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Frequently Asked Questions
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What can I do to help?

Do petitions really work?

Can you send me leaflets to distribute?

Where can I get or buy a KoreanDogs.org t-shirt?

What about the chickens, cows and pigs?

I want to organize a protest. Can you send me posters and banners?

Why don’t the people who are filming this cruelty, do something to stop it?

So, what is the answer? Who can stop it?

So, why aren’t the Korean Government doing anything?

Why do you show such graphic images with your campaigns? Don’t you think you would get a better response if you used more positive images and stories?

You have so many petitions. Can you automate it so that we can sign them all at once?

Wouldn’t it be better if you had only one petition, instead of so many different ones? That way, you would probably get millions of signatures.

I have sent emails to addresses given on your web-pages, but many of them ‘bounce’ or have some other message saying they cannot be delivered. Why is this?
Your campaigns and website focus on helping dogs but what about cats?
Why did you change your online petition site to Avaaz.org? This site is suspicious and many people will not sign.
I tried to sign petitions and I got stuck; I got an error message.

Help end the dog meat cruelty. Please share. Thank you!