Dogs rescued from a dog slaughterhouse were adopted back by a former employee of the same dog slaughterhouse.

KBS News reported on October 25, 2023, that the dogs rescued from a dog slaughterhouse were adopted back by a former employee of the same dog slaughterhouse. 👉 Click HERE to learn more from previous post.

At a dog shelter in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, dogs rescued from a dog slaughterhouse after enduring unimaginable hardships have been adopted by the person who worked at the dog slaughterhouse. During the animal adoption process, the verification system and process of the adopter’s qualifications and raising environment were inadequate.


In one corner of a junkyard, two dogs are chained up. One of them is so thin that its ribs are visible.
An animal welfare organization (CARE-Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth) uses a microchip reader on the dogs, revealing registration numbers. These two are ‘Kerry’ and ‘Woongi,’ rescued from a dog slaughterhouse two months ago. However, the person who adopted them was a former employee of the dog slaughterhouse from where the dogs were rescued.

[Lee Eun-young/CARE Activist: “It was a huge shock. These dogs were about to be slaughtered for consumption, and yet they were adopted again by the same slaughterhouse worker who intended to slaughter them.”]

This incident occurred due to the flawed adoption process of the animal shelter. Operational guidelines for animal shelters stipulate that individuals with a history of animal abuse or those operating dog farms for consumption purposes should not be allowed to adopt. However, the review process conducted by the Chuncheon Animal Shelter only involves the submission of an application form containing basic information such as name and address. There are no additional consultations or verifications.

[Chuncheon Animal Shelter Official/Voice altered: “We only found out about them after CARE told us. We didn’t know anything at all… We currently have no means to check for criminal records.”]

The adopter admitted to working at the dog slaughterhouse but claimed he intended to raise the dogs, not slaughter them for consumption.

[Adopter/Voice altered: “We planted deodeok (Codonopsis lanceolata) and we have a mushrooms farm so we intended to use the dogs as security dogs to protect the mountain. The junkyard? Well, I left them there only temporarily.”]

However, due to continued criticism from animal welfare organizations, the Chuncheon Animal Shelter has reclaimed ownership of Kerry and Woongi from the adopter. Additionally, they have announced plans to improve the adoption process, including hiring adoption managers in the future.

Call for Action

Video: Dogs being moved from dog slaughterhouse (춘천에서 격리되는 도살장 개들), CARE.

Video: The dog slaughterhouse next to Chuncheon Elementary School recorded by a drone, CARE. (드론이 촬영한 춘천 초등학교 옆 도견장들의 내부)

Video: Dog slaughterhouse in Chuncheon, South Korea, where dogs are killed by hanging and bludgeoning with a hammer. Dogs are slaughtered in full view of other dogs in the cages. CARE. (친구들의 도살을 지켜보며 차례를 기다리는 도살장. 춘천도살장-망치를 들고 목매달아 때려 죽이는 도살장)

👉 Click HERE to watch the CARE’s videos from their Chuncheon dog slaughterhouses raids.

Video: Over 2 years, a woman adopted 8 puppies from Chuncheon Shelter. It might seem like she cherished and loved animals, but she didn’t. A woman in her 20s who habitually abused the puppies has been arrested. Some of the dogs were starved, beaten, and even lost their lives. When asked why she abused them, she answered, “Because I felt like it.” (입양 유기견 굶기고 때린 상습학대범…”그러고 싶어 그랬다” / JTBC 뉴스룸)

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