Gimpo, South Korea: Shut down the illegal dog farms!

Campaign updated 11/28/2022.

We demand Gimpo to respect and enforce the law, stop their indifference toward animal cruelty and the illegal dog meat industry, and immediately shut down illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses.

Video: Dog farm in Gimpo, South Korea. Animal Rescue 119.

Video: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth.

Video: Action alert: Shut down the illegal dog farm in Gimpo, Aegibong-ro 409beon-gil 346, and relocate all the dogs to the Gimpo shelter.

Call for Action

Click HERE to learn more about our e-People petitions filed to shut down each dog farms in the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)’s dog farm archives.
Click HERE to learn more about KARA’s dog farm archives.

Video: City of Gimpo: a city of death – a living death for the dogs in meat farms – a brutal death for profit.

Photo: Dog farm in Gimpo, South Korea.
  1. Celeste Manwaring
    Celeste ManwaringSeptember 24,19

    Humans are just an evil burden on this earth

  2. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonMay 24,21

    What kind of people are you to think that the brutal murder of innocent animals is acceptable. Cats and dogs were not out in this earth for human consumption.
    I ask you the Korean Government why are you allowing this to happen in your Country. It is illegal.
    So because it is illegal what does that say about YOU.
    Running your Country. What are you teaching your children and future generations that this unnecceary killing of innocent animals is acceptable. Cats and dogs are pets to people all around the World.
    This act of cruelty to animals has to stop NOW.
    You the Korean Government have the power to end these illegal farms Now.

  3. Erika Weiss-Geissler
    Erika Weiss-GeisslerMay 30,21

    Die Größe und den moralischen Fortschritt einer Nation kann man daran messen, wie sie ihre Tiere behandeln“- MahatmaGandhi

  4. John Farnan
    John FarnanJuly 4,21

    Please put an end to this illegal abomination and cruelty, the dog meat trade, inflicted on humanity’s most loyal and loving companion animal, the dog. Such indifference stains Korea as a nation lacking in moral intelligence. Support your Korean activists trying to end this horror.

    Korean politicians appear indifferent to the sadism involved in this trade, perhaps because they seek voter support in being reelected.

    [email protected]November 11,21

    Shut down these illegal farms NOW. It is MURDER it is barbaric and those that are involved in the brutal killing of innocent Animals. Should be prosecuted and imprisoned for this act of torture and abuse to helpless Animals.

  6. Kay Joseph
    Kay JosephNovember 11,21

    This is diabolical cruelty it must stop what is the matter with you people

    TBR SINCLAIRNovember 11,21


  8. Miss Nancy Min Ji
    Miss Nancy Min JiNovember 11,21

    You are doing better and better. And please keep up the good works!

  9. GC
    GCNovember 22,21

    Why do you allow the illegal torture and consumption of dogs and cats? Boycotting everything South Korean until action is taken to end this barbaric trade.

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