

Existing dog breeding farm owners, dog meat slaughterers and distributors, and dog meat service providers must report the address and size of their facilities, etc., to the mayor/county/district head within 3 months from the date of promulgation, and matters related to business closure or change of business within 6 months from the date of promulgation. A ‘Dog Meat Ending Implementation Plan’ containing this must be submitted and implemented. The national or local governments must provide the necessary support for business closure or job change to those who submit reports and implementation plans.

Presentation of the proposed bill by the Agriculture, Food, Rural Affairs, Oceans, and Fisheries Committee Member, Mr. An Byung-gil begins at 1:07:40. Vote for “Special Bill (Alternative Bill) to end the breeding, slaughter, and distribution of dogs for consumption and dog meat consumption” (Agenda #44) begins at 1:10:44.

  1. Mary Junek
    Mary JunekJanuary 9,24

    This is wonderful news! But please tell me that this will also save dogs slaughtered for fur and leather. Please make laws that are necessary to save cats too.

  2. Fabienne M
    Fabienne MJanuary 9,24

    😊👍. C’est une demi victoire , mais gardons l’espoir il y a un changement significatif ! le combat continue ….merci à vous

  3. dawn monteith
    dawn monteithJanuary 9,24

    Thank you for stopping this unimaginable cruelty against the dogs. Dogs are great for so many other reasons. Hopefully the same can happen for our cat friends. They to serve wonderful purposes in the United States.

  4. Doris Potter
    Doris PotterJanuary 9,24

    Your organization deserves so much credit for all the hard and heart-breaking work you have done over the many years! Kudos to Giny Woo and everyone else. You are my heroes!

  5. Sandra Kirchberger
    Sandra KirchbergerJanuary 9,24

    And you are the ones to thank for this unbelievable victory! You are my absolute favorite animal group out there and this news has brought me tears of joy!! May life bless you for your tireless work!! Thanks so much for never giving up!!!! This is a great way to start 2024!!!

  6. Flaviana Domitilla
    Flaviana DomitillaJanuary 9,24

    Oh this is a great news and long overdue. Finally. OMG this is one of the best news I have . Amazing and would like to say thank you to all Korean public who keep fighting for this day to come. You are all hero. THANK YOU

  7. Veronica
    VeronicaJanuary 10,24

    Sono enormemente felice di questa vittoria! Sarà un cambio meraviglioso anche per la loro gente!

  8. Paula O'Reilly
    Paula O'ReillyJanuary 10,24

    Amazing news, I didn’t think this day would ever come. Only sad thing is that dogs will still be killed over the next 3 years. I hope all the many supporters of this campaign will offer to adopt the dogs that will be saved from these farms. I have a dog rescued from a dog meat farm & she has adapted to normal life really well.

  9. MULATIER Muriel
    MULATIER MurielJanuary 10,24

    Je suis très heureuse de cette décision car j’ai beaucoup partagé et signé des centaines de fois en ESPERANT UN CHANGEMENT qui arrive ENFIN mais seulement dans 3 ans, je lis bien qu’ils n’auront plus le droit d’investir et de créer ce genre de société mais tous ces petits malheureux vont devoir être sacrifiés encore et encore… ON DEVRAIT LIBERER TOUS CES PAUVRES CHIENS DES MAINTENANT MAIS JE VOIS QUE CELA N’EST HELAS PAS POSSIBLE car tous ces bourreaux doivent continuer à toucher de l’argent et vivre de ce commerce HONTEUX ENCORE 3 ANS!!! J’espère surtout une prise de conscience de ces mangeurs de viande pour qu’ils cessent TRES TRES VITE cette honteuse industrie!!!!!

  10. james wood
    james woodJanuary 10,24

    Just a great feeling of satisfaction, we thank the KOREAN dog/animal loving people, who fought so hard, with others around the world, to end this disgusting dog meat trade, dogs are not on this earth as food, they are pets to the human race, doge love there human owners, they would die for there owners, now is the time to end this disgusting trade in other parts of the world, if the dog meat trade ends worldwide, I would die and go to my grave a dog/animal loving happy man.

  11. Barry Armstrong
    Barry ArmstrongJanuary 10,24


  12. Sheila Bearham
    Sheila BearhamJanuary 11,24

    It has been a long, hard battle, I hope it will be as they say, but also hope it will start a movement to end cruelty of all animals in South Korea.

  13. Mary Anderson
    Mary AndersonJanuary 11,24

    This is such a WONDERFUL outcome, I never thought we would actually be able to celebrate this decision. I’m sad it will still go on for another three years but hopefully farmers and slaughterhouses will see that the end is nigh and take advantage of government aid sooner rather than later. A heartfelt thanks to everyone out there who helped to make this happen….we must keep fighting til all countries ban this deplorable industry as well as cat meat…very disappointed that this did not include cats. Heartbreaking.

  14. Ursula Schüssler
    Ursula SchüsslerJanuary 11,24

    This is the most wonderful news I have ever heard!!! I am very happy! Thanks to all who finally have made this possible.
    Now lets make this also possible for cats and other animals in South Korea!

  15. Maria
    MariaJanuary 16,24

    I can’t believe it… I’ve sort of lost hope. But is this a good law, does it REALLY make it impossible? Or just pretends, to ease the presdure from animal advocates? I don’t trust them.

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