👊 CARE raided multiple illegal dog slaughterhouses in Chuncheon!

Back in August of 2023, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE/Watchdog) raided multiple dog slaughterhouses in Chuncheon (Gangwon Province), which resulted in 90 dogs being relocated from these slaughterhouses to the city’s shelters.
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👉 Click HERE to watch the CARE’s videos from their Chuncheon dog slaughterhouses raids.

The law to end dog meat consumption was passed earlier this year on January 9th, 2024, but it granted the dog meat industry a 3-year grace period. While the dog meat industry has always been illegal in South Korea, it has continued due to the indifference to the unimaginable suffering of countless dogs trapped in this cruel and unethical industry by the majority of Korean citizens and their government. More dog farms and slaughterhouses are operating in Chuncheon and all over South Korea. We must continue to pressure the Korean government for action to enforce their laws and stop the illegal industry.

YTN News reported on August 26, 2023, as follows:

Over 40 dogs trapped in raised wire cages rescued… Illegal dog slaughterhouses uncovered.

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the issue of dog consumption, an illegal dog slaughterhouse has been uncovered in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. Over 40 dogs trapped in cramped raised wire cages have been rescued. Reporter Hong Seong-wook covered the story.

Dogs are confined in narrow raised wire cages where it is difficult to lie down. These raised wire cages are opened on all sides, with excrement piled up underneath, emanating a strong stench. Due to the terrible conditions, the dogs often fight with each other.

Upon receiving reports from animal welfare organization, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), about animal abuse and illegal slaughter, the City of Chuncheon, along with the police and fire department, inspected the facility.

Kim Yoon-jung / CARE
Adequate food and water were not provided to the dogs, and the conditions were so dire and miserable that death might have been preferable. It’s truly horrific.

When firefighters used a crowbar to unlock a sealed door, they uncovered a scene where numerous dogs had been slaughtered. In total, over 40 dogs were rescued. These dogs were either raised for consumption purposes or captured from elsewhere. CARE reported the illegal slaughterhouse to the police for violations of animal protection laws.

Chuncheon City Official (voice altered)
The situation of slaughtering dogs has been identified, and through police investigations, evidence of animal abuse has been found. Therefore, we are proceeding with appropriate administrative procedures.

Since the controversy surrounding dog consumption erupted around the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the issue of dog slaughter has remained unresolved for almost 40 years. While the Livestock Industry Act classifies dogs as livestock, allowing them to be raised and treated as livestock products, the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act does not define dogs as livestock, potentially making dog slaughter illegal. The conflicting interpretations of the law make it difficult for local authorities to conduct on-site inspections.

Chuncheon City Official (voice altered)
Different laws have different interpretations, making it extremely difficult for administrative agencies to work within the legal framework.

Although legislation to ban dog consumption has been proposed, the likelihood of its passage remains uncertain due to opposition from stakeholders in the dog meat industry and related associations whose livelihoods depend on it. There is a need for legislative reforms that can mitigate these conflicts.

Video: The dog slaughterhouse next to Chuncheon Elementary School recorded by a drone, CARE. (드론이 촬영한 춘천 초등학교 옆 도견장들의 내부)

Video: Dog slaughterhouse in Chuncheon, South Korea, where dogs are killed by hanging and bludgeoning with a hammer. Dogs are slaughtered in full view of other dogs in the cages. CARE. (친구들의 도살을 지켜보며 차례를 기다리는 도살장. 춘천도살장-망치를 들고 목매달아 때려 죽이는 도살장)

👉 Click HERE to watch the CARE’s videos from their Chuncheon dog slaughterhouses raids.

  1. Irene Leggett
    Irene LeggettFebruary 17,24

    Heartless, soul-less, cruel, brutal, sadistic pieces of human trash. May they all have a long, lingering, painful death and then rot in hell where they belong.

  2. Helene B
    Helene BFebruary 18,24

    Monsters are real in South Korea and no one seem to be afraid, they just hide to justify their evil deeds.

  3. Laila Plavins
    Laila PlavinsFebruary 20,24

    There is something dreadfully wrong with a society that imposes so much suffering and pain to other living beings: not only Korea other cultures too. When you find peace, and find yourself, you can never disconnect treatment of other humans and the treatment of Animals and you are free – when you respect them. The lack of remorse and complicity with these atrocities stem from entrenched social problems. God save our Animals everywhere.

  4. Matis Nogeman
    Matis NogemanFebruary 25,24

    alors faisons des petitions cela marche sur les autres reseaux sociaux et cela marche aussi car nous ne pouvons donner de l’argen tpartout mais signer cel anous le pouvons

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