KARA : [CALL TO ACTION] Let’s shut down illegal dog farms together!

Photo: South Korea’s dog farm. 가칭 동물구조119.

Sharing from Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

If you discover a dog farm that is not included in the current KARA archive map, please report the exact address of the dog farm to KARA and file a complaint with the relevant local government. Your reports can lead to administrative action, which can ultimately lead to the closure of the dog farm.

Under the current legislative Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta, any dog farm larger than 60 square meters is subject to registration as a waste emission facility. According to the Ministry of Environment, there are about 3,000 registered dog farms nationwide, but the actual number of dog farms is expected to be much higher. KARA has created an archive map marking the locations of registered dog farms, and seeks to find illegal dog farms that are not on this map. Dog farms that are not included in the KARA map are farms that have not registered as required under livestock waste law, and can be shut down through administrative actions by the appropriate authorities. If you discover an illegal dog farm, you should file a complaint with the relevant local government so that it can be shut down!

(Exceptions: Farms of 100 ~ 200 square meters have until March 24, 2019 to properly register and farms under 100 square meters have until March 24, 2024 to properly register)

Steps for Reporting Dog Farms

1. Confirm the address of the dog farm!

– Search by the street address of the dog farm in the KARA Archive.

– Or, search by the County (gun) or Township (myeon) . (Example: Goseong-gun Osan-myeon)

– Check whether the address exists in the search results.

Click HERE to search KARA archive.

2. Report the address of the dog farm on the archive participation page!

– If the address of the dog farm did not exist in the search results, go to Farm Surveillance Participation> page.

– Enter the name of the dog farm, the address, any other details and your email address.

Click HERE report dog farm to KARA.

3. Click HERE to send a complaint to the relevant local government (civil petition) by e-People!

Please note: The list shows the dog farms that we have filed petitions. We will add more to the list as we file more petitions.

Complaint (petition) suggested message

Title: Request to take administrative action against unregistered illegal dog farms

– Dog Farm Name :
– Dog Farm Address (contact information):

The dog farm specified above is suspected to be an unregistered facility and has been contributing to the pollution of the environment and thus requires urgent administrative measures and immediate shutdown.

1. Under the current enforcement decree of the Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta, any dog farm at least 60 square meters in size is subject to registration as a waste emission facility. Any illegal dog farms operating without proper registration must be ordered to suspend operation and close per Articles 17 and 18 of the Act. Administrative actions such as the imposition of fines must be issued according to Article 50 and the enforcement decree Article 20 of the same law.

2. Illegal dog slaughter may violate Article 8 of the Animal Protection Act. If a dog farm has committed an illegal dog slaughter, they will be sentenced to less than two years in prison and fined up to 20 million won. Please inspect the dog farm site to check if illegal dog slaughter is committed and report it to the police.

3. According to Articles 25 and 46 of the Waste Control Act, food waste feed recycling requires that dog farms are equipped with appropriate facilities and must be registered and authorized by the municipal government. Please inspect the dog farm to check if the food waste is being fed to dogs and take appropriate administrative actions per Article 66 for violations.

4. In the case of temporary buildings: Dog farms must obtain approval according to the Building Act Article 14 (Building Reports) and Article 20 (Temporary Buildings). Please remove the building if the building is unauthorized.

5. If sewage contamination is found: Personal sewage treatment facilities must be reported per Article 34, Paragraph 2 of the Sewerage Act. After inspecting the discharge of manure and wastewater into the public water, please take administrative measures per Article 77 of the Sewerage Act.

6. If household waste is found: Unlawful dumping and loading of household waste violate Article 13 of the Waste Control Act. After investigating the accumulation of household waste in the vicinity, please take measures per Article 66-1 of the Waste Control Act.

We urge you to take quick and strong administrative measures to address the violation of laws and shut down all these illegal dog farms immediately!

Complaint (petition) suggested message in Korean

제목: 미신고된 불법 개농장에 대한 행정처분을 촉구합니다

– 개농장 이름:
– 개농장 주소(연락처):

위 개농장은 가축분뇨법상 미신고된 불법 개농장이며 여러 불법성이 보이는 바, 이에 대한 확인, 행정처분 및 즉각적인 폐쇄를 강력히 촉구합니다.

1) 가축분뇨의 관리 및 이용에 관한 법률 시행령 상 60㎡ 이상 개농장은 배출시설 신고대상에 해당합니다. 신고되지 않고 운영되는 불법 개농장의 경우 가축분뇨 관리법 제17조 및 제18조에 따라 사용중지 및 폐쇄명령, 동법 제50조 및 시행령 제20조에 따라 과태료 부과 등 행정처분이 내려져야 할 것입니다.

2) 불법 개도살이 이루어질 경우 동물보호법 제8조 위반 가능성이 있습니다. 해당 개농장이 불법 개도살을 할 경우 2년 이하 징역, 2천만원이하 벌금에 처해집니다. 불법 개도살이 이루어지는지 현장 확인 후 경찰에 고발조치 해주시기 바랍니다.

3) 폐기물 관리법 제25조 및 제46조에 따르면 음식물류 폐기물 사료 재활용은 적정 시설 장비를 갖추고 지자체 인허가를 받거나 신고하도록 되어 있습니다. 음식물류 폐기물을 개들에게 급여하는지 확인해 주시고, 위반 시 제66조 조항에 따라 행정조치 바랍니다.

4) 가설 건축물일 경우 : 건축법 제 14조(건축신고) 및 제 20조(가설건축물) 허가 후 견사를 지어야 합니다. 무단 증축된 건축물일 경우 철거 조치 바랍니다.

5) 하수도 오염 사항이 발견될 경우 : 하수도법 제 34조 2항에 따라 개인 하수처리시설 신고가 필요합니다. 공공수역 분뇨, 폐수 배출 상태 확인 후 하수도법 제 77조에 따라 행정조치 바랍니다.

6) 생활 폐기물이 발견될 경우: 생활 폐기물 불법 투기 및 적재는 폐기물 관리법 제13조 위반입니다. 주변에 생활 폐기물을 쌓아두고 방치하는 행위 조사 후 폐기물 관리법 제66조 제1호에 따라 조치해 주시기 바랍니다.

불법 사항 해결에 대한 적극적인 처리와 재발 방지를 위한 신속하고 강력한 행정처분, 및 즉각적인 폐쇄를 강력히 촉구합니다.

KARA’s Dog Farm Archive Page:

KARA’s page to report dog farms:

  1. Chocha
    ChochaApril 6,19

    Koreans outdid even the Chinese and Vietnamese in their primitiveness and heartlessness !!! Shame on them !!!

  2. Mr.and Mrs. W. Blythe
    Mr.and Mrs. W. BlytheApril 18,19


  3. Vogt
    VogtApril 18,19

    all animals are also creatures which they have to be treated with respect and decency and not so as we know it! This will be a Horror for this animals
    in Korea!

  4. Алла
    АллаApril 18,19


  5. alessandra
    alessandraApril 22,19

    Boicottare tutti i prodotti coreani e evvitare i viaggi in questo paese tanto crudele e barbaro

  6. Foct
    FoctSeptember 1,19

    Shame on you

  7. Bruneel
    BruneelSeptember 1,19

    Stop eatting cats and dogs

  8. Anne-Mari Gavin
    Anne-Mari GavinSeptember 14,19

    Stop this barbaric behaviour towards Gods animals. He is capable to wipe all you evil people from this planet!!!!d

  9. olimpia marina
    olimpia marinaSeptember 14,19

    Your Country has become an insult to humanity and your Government is responsible……We demand criminal charges ….and BOYCoT OF sUCH PLACES

    • Sherri Burich
      Sherri BurichNovember 12,19

      I totally agree!

  10. Timothy Gonsorek
    Timothy GonsorekSeptember 14,19

    What a sad and embarrassing country you are!

    • Sherri Burich
      Sherri BurichNovember 12,19


  11. veronique
    veroniqueNovember 12,19

    Honte à vous bande de barbares!!!!

  12. Sigrid Boehm
    Sigrid BoehmNovember 14,19

    I agree with each response, I love dogs and any other animals too and am opposed to any kind of cruelty. However we should look at our own cruelty in the US at the same time, are we any better?
    Check the undercover videos from PETA and you will see what happens in the Farm Factories and slaughter houses, it is unbelievably cruel, and check laboratories, animals for entertainment in road shows and circuses and aquariums. Check fur and leather factories. I can not think of any animal small or large that is not being exploited out of pure greediness. So how can we criticize the horrible slaughter of animals in foreign countries when we do the same right here.
    Think for a moment of daily chicken and turkey slaughter by the millions. Baby chicks shredded alive. Think of the cruel method how we kill lobsters and smaller see animals, does that bother us at all? The mother sows have a horrible life, breeding machines on bare metal cages so small that they can not even move around , then the piglets are taken away, tails cut off without anesthesia, some bleed to death. Baby calves torn from their mothers right after birth and confined in tiny stalls to be fed on artificial food, antibiotics, while we humans drink their milk. Do you know what soring is? A most cruel method of forcing horses to run lifting their front legs way up high ( because of pain) nails hammered into their hoofs . Do you know what pate foie gras is?

    I could go on and on, the cruelty must end in our country

  13. Janina Engelmann
    Janina EngelmannDecember 6,19

    Unfassbar wie Menschen groß werden und lernen mit Lebewesen so umzugehen! Unfassbar traurig und enttäuschend wie so etwas zugelassen werden kann.

  14. Carol Porras
    Carol PorrasDecember 15,19

    This is wrong dogs and cats are family not cattle God did not attend to be eaten this is evil you are sick country

  15. Erja Perälä
    Erja PeräläNovember 22,20

    Stop that cruel madness

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