Petitions to Shut Down Illegal Dog Farms in Korea in KARA’s Archives

[Update: December 10, 2019] SHOUT OUT FOR COMPASSION: your voice is powerful tool

We all want this special Holiday Season to be filled with joy and happiness. But, sadly, for the Korean dogs destined for the dog meat trade, the harsh freezing winter just means more suffering. Winters in Korea are severe, and many dogs will not be able to survive being kept outside – these animals have normal coats, not adapted for extreme weather, and they are given no protection from the freezing wind, rain or snow in their barren open cages.

We can’t let these beautiful animals suffer such terrible cruelty. Your voice is a great tool for compassion. They don’t have a voice – they cannot be heard – but you can: be their voice, speak out!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has a dog farm archive map which lists the dog farms throughout South Korea. Click HERE to learn more. Click HERE for the list of epeople petitions we had filed for each city.

We are creating petitions urging each of these city governments to inspect and immediately shut down the illegal dog farms.

The Animals Need Your Help!
Please Sign the Petitions Below!

Photo: South Korea’s typical dog farm with raised wire cages. There is no water. Dogs are fed rotten food waste with kimchi (fermented cabbage with spicy red pepper, garlic, green onion) infested with maggots, toothpicks, mold, and all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

No. City/County
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1 Yeoju Sign Petition >> 9/7/2019
2 Eumseong Sign Petition >> 9/8/2019
3 Icheon Sign Petition >> 9/10/2019
4 Chungju Sign Petition >> 9/13/2019
5 Jeju Sign Petition >> 9/18/2019
6 Seogwipo Sign Petition >> 9/19/2019
7 Jecheon Sign Petition >> 9/21/2019
8 Cheongju Sign Petition >> 9/23/2019
9 Hongseong-gun Sign Petition >> 9/23/2019
10 Gimpo Sign Petition >> 9/23/2019
11 Jeongeup Sign Petition >> 9/23/2019
12 Yongin Sign Petition >> 9/24/2019
13 Goesan Sign Petition >> 9/24/2019
14 Yesan Sign Petition >> 9/27/2019
15 Jincheon Sign Petition >> 9/27/2019
16 Yeongdong Sign Petition >> 9/27/2019
17 Cheorwon Sign Petition >> 9/28/2019
18 Geumsan Sign Petition >> 9/29/2019
19 Dangjin Sign Petition >> 10/1/2019
20 Nonsan Sign Petition >> 10/6/2019
21 Seosan Sign Petition >> 10/9/2019
22 Asan Sign Petition >> 10/11/2019
23 Boryeong Sign Petition >> 10/15/2019
24 Gongju Sign Petition >> 10/17/2019
25 Cheonan Sign Petition >> 10/19/2019
26 Buan Sign Petition >> 10/21/2019
27 Gochang Sign Petition >> 10/23/2019
28 Sunchang Sign Petition >> 10/23/2019
29 Gimje Sign Petition >> 10/24/2019
30 Namwon Sign Petition >> 10/27/2019
31 Iksan Sign Petition >> 10/28/2019
32 Gunsan Sign Petition >> 10/31/2019
33 Shinan Sign Petition >> 10/31/2019
34 Jangseong Sign Petition >> 10/31/2019
35 Jindo Sign Petition >> 11/1/2019
36 Yeonggwang Sign Petition >> 11/1/2019
37 Muan Sign Petition >> 11/1/2019
38 Yeoungam Sign Petition >> 11/2/2019
39 Haenam Sign Petition >> 11/7/2019
40 Gangjin Sign Petition >> 11/7/2019
41 Hwasun Sign Petition >> 11/8/2019
42 Damyang Sign Petition >> 11/9/2019
43 Naju Sign Petition >> 11/9/2019
43 Suncheon Sign Petition >> 11/9/2019
44 Gokseong Sign Petition >> 11/11/2019
45 Uljin Sign Petition >> 11/11/2019
46 Yecheon Sign Petition >> 11/12/2019
47 Chilgok Sign Petition >> 11/12/2019
48 Seongju Sign Petition >> 11/12/2019
49 Yeongdeok Sign Petition >> 11/14/2019
50 Cheongsong Sign Petition >> 11/14/2019
51 Gunwi Sign Petition >> 11/14/2019
52 Gyeongsan Sign Petition >> 11/14/2019
53 Mungyeong Sign Petition >> 11/14/2019
54 Sangju Sign Petition >> 11/15/2019
55 Yeongcheon Sign Petition >> 11/15/2019
56 Gumi Sign Petition >> 11/17/2019
57 Andong Sign Petition >> 11/17/2019
58 Gimcheon Sign Petition >> 11/18/2019
59 Gyeongju Sign Petition >> 11/18/2019
60 Pohang Sign Petition >> 11/19/2019
61 Hapcheon Sign Petition >> 11/19/2019
62 Hamyang Sign Petition >> 11/19/2019
63 Goseong Sign Petition >> 11/19/2019
64 Haman Sign Petition >> 11/20/2019
65 Uiryeong Sign Petition >> 11/21/2019
66 Geoje Sign Petition >> 11/21/2019
67 Jinju Sign Petition >> 11/21/2019
68 Changwon Sign Petition >> 11/21/2019
69 Incheon Ganghwa Sign Petition >> 11/22/2019
70 Incheon Sign Petition >> 11/23/2019
71 Ulsan Ulju Sign Petition >> 11/23/2019
72 Busan Sign Petition >> 11/24/2019
73 Daejeon Sign Petition >> 11/25/2019
74 Daegu Sign Petition >> 11/25/2019
75 Gwangju Sign Petition >> 11/25/2019
76 Sejong Sign Petition >> 11/25/2019
77 Inje Sign Petition >> 11/25/2019
78 Yanggu Sign Petition >> 11/26/2019
79 Hwacheon Sign Petition >> 11/26/2019
80 Hoengseong Sign Petition >> 11/29/2019
81 Hongcheon Sign Petition >> 11/29/2019
82 Samcheok Sign Petition >> 11/30/2019
83 Wonju Sign Petition >> 11/30/2019
84 Chuncheon Sign Petition >> 11/30/2019
85 gapyeong Sign Petition >> 11/30/2019
86 Yangpyeong Sign Petition >> 11/30/2019
87 Yangju Sign Petition >> 12/1/2019
88 Anseong Sign Petition >> 12/2/2019
89 Gwangju (Gyeonggi-do) Sign Petition >> 12/2/2019
90 Pocheon Sign Petition >> 12/5/2019
91 Paju Sign Petition >> 12/8/2019
92 Hwaseong Sign Petition >> 12/9/2019
93 Pyeongtaek Sign Petition >> 12/9/2019
94 Namyangju Sign Petition >> 12/9/2019
95 Goyang Sign Petition >> 12/10/2019
96 Gangneung Sign Petition >> 12/10/2019
97 Donghae Sign Petition >> 12/10/2019
98 Hampyeong Sign Petition >> 12/11/2019
99 Sacheon Sign Petition >> 12/11/2019
100 Yangsan Sign Petition >> 12/12/2019
101 Changnyeong Sign Petition >> 12/14/2019

Video: South Korea’s horrific dog meat industry. KBS DIGITALNEWS LAB.

  1. Foct
    FoctSeptember 24,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs and to close these awfull matkets

    • Iona Bryant
      Iona BryantOctober 13,19

      This horrifically cruel trade MUST STOP

    • james taylor
      james taylorNovember 12,19

      This horrid way of living is absurd and cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid evil action NOW!!!

    • james taylor
      james taylorNovember 12,19

      This horrid way of living is absurd and this cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid, evil action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 24,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs and to close these horrible markets

    • james taylor
      james taylorNovember 12,19

      This horrid way of living is absurd and this cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid, evil action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sian
    SianSeptember 24,19

    This is pure evil please stop killing mans beat friend

    • james taylor
      james taylorNovember 12,19

      This horrid way of living is absurd and this cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid, evil action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Welvaert serge
    Welvaert sergeSeptember 24,19

    Stop eattings dogs

    • james taylor
      james taylorNovember 12,19

      This horrid way of living is absurd and this cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid, evil action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Molnar
    MolnarSeptember 24,19

    Ces gens là n’ont aucune compassion, aucun coeur ! Ils font souffrir tous ces animaux avant de les massacrer, ils égorgent les chiens vivants ! C’est honteux ! C’est écoeurant ! C’est lâche ! Trop facile de s’en prendre ainsi à ces pauvres animaux sans défense, qui n’ont rien demandé ! Pauvres animaux, ca fait vraiment mal ! il faut vraiment arrêter tout cela. Que dans ce monde, il montre cette vidéo ! Que tout le monde sache ! Dans ces pays, ils n’ont aucune civilisation ! Ils n’aiment que la cruauté faite sur les animaux !

  6. Denise Fitzgerald
    Denise FitzgeraldSeptember 24,19


  7. Me Rae Sawyer
    Me Rae SawyerSeptember 24,19

    STOP callously and brutally torturing and killing INNOCENT healthy loving loyal beloved family pets which you have stolen from their back yards. You are disgusting vike despicable low life MURDERING imbiciles. The pups and dogs are pets. You are sadistic barbaric and the cruelty and suffering inflicted on beautiful natured human companions is unconscionable and a CRIME.

    • Hanne Glem
      Hanne GlemOctober 24,19

      This horrifically cruel trade MUST STOP

  8. Carmen Rocco
    Carmen RoccoSeptember 24,19

    Stop your barbaric cruelty Korea hope karma gets you

  9. Jerilyn Bock
    Jerilyn BockSeptember 24,19

    BOYCOTT S. Korean products – especially electronics – until they stop supporting abuses and murder of inncent animals!!

  10. Foct
    FoctSeptember 24,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs and to close these awful markets

    • Trish
      TrishNovember 12,19

      Very well said. i thoroughly agree with u

      • james taylor
        james taylorNovember 12,19

        This horrid way of living is absurd and this cruelty will become your own cruel lives too; therefore stop this stupid, evil action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 24,19

    To close these horrible markets and to stop eatting cats and dogs

  12. Elizabeta
    ElizabetaSeptember 25,19


  13. monica hedstrom
    monica hedstromSeptember 25,19

    Are South Korea an developed country or do you live like cavemen??? You have other food-, you are not poor-so how can you still behave like cavemens, sorry worse than cavemen-even they knew better-because the only people who survived long time ago was people who had dogs as companion, guarded their other animals and had them as protection against maniacs..and cats held the rats away..You have never thought that you can treat animal better-all animals..and use ex dogs and cats to do better things than being eaten..

  14. Mike Chyba
    Mike ChybaSeptember 26,19

    What kind of people torture dogs and cats? Please Stop your barbaric practices immediately! They are pets that need love and kindness, and not to be eaten for food!

  15. stephen rhodes
    stephen rhodesSeptember 26,19

    Oh dear! Why this practice is still commonplace in a civilised society like this bewilders me. The mindset of these people is seriously warped.

  16. irene leggett
    irene leggettSeptember 26,19

    Truly the most gut-wrenchingly cruel, brutal, sadistic, barbaric country on this planet, inhabited by equally, vile, depraved, cruel, heartless, gutless and soul-less masses. Stop murdering dogs and cats for your own sadistic and perverted reasons. Shame on this country, shame on its corrupt and pathetic government and shame on its brain-dead masses.

  17. Kelly
    KellySeptember 26,19

    Poor souls

  18. Eva Candelario
    Eva CandelarioSeptember 26,19


  19. Inge Baak
    Inge BaakSeptember 26,19


  20. Susan Heron- Brown
    Susan Heron- BrownSeptember 27,19

    This is almost not human to do what these people do to these poor dogs. It is horrible and has to stop.

  21. Susan Heron Brown
    Susan Heron BrownSeptember 27,19

    I can’t stop crying and seeing such horrible people beating the helpless dogs breaks my HEART. What can a few american dollars do? These people need to be stopped killing and eating these poor animals. It is a a crime.

  22. Foct
    FoctSeptember 27,19

    Shut down these horrible farms and stop eatting cats and dogs

  23. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 27,19

    To close these awfull farms and to stop eatting cats and dogs meat

  24. Paula Rock
    Paula RockSeptember 27,19

    How do you live with yourselves after doing these horrendous things to these poor innocent animals.Disgusting!!!!

  25. Caroline Holder
    Caroline HolderSeptember 27,19

    Why do some humans find it so difficult to be normal and decent human beings,
    without using cruelty and corruption.

  26. Isabel Dominguez
    Isabel DominguezSeptember 27,19

    What a shame what you do , for the whole Mankind

    TERRY CALLOWSeptember 27,19

    To kill and eat cats and dogs is bad enough (Don’t you realise they are part of the family?) But the digusting abuse you inflict on them before killing them is beyond belief. How dare you treat animals this way. This is the 21st century try joining the rest of the world and grow up and become civilised.

  28. TC
    TCSeptember 27,19

    Such a sick practice, i wosh i could lock these people up in a cage and do the same thing to them.

  29. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaSeptember 27,19

    personnally I hate this country, once I knew what happens to the dogs and cats in Asia, I cannot stand ni South Korea neither China or others like Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia ! everywhere dogs and cats are so tortured and killing to be eaten, I hate them ! it’s obviously the middle age’s manner and these people can not pretend belong to our moder world ! I cannot understand why our world can have any relationship with these backward countries regarding their behavior ! it’s not enough for me to have a big economic level, but also , it’s important to be “human” what these countries are not !! they are disgusting !! and really hope, that one day , all of them will pay for that what they do to these poor creatures !! I cannot say them good luck, but only GO TO HELL !!!

  30. Nancy Raymond
    Nancy RaymondSeptember 27,19

    How about just shutting down South Korea? Their blatant cruelty towards animals is well known and they have done nothing to curtail it or outright stop it. Treating any animal so callously pretty much proves this country has not advanced one iota in the 21ar century. Sure doesn’t say much for the government of South Korea – corruption reigns supreme in this hell hole.

  31. Dorothy Robinson
    Dorothy RobinsonSeptember 27,19

    Stop this evil and cruel practice. As human beings we are supposed to be above this type of activity.

  32. Janeene Williamson
    Janeene WilliamsonSeptember 27,19

    Listen people leaving messages, America is going to do nothing, nothing they show us this shit to break our hearts but the truth is nothing is going to be done to stop these murders, I have cried until my heart is going to burst from my chest, every post is giving those bastards more fuel ,they hate us an they are hitting us where it hurts the most ,even our on country allows our animals to suffer, i think a nice big bomb dropped on their ass would wake them up , but you know politics, I just with that secret bounty organization would seek over there an do to them what they ear doing to these animals, other countries to, countries very close to home, so l have to pray mother nature and karma steps in soon.😔😟😖😢please God if your hearing their crys please stop this Amen

  33. Foct
    FoctSeptember 27,19

    To close these horrible farms and to stop eattong cats and dogs meat

  34. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 27,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs meat and to close these awfull farms

  35. Tammy
    TammySeptember 27,19

    This is not what animals were put on this Earth for..this is abuse, cruel & torturous.
    No animal deserves what these poor animals endure..times have changed. This must be stopped
    There is plenty of foods on this Earth to eat w/o subjecting harmless animals to this kind of barbarian & inhumane torture

  36. Kirsti Juutilainen
    Kirsti JuutilainenSeptember 27,19

    On aika tulla sivistyksen pariin. Lopetettava tuo sukupolvelta toiselle jatkuva kidutus. Antakaa lastenne kasvaa niin ettei pahaa tehdä kenellekään elolliselle.

  37. Rita Council
    Rita CouncilSeptember 27,19

    This is absolutely the most cruel and inhumane
    thing anyone can do to these precious dogs! This is absolutely sickening!! This must end!!! Enough haven’t these poor helpless innocent dogs
    been through enough!!!😡😡😡

  38. Estelita Bolaño
    Estelita BolañoSeptember 28,19

    Stop cruelty to this little creatures

      ANNA MARIE ROSTSeptember 28,19


  39. Krassi Dimitrova
    Krassi DimitrovaSeptember 28,19

    It’s time to boycott and stand up to all countries who are allowing dog and cat farms….

  40. Foct
    FoctSeptember 29,19

    To close these horrible farms and to stop eatting cats and dogs meat

  41. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 29,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs meat and to close these awfull markets

  42. Tina jackson
    Tina jacksonSeptember 29,19

    I do not visit any Asian country who promotes this cruel unnecessary evil. BBC needs to do a big documentary with Ricky Gervais so the world listens

  43. S Vincent
    S VincentSeptember 29,19

    I agree with you Krassi. Their not listening to our requests, so we need to make a difference where it will matter to them. In their pockets, through boycotting their products.

  44. Juan Silva
    Juan SilvaSeptember 29,19

    What you once ate out of necessity during the war, is not necessary anymore. Poor diet, a race to find the next new best fad, wanton lack of taste for sane, sustainable nutrition is all bad. Is it of any wonder to you how the West, whom you look up to and idolize for good or for bad, admires and cherishes “man’s best friend”?! You can imagine how backwards, cruel, deplorable this is when people go out of their way to keep a faithful, loving companion that helps guide the blind, detect low blood sugar levels, detect seismic activity before an earthquake, detect explosives, accompany rescue missions, etc. When you ask yourself, “hmmm, what should I have to eat today?!” Don’t let it be a dog! Or a cat. The reverence so many countries hold for them has been well-earned throughout history and will continue way into the future.

  45. Al Hornsby
    Al HornsbySeptember 29,19

    These animal farms must be stopped. There are many humane organizations that are trying to rescue all of these poor animals. All we can do here is donate to them to continue their efforts. Check with your local humane society. I’m sure they can give you several names. In the meantime, I think everything from Korea should be boycotted until this problem is handled. This type of horror doesn’t belong in a civilized society. It’s time for Korea to become civilized. As for the people who run these horrible places, they should all go straight to hell.

  46. elaine m moore
    elaine m mooreOctober 3,19

    I am a animal lover i couldn’t never do such a thing i have 6 ddogs i love them every day and having somebody eating them them make me sick and its horrible for someone to do such a cruelty to these innocent animals just for kicks for their meet there other things you can eat but stop the cruelty of killing these dogs please i am so heartbroken when i see people doing this to these babies i want it to stop ! Lets make it stronger so they can’t do this no more!

  47. catherine Bouchez
    catherine BouchezOctober 4,19

    don’t eat dogs !!

  48. Gabriele Ertl
    Gabriele ErtlOctober 8,19

    Diese Barbarei muss ein Ende haben. Weil es nach wie vor stattfindet kann man ein Land wie Korea nur verachten

  49. rita de waele
    rita de waeleOctober 10,19

    Dogs are not food

  50. Ann Fennell
    Ann FennellOctober 10,19

    Please spare the innocent dogs from this pain and sufferein

  51. Renate Larsson
    Renate LarssonOctober 10,19

    Stop the cruelty. I have hated this markeds for decades now. How evil can human be?!

  52. barbara baldoli
    barbara baldoliOctober 10,19

    maledetti cannibali! dovreste conoscere la Legge di Causa ed Effetto, che non vi perderà di vista. Continuerete a soffrire fino a che mangerete cani e gatti e vi sta bene. BOICOTTIAMO I PRODOTTI COREANI!

  53. Elizabeth Mooney
    Elizabeth MooneyOctober 10,19

    How can you people go around eaten dogs and cats, when they we not to be dinner on the table but to be a loving companions to adore and love as pets. One of your towns not to long ago, received a disease all because of having a un-sanitized shelters and very ill dogs, for this to have happened, I believe that GOD is telling you something. If you continue to kill animals who knows what your next disastrous illness maybe and you may not be able to cure anyone from the next deadly disease coming from your unsanitary slaughterhouses. Are you concern about your health issues in your country at all?!

    PAOLO CUCCIONEOctober 10,19

    la politica deve intervenire in merito a queste “tradizioni”barbare !!!! entrate nel terzo millennio ….EVOLVETEVI

  55. Lesley Grant
    Lesley GrantOctober 10,19

    Please stop this cruel barbaric treatment to innocent creatures,. Stop this suffering NOW

  56. janja
    janjaOctober 10,19

    Stop eating dogs and cats , because otherwise i must say you nothing else as monsters😱🤮Now it’s time to become human beings!!!!!!

  57. Mia Kilstet
    Mia KilstetOctober 10,19

    Horrible beyond belief! What kind of a country would allow this????

  58. juma fri
    juma friOctober 10,19

    Stop eating cats and dogs and close these horrible markets and farms.

  59. Evita Koulmasi
    Evita KoulmasiOctober 10,19

    Stop now this cruelty to innocent creatures. Stop everything you do to dogs. It’s unthinkable

  60. Denise Derk
    Denise DerkOctober 10,19

    Stop. You should be treated like that.

  61. Barbara Beck
    Barbara BeckOctober 10,19

    Dogs and cats are spiritual companions and should be esteemed as such.

  62. rui almeida
    rui almeidaOctober 10,19

    Dont do pain, agony and syffering to animals.
    They only want a home and people to take care of them….y killing them?
    So shame.

  63. Eleanor McElroy
    Eleanor McElroyOctober 11,19

    The people who keep these poor dogs in these disgusting conditions are vile and should be punished for cruelty

  64. Kim brown
    Kim brownOctober 11,19

    I will never understand how cruel and evil man can be! These people have zero feelings or compassion and should be wiped off the earth. I swear these are Satans spawn walking amongst us! I wish that single person with a heart would ban together and do something about this! It’s as if we need to go to battle for these precious gifts from God. They only want to Love us and to be loved. The sickening truth is….every one of these poor babies would probably forgive these evil sick monsters. This has to stop now! There has got to be something we can do!

  65. Americas Sweetheart
    Americas SweetheartOctober 11,19

    Dogs are sacred animals just like humans! So are cats. Humans do not need flesh to live healthy lives. Stop Holocausting these dogs!

  66. Shirley D Hintz
    Shirley D HintzOctober 11,19

    evil, pure evil

  67. Dyanne Smart
    Dyanne SmartOctober 11,19

    The dog and cat meat trade is an atrocity.

  68. Veronika Meyer
    Veronika MeyerOctober 11,19

    the same should be done to the human responsible persons

  69. Jeremy Harrison-Roberts
    Jeremy Harrison-RobertsOctober 11,19

    An unfathomably cruel & disgusting practice. The people doing this are barbarians & must be stopped.

  70. Ginger Neimo
    Ginger NeimoOctober 11,19

    And humans think they have it tough.

  71. Dawn Romine
    Dawn RomineOctober 11,19

    The world is watching to see if you correct this wrong. Judgement of a country is how they threat even their animals.

  72. jim taylor
    jim taylorOctober 11,19

    This is outrageous cruelty in this day and age. Do these people ever wish to be free of cruelty striking them themselves?? I would think these far eastern countries would have known better after the cruel history it endured within living memory. CRUELTY BEGETS CRUELTY and it always returns to haunt the perpetrators in spectacular form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Loretta van WYK
    Loretta van WYKOctober 11,19

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY. They are human friends not meat to eat This is barbaric

  74. Magda MacLean
    Magda MacLeanOctober 11,19

    Asia and South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog farms. Only heartless people deal in such terrible business, Shame on you all, you are disgusting people. Dreadful cruelty to the animals who are the mans best friends. Hopefully you all will get punished by eating the same food you are giving to the animals.

  75. ursi lang
    ursi langOctober 12,19

    das kann es doch nicht sein immer diese länder habt ihr keinen Respekt gegenüber Tiere eine schande

  76. Susana
    SusanaOctober 12,19

    please stop right now!!!!

  77. joelle verdez
    joelle verdezOctober 12,19

    Je comprends ce que sont les traditions mais celles qui passent par la souffrance d’êtres sensibles , la tuerie , le dépeçage et d’autres horreurs innommables , je et inhumaines , je ne comprends pas et je condamne , je dénonce , je boycotte les pays dans lesquelles elles se perpétuent depuis trop longtemps et je les combattrai aussi longtemps que je serai sur cette terre , c’est ignoble et d’une barbarie inqualifiable

    BENITA SACHSOctober 14,19

    I do not like your people because of this evil deed. You in your next life will come back as one of these precious creatures and then you will know there pain and then you will under stand. Each blessed creature you treat this is one lifetime in their place.

  79. Tiffany Butler
    Tiffany ButlerOctober 14,19

    These people should be ashamed of themselves! So sad for those poor souls.

    TONNI DUMOULINOctober 14,19


  81. Victoria Harrison-Sewell
    Victoria Harrison-SewellOctober 15,19

    The more people see this kind of thing, the less tourism the country will have

  82. John
    JohnOctober 15,19

    In a supposedly civilised society we are at a loss to know why the Korean people still eat dogs and slaughter them in appalling ways. This is happening throughout the country and yet the Korean government do not ban it. Time to impose sanctions on South Korea until action is taken.

  83. Sonja Elisabeth Larsen
    Sonja Elisabeth LarsenOctober 15,19

    Stopp dette dyreplageriet, hunder er et verktøy for vennskap og kan fårstår mer en du tror. En hjertet venn. Du bir i tillegg syk av å spise dem. Karma 😡😡😡

  84. Suzan Crittenden
    Suzan CrittendenOctober 15,19

    Sickening, cruel, Evil people. I hate you.

  85. Roxanne Jimenez
    Roxanne JimenezOctober 15,19

    please stop this inhumane and barbaric treatment of these beautiful animals they are not meant to be eaten they are all to be loved
    we all need to sign and stop this barbaric cruelty towards all animals

  86. Jennifer Targia
    Jennifer TargiaOctober 15,19

    This is so archaic, this practice is ritualistic and disturbing. Animals are to be treated with respect a decency. Torture in any form should not be tolerated. Educate people so this practice is abolished forever!

  87. Dyanne Smart
    Dyanne SmartOctober 15,19

    This needs to end.

  88. Elliot George
    Elliot GeorgeOctober 15,19

    This must stop

  89. Andrew Wells
    Andrew WellsOctober 15,19

    Disgusting and imoral!!!

  90. irene
    ireneOctober 15,19

    stop killing dogs

  91. Jacqueline Frye
    Jacqueline FryeOctober 15,19

    How in the world can this horrible practice continue??? These animals do not deserve this horrible abuse!! PLEASE stop this barbaric practice!!

  92. Maria Anna Kassomenakis
    Maria Anna KassomenakisOctober 15,19

    Be what God meant for people to be, HUMAN. Higher entities. What you do shows you’re anything but… STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, NOW

  93. Eleftheria Batha
    Eleftheria BathaOctober 15,19

    Animals are NOT ours. They have rights like all sentient beings. What will take for you to finally become civilized?

  94. Vasil
    VasilOctober 15,19

    Stop buying Korean products: Samsung, KIA, Hyundai, LG, Hankook, Kumbo, Nexen. They are made by people who have no respect for life and no remorse whatsoever for crimes against the innocent.

  95. Lori Clayton
    Lori ClaytonOctober 15,19

    The USA and other countries should boycott any items made from Korea if they continue to kill these poor animals. It is very upsetting to know that they are this barbaric . The rest of the world is NOT ok with this. We should not have to send a petition, they should know this is wrong.

  96. Lidia
    LidiaOctober 16,19

    Creo que la mejor solución para que acaben con esto es boicotear todos los productos que tengan maltrato o que provengan de algún animal. Además de ayudar a la gente que está luchando por ellos en el país.

  97. Judy Zwyghuizen
    Judy ZwyghuizenOctober 17,19

    This must STOP..end this torture Now.

  98. Susan Janke
    Susan JankeOctober 17,19

    Sociopathic homo sapians abound throughout the world…when good people sit back and do nothing evil reigns.

  99. Mirella van Ierland
    Mirella van IerlandOctober 18,19


  100. linda pink
    linda pinkOctober 19,19

    This is pathetic practice, first the farms are filthy, second, the dogs are malnourished, thirds those dogs were killed inhumanity, Fourth knowing that dogs farms are illegal and still supporting them.
    I urge all dog meat consumers stop supporting this cruelty by stop eating dog meat.

  101. jeanne le jeune
    jeanne le jeuneOctober 19,19

    this should never exist and we must stop it immediatly

  102. Patricia M
    Patricia MOctober 19,19


  103. Brigitte CADET
    Brigitte CADETOctober 19,19

    STOP à la souffrance animale….ça suffit.

  104. Matthieu Da Silva
    Matthieu Da SilvaOctober 20,19

    Stop eating Dogs and cats, it’s crualty.
    One day all theses people will pay for this actions.

  105. Miwon Hong
    Miwon HongOctober 22,19

    Stop eating Dogs and cats, it’s crualty.
    One day all theses people will pay for this actions.

  106. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisOctober 23,19

    Deve essere fatto il possibile da parte delle istituzioni per fermare questo massacro orribile crudele e incivile, tutto il mondo vi guarda e vi giudics

  107. Carina rizell
    Carina rizellOctober 24,19

    So much suffering brakes my heart ❣

  108. Sabine Vincent
    Sabine VincentOctober 24,19

    Stoppez définitivement cette cruauté qui n’a que trop duré!

  109. Charmaine Woolner
    Charmaine WoolnerOctober 24,19

    This is a horrific crime and should be punishable. It shows humanity at its worst. I can barely look at the poor suffering dogs without feeling utterly depressed and sick in the stomach. This MUST BE STOPPED.

  110. Marguerite Elia
    Marguerite EliaOctober 24,19

    Shut down the despicable dog meat farms. It is immoral and vile and unforgivable.

  111. Marguerite Elia
    Marguerite EliaOctober 24,19

    Shut down the disgusting evil dog farms!!!

  112. Magda MacLean
    Magda MacLeanOctober 24,19

    Shut down the illegal dog farms forever!

  113. Alison Latham
    Alison LathamOctober 24,19

    Barbaric not human . Dogs and cats are pets and our companions we need to protect them.

  114. Andrea Schwartz
    Andrea SchwartzOctober 24,19

    I sign dozens and dozens of petitions for animal rights throughout the world. Why can’t there be one link to sign a petition that will be directed to all of them?

  115. Pamala Joyce Brown
    Pamala Joyce BrownOctober 24,19

    BOYCOTT S. Korean products – especially electronics – until they stop supporting abuses and murder of inncent animals!!

  116. Molly Donlan Stevens
    Molly Donlan StevensOctober 24,19

    I continue to be disgusted by the actions of South Korea citizens – they treat dogs as if they were unfeeling objects instead of the sensitive and loving companion animals that they actually are. It’s beyond inhumane what they do to dogs and I will continue to boycot all things South Korean nor will I nor any member of my family travel to South Korea to spend our vacation dollars there. Not until this practice is shut down FOREVER!.

  117. Evelyn
    EvelynOctober 24,19

    Stop EATING & BEING CRUEL to these animals.

    CHRISTOPHEROctober 24,19

    All animals even cows and horses should be alive but the story about dogs history was a great story that actually happen in ancient time as well as there role they play in the current time of now. And the ancient stories about dogs went like this the reason that dogs was called man best friend was in the ancient history times in the past men fought wars with a friend that was dog that was by their side as a companion and as a protector and they was not ever considered to be a food source even if the person was starving because 80% to 98 % of humans would never eat their dog . And police officers also use dogs to chase criminals and to sniff and find out where there drugs is at . And dogs also use in this current time to tell if a person had cancer or some form of illnesses and even an ancient Chinese history dogs were used as a companion for hunting or just for guarding there flock . And parts of Africa need to stop eating dog as well . Egyptian culture they even used to ward off evil spirits. Animals was not put on the Earth to be butchered we have to evolve. We have been toward bad habits we don’t have to be this way.

  119. Marie-Louise Molinari-Hay
    Marie-Louise Molinari-HayOctober 25,19

    STOP this CRUELLEST of practices by OBSCENELY CRUEL people. The dogs and cats the same physical and emotional PAIN and physically AGONY as humans would. Give the humans at least a small taste of what they are meting out.

  120. Jackie Hunter
    Jackie HunterOctober 25,19

    Stop this uncivilised and barbaric practice of farming and eating dogs.

  121. ronnie
    ronnieOctober 26,19

    Look into the animals eyes , they ( all animals ) have a soul just like we do .

  122. Elizabeth Mooney
    Elizabeth MooneyOctober 27,19

    How long will you Korean realize that dogs and cats are NOT for your dinner table they are to be your companion, a beloved pet to love NOT to kill!

  123. Gil Cabler Sampson
    Gil Cabler SampsonOctober 27,19

    This is disgusting human behaviour, that they haven’t learnt that these dogs are of sensitive nature and are terrified and should not be killed for human consumption, hello wake up 2019, we know better now?

  124. Rachel Robinson
    Rachel RobinsonOctober 28,19

    Absolutely horrific. Innocent helpless animals living a life of complete hell.. please shut these horrible dog farms down.

  125. Monique Audenaert
    Monique AudenaertOctober 30,19

    Dogs are not created to be eaten or to be killed . It’s not healthy at all . They deserve love , friendship . They can save people their lives . Instead of sutch a behaviour you should spend your times with planting herbs and spices or vegetables that save people from cancer and other deseases that only grows in your country . Then you do good instead of bad and it’s also better for helping other country’s where those plants cannot growing . Nature has provide in that and gives you the chance to use it . Think about that in the future it can make a lot of different in the world.

  126. Markus TROLLMANN
    Markus TROLLMANNOctober 31,19

    Stop dog and animal food

  127. Michelle Wictoria Røste
    Michelle Wictoria RøsteNovember 5,19

    THIS IS SICK!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 THIS NEEEEDS TO STOP!!! NOW!!!!!

  128. Mark
    MarkNovember 6,19

    people need to stop buying South Korean products. When they feel the financial pinch this will drive change. We need to boycott Hyundai Kia Samsung LG Fila to name a few. These companies should be ashamed of themselves they are doing absolutely nothing to speak out against this, yet making billions of dollars in countries that think of dogs and cats as family. Spread the word an actively educate people to boycott these products. It’s time some of these big companies speak up.

  129. sandi
    sandiNovember 6,19

    What is wrong with these sick bastards. This has to stop now.

  130. Claire
    ClaireNovember 6,19

    Countries that keep dogs and cats in cages and raise them for food are barbaric places that should be avoided, shunned and boycotted by the rest of the world. Do not visit these countries, do not buy their products and be vocal why. Dogs and cats are companion animals NOT food. When I read this horrible stories it is like canibalism. And no, it is NOT about a different culture. No culture should condone such barbaric actions like steeling animals apir raising them for food. I am shocked that there is no change. It should be illegal and punishable by serious jail time. WHY are the governments of those countries not doing anything? Shame on those countries and their governments. bOYCOT these countries!

  131. Cheryl Campos
    Cheryl CamposNovember 6,19

    stop the cruelty.. barbaric

  132. Carlos Villalba
    Carlos VillalbaNovember 6,19


  133. Heidi Becker
    Heidi BeckerNovember 6,19

    Aufhören, beenden, stoppen endlich die Schlachterei der Tiere. Sie empfinden genau so wie wir Menschen und kein Mensch will geschlachtet werden!!!!

  134. Renate Larsson
    Renate LarssonNovember 6,19

    Stop the cruelty.

  135. Maja Milosevic
    Maja MilosevicNovember 6,19

    Love animals the right way! Leave them alone!

  136. rita uljee
    rita uljeeNovember 6,19

    do hope to see this come to an end dogs and cats are for compagnie for most people and me as a vegatarian don`t eat any animal but it seems to much to ask from people to stop eating animals but still hope the day will come!

  137. Sabine Vincent
    Sabine VincentNovember 6,19

    Il faut que cette cruauté cesse définitivement, elle n’a que trop duré !

  138. Bonnie
    BonnieNovember 6,19

    This is one of the most cruel and disgusting things I have ever seen inmy. Life it needs to STOP!They are the Animals..humanity is no where in that country

  139. Joan A Seyle
    Joan A SeyleNovember 6,19

    PLEASE STOP KILLING THESE POOR DOGS AND EATING THEM! I CAN’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU COULD DO THIS . YOU HAVE TO KNOW ITS WRONG GOD DID NOT PUT THESE DOGS FOR YOU TO EAT! Do remember that you have to account to God when you pass on to his judgement. He will hold the people who killed these dogs and people who allowed it to happen. THIS NEEDS TO STOP ASAP!

  140. Joan A Seyle
    Joan A SeyleNovember 6,19


  141. Angela Kinsey-Foden
    Angela Kinsey-FodenNovember 6,19

    The establishments all need to be closed down.

  142. Johanna Sschwarzer
    Johanna SschwarzerNovember 6,19

    Es ist unglaublich. Diese asiatischen Länder wollen fortschrittlich und aufgeklärt sein und gehen im 21.Jahrhundert immer noch so grausam und brutal mit hilflosen Mitgeschöpfen um, als befänden sie sich im Mittelalter! Die Regierungen solcher Länder sind entweder nicht gewillt, oder aber nicht in der Lage, diese Stätte des Grauens und Leidens für immer gesetzlich zu schließen. Das jedoch stimmt jeden Tier Liebhaber und human denkenden Menschen traurig. Deshalb fordere ich alle Regierungen auf, die ignorant oder gleichgültig dieser Schande zusehen, diese Grausamkeiten endlich zu stoppen. Wir werden so lange keine Erzeugnisse solcher Länder kaufen und auch keinen Urlaub in diesen Tier Höllen verbringen, bis sich die Situation zu Gunsten der Mitgeschöpfe zum Guten geändert hat. Eine Schande und ein Armutszeugnis für Regierungen der betreffenden Länder!!!

  143. Pesi Unwalla
    Pesi UnwallaNovember 6,19

    How can barbarians be persuaded to change their so-called ‘culture’? Or can they???

  144. valenti
    valentiNovember 7,19

    That is so inhuman!

  145. Leslie scott
    Leslie scottNovember 7,19

    Mans best friend is not mans best food, this is a barbaric disgusting act of cruelty, and if you must eat these intelligent sensitive beautiful animals at the very least treat them with kindness and respect

  146. Edith
    EdithNovember 8,19

    fully AGREE!!!!

  147. Edith
    EdithNovember 8,19

    This is crime! And the punishment should be the same as the crime!

  148. Jacqueline Nicholls
    Jacqueline NichollsNovember 8,19

    The most evil excuses for human beings this has to stop . Eventually you will have no tourists. No imports from other countrys. Stop now.your evil and karma will follow you. Dogs and cats are domesticated and family. Your murderers.

  149. Foct
    FoctNovember 10,19

    To stop eatting cats and dogs

  150. Bruneel
    BruneelNovember 10,19

    To close these awfull farms
    To stop eatting cats and dogs

  151. Carol G Wainman
    Carol G WainmanNovember 12,19

    Please God I beg you to shut down and prosecute these dog farms.
    Please let the suffering stop!
    In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  152. Helen Fong
    Helen FongNovember 12,19

    The most disgusting,

  153. Paula Conkey
    Paula ConkeyNovember 12,19

    Please end this disgusting and cruel practice. It’s evil!

  154. Sharon Stevens
    Sharon StevensNovember 12,19


  155. Rosemarie Concepcion
    Rosemarie ConcepcionNovember 12,19

    Please stop this barbaric inhumane torture of helpless speechless precious dogs and cats and other farm animals.Dogs and cats and other animals deserve to be treated humanely with respect as human beings

  156. Sherri Burich
    Sherri BurichNovember 12,19

    You can’t call yourselves, civilized, and eat, torture domesticated animals; it’s barbaric and cruel!!!

  157. Norma Atkinson.
    Norma Atkinson.November 12,19

    Evil .

  158. Gillian Curran
    Gillian CurranNovember 12,19

    This has to stop, no animal deserves this

  159. Ewald Woltmann
    Ewald WoltmannNovember 12,19


  160. Adela
    AdelaNovember 12,19

    Stop cruelty

  161. Andrew Campbell
    Andrew CampbellNovember 12,19

    Stop this evil disgusting behaviour now..

  162. Margith Hærslev
    Margith HærslevNovember 12,19

    This awful cruelty MUST STOP NOW!

  163. Sabine Vincent
    Sabine VincentNovember 12,19

    Cessez cette cruauté qui n’a que trop duré!

  164. Katrin Hillig
    Katrin HilligNovember 12,19

    Diese bösartigen Monster, das pure böse ich hoffe sie bekommen alles zurück was sie unseren besten Freunden antun, diese kostbaren Hunde und Katzen, diese Tierschänder sollten alle vernichtet werden das sie nicht mehr auf diesem Planeten sind.

  165. Stephen Emery
    Stephen EmeryNovember 12,19

    This is barbaric & how they treated best way is to stop buying Korean products, mainly Samsun until government clamps down on this trade

  166. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaNovember 12,19

    God has created animals and he does not like what he sees you do .. Pray that our Creator will remove these people from the presence of animals ..

  167. Jane Muirhead
    Jane MuirheadNovember 12,19

    Stop this horrendous cruelty to CATS AND DOGS sick countries that do this

  168. Irina
    IrinaNovember 12,19

    Stop it!!

  169. S. Vincent
    S. VincentNovember 12,19

    This is one of the worst videos I’ve seen regarding the dog meat trade, and is SO upsetting. How these people can live with themselves after treating animals like this I’ve no idea! This practice HAS TO BE STOPPED!!! While it’s legal, they’ll just carry on. PLEASE make it ILLEGAL and close these places down now!!!

  170. Sonja Van Hoof
    Sonja Van HoofNovember 13,19

    I had a look at the map where the dog slaughterhouses are situated and it’s quite sobering. I didn’t know there are that many. If it’s not for the knowledge that these dogs live a horrible life & death, how do the neighbours sleep with the dogs barking??? And why is it that there are no slaughterhouses in Pyongyang?

    • team teamNovember 13,19

      Hi Sonja, this map is only for South Korea. Pyeongyang is in North Korea. Thank you.

  171. Alex Lozano
    Alex LozanoNovember 14,19

    No more this, for our brothers without voice

  172. Allison
    AllisonNovember 14,19

    These inhumane and barbaric horrors towards humankind’s most faithful companion–the dog–will know no end until there is moral leadership on the part of the South Korean government and South Korean business titans–LG, Samsung, Hyundai/Kia. They must be held accountable and literally, pay, for their complicit inaction.

    The concerned and civilized public should start by BOYCOTTING LG, SAMSUNG AND HYUNDAI/KIA PRODUCTS.

  173. Shellyann
    ShellyannNovember 14,19

    Shut these hell holes down , and stop this barbaric cruelty towards these dogs and cats, and all other beautiful animals, they are not put on this earth for man to do this, haven’t these people got a heart,

  174. ARIANNA
    ARIANNANovember 14,19



    Evil and barbaric MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  176. Loretta van WYK
    Loretta van WYKNovember 14,19


  177. Hannele pelkonen
    Hannele pelkonenNovember 14,19

    Terrible! These beings do understand what’s going to happen.

  178. Allison
    AllisonNovember 14,19

    These inhumane and barbaric horrors towards humankind’s most faithful companion–the dog–will know no end until there is moral leadership on the part of the South Korean government and South Korean corporations–LG, Samsung, Hyundai/Kia. They must be held accountable and literally, pay, for their complicit inaction.
    The concerned and civilized public should start by boycotting LG, Samsung and Hyundai/Kia products.

  179. Ebbitts Naomi
    Ebbitts NaomiNovember 15,19

    Stop this cruelty now. We people in the United States of America want this stopped now! You people who murder these dogs are the animals.
    Eat rice and vegetables and be human instead of an animal. Dogs and cats are precious pets and
    Not suppose to be eaten! Rot in hell!

  180. Colleen L
    Colleen LNovember 15,19

    Despicable. This must be stopped now.

  181. Ginger Neimo
    Ginger NeimoNovember 18,19

    Unbelievable what so many animals must endure. No animal should be eaten as all animals feel pain and should not be viewed as food. We are brought up to think we need to eat meat to be healthy but it is all lies. If true, I must be a walking miracle. In the wild the animals that do not eat meat live longer.

  182. Janina Engelmann
    Janina EngelmannNovember 18,19

    no words need… Barbarous human! How can it be possible that people have no heart! NO RESPECT FOR OTHER CREATURES!
    How can they sleep at night!?

  183. Zakiyah Harvin
    Zakiyah HarvinNovember 19,19

    Stop this barbaric torture of these animals!

  184. Yaranov Chocha
    Yaranov ChochaNovember 19,19

    Koreans, do not dishonor yourself !!! Stop this wild and primitive tradition !!! Show the world your humanity !!!

  185. Shirley Nunes
    Shirley NunesNovember 19,19

    Stop this cruelty to these Animals. Stop eating dogs. This is heartbreaking.

  186. Heidemarie Rittscher
    Heidemarie RittscherNovember 19,19

    Man sollte dieses Volk ausrotten damit diese Tiere wieder in Frieden Leben können. Das sind doch keine Menschen das sind abartige perverse Monster. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das diese Hunde gesund sind. Hoffentlich kommt irgendwann die große Seuche. Das wünsche ich allen Menschen die Tiere ausnutzen

  187. Ewald Woltmann
    Ewald WoltmannNovember 19,19

    Stopp this Horror.

  188. Silvia Plüss
    Silvia PlüssNovember 19,19

    Stopp this horror

  189. Sabine Vincent
    Sabine VincentNovember 23,19

    Stoppez cette cruauté qui n’a que trop duré!

  190. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaNovember 23,19

    it’s so awful ! how the people can do that to the living beings ? !! it’s beyond all human understanding !!! Albert Schweitzer said ” compassion for animals is intimately connected with GOODFNESS of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man” . I asked my self if the South Korea’ governement know this !!! if they know Albert Schweitzer !! and if they know what is their international opintion !! international image !!! there is no only the money !! they should know that the way they treat the dogs and cats in their country is very important for us !! because the world is done by people like us not only by the politicians !! I boycott this country and all stuff made by them !! do the same !!!!

  191. Ryan
    RyanNovember 23,19

    Don’t dishonor yourselves. Cut this out.

  192. Ewald Woltmann
    Ewald WoltmannNovember 23,19


  193. Nadia
    NadiaNovember 23,19

    This is the most horrible thing ! Dogs and animals have feelings! Shut these places down! I seriously have no words that can express the extent of my horror and sadness!!! I own 3 dogs and they are my best friends! I had other animals and all animals are creatures of God that deserve mercy and respect! Shame on humankind for allowing this!

  194. David Velásquez
    David VelásquezNovember 23,19

    stop barbarism.

  195. Moana
    MoanaNovember 23,19

    The dogs deserve to be happy and free not killed you stupid people 😡
    Poor doggy’s much love 💕

  196. Rolf
    RolfNovember 23,19

    please stop hurting, killing, wearing, eating all animals!

  197. Alejandro Lozano Zamora
    Alejandro Lozano ZamoraNovember 23,19

    Don’t tell that are humans doing these. Are killers

  198. Shirley Nunes
    Shirley NunesNovember 24,19


  199. Pare
    PareNovember 24,19


  200. Janina Engelmann
    Janina EngelmannNovember 24,19

    It’s not possible, how barbarous people can be. These dogs can feel fear and scared! People who do this, can’t be normal! They should speak with psychology experts.

  201. Richard Yamadera
    Richard YamaderaNovember 25,19

    Tp allow such a sadistic industry does not speak well for the South Koreans.

  202. Juan cesquez
    Juan cesquezDecember 6,19

    Committing such terrible acts keeps me from traveling to your country and spending money. I would love to one day visit and learn your culture but I will not do so while your country sits back and allows such an absurd acts to take place.

  203. Alison Latham
    Alison LathamDecember 6,19

    Complete inhumane . Don’t use pets for food.

  204. Alison Latham
    Alison LathamDecember 6,19

    How can any human do this to any animal and to a companion pet.

  205. Eliane Robin
    Eliane RobinDecember 6,19

    Honte à ces bourreaux

  206. Soodeemami
    SoodeemamiDecember 6,19


  207. Jürgen Kelling
    Jürgen KellingDecember 6,19

    Wann hört es endlich auf! Boykott der Wirtschaft!

  208. David Velásquez
    David VelásquezDecember 6,19


  209. daniela piazza
    daniela piazzaDecember 6,19

    the animal his sacre

  210. Luca
    LucaDecember 6,19

    È intollerabile, inammissibile che vengano macellati cani e gatti. È già orribile che questo destino venga riservato ad altri “animali”, la Corea dovrebbe essere emarginata dagli altri paesi fino a quando non vieterà e punirà queste pratiche.

  211. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaDecember 6,19

    Stop this awful thing you are doing, what are you to people, God has not made the animals for you to abuse them in such a terrible way ..

  212. Jane Muirhead
    Jane MuirheadDecember 6,19

    Sick country. Boycott anything imported from these countries 😡😡😡😡😡

  213. Joan Burnett
    Joan BurnettDecember 6,19

    Horrendous how these poor animals are treated.

  214. Annika Glavstedt
    Annika GlavstedtDecember 6,19

    STOP! Just STOP!

  215. Maria
    MariaDecember 7,19

    Please stop this cruelty

  216. Hannele Pelkonen
    Hannele PelkonenDecember 8,19

    Theyr condition is against any animallaws.

  217. Anette Andersson
    Anette AnderssonDecember 8,19

    Hur kan något så grymt få pågå utan att det får konsekvenser. För en riktig djurvän fassar jag för dessa djur vad de får utstå. Tänker ofta på alla de djur som plågas och dödas i dessa läger. Dessa människor som saknar empati och njuter av att plåga och döda djur på detta vis förtjänar bara det värsta. Odjur.

  218. Magdalena MacLean
    Magdalena MacLeanDecember 8,19

    Whoever eats a Cat or a Dog I hope will get VERY sick, simply because these poor animals are not in a healthy state themselves. They get horrible stuff to eat, hardly any to drink. They have diseases they catch from each other riddled with worms, infections, and many other diseases. I do not understand why their government does permit these practices when they know that the population can get horribly sick by consuming such food. Mot mentioning the plight of the poor animals. Seems to me the government and the population as whole are only interested in eating and do not care as to what they are eating. Where is their education, respect for a lower being, care, and love? Having said all that, I must say that I DO RESPECT EXCEPTIONS.

  219. Anne-Mari Gavin
    Anne-Mari GavinDecember 14,19

    Total disreapect from these evil humanbeings towards Gods creatures.
    Tsunamis, violent storms etc will wipe those countries. Gods way of
    Sorting out these evil humans. Do NOT mock God. Bible teaches us that
    Animals belong to God a n ALL His creatures and creations MUST be respected!!!

  220. Jürgen Kelling
    Jürgen KellingDecember 14,19

    Boykott auf der ganzen Linie und das solange bist das Abschlachten ein Ende hat.
    Boycott all along the line and as long as the slaughter is over.

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