URGENT CALL FOR ACTION!!! LA Council introduces a resolution asking South Korea to stop the dog meat trade!

[Update July 18, 2019] It’s official! Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has approved the “Dog Meat Resolution”.

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has approved the City Council Resolution which requests that the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal cruelty laws! Now it’s become the official position of the city of Los Angeles!!

This is a significant development because Los Angeles is a big trading partner with Korea and most likely, with the other countries named in this resolution. Los Angeles also has the largest population of Koreans in the United States.

A big thank you to Mr. Jeffrey Mausner and to all the members of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils for their efforts to make this possible. Also we thank the Mayor and the City Council members who have voted for this resolution and our supporters who have taken action to voice their support.

[Update July 3, 2019] The City Council of Los Angeles (LA) voted on this resolution today and they passed it unanimously.

YAY!!! We are so happy the resolution unanimously passed the City Council today (13 Yes, 0 No, and 2 absent). A big thank you goes out to Mr. Jeffrey Mausner for speaking at the council meeting today and to all the members of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils for their efforts to make this possible. Also we are grateful to all council members who voted for this important resolution.

Click HERE to watch the council meeting. Scroll down on the bottom of the video screen to Item 46.

ITEM NO. (46) – 19-0002-S101 COMMUNICATION FROM THE CHIEF LEGISLATIVE ANALYST (CLA) and RESOLUTION (BLUMENFIELD – RYU) relative to establishing the City’s position regarding the sale of dog meat.

As Mr. Mausner stated in the meeting, more than 500 people submitted comments supporting the resolution.

This resolution is subject to the concurrence of Mayor Eric Garcetti. Click HERE to watch the website and see when the Mayor approves the resolution and the City Council action becomes final.
In the column on the left, you’ll first see: “City Clerk transmitted file to Mayor. Last day for Mayor to act is _____.”
When the Mayor approves the resolution, the site will say: “Mayor transmitted Council File to City Clerk.”
Shortly after that you’ll see the following: “Council action final.”

We hope that Mayor Garcetti approves this resolution that will have tremendous impact on the millions of dogs in these dog eating countries.

It is our hope that other city governments will follow LA’s example, and that the US government will speak out more forcefully against the cruelty of the dog meat trade.

Click HERE to learn more. “LA Passes Anti-Dog Meat Resolution Saving Millions of Dogs from Brutal Torture and Death”

Mr. Jeffrey Mausner (Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils Liaison to the Los Angeles Animal Services Department) has reported on June 17, 2019: “On June 5, a resolution was introduced in the Los Angeles City Council, asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal cruelty laws. The resolution was introduced by Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, a very strong advocate for animal welfare, and seconded by Councilmember David Ryu, one of the most influential Korean American office holders in the country.”

Mr. Mausner reported that “This pending City Council resolution grew out of a resolution passed by the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC), which consists of representatives of all 34 Neighborhood Councils in the San Fernando Valley.”

He also mentioned South Korea’s “very close ties to Los Angeles” and the Los Angeles sister city – Busan. We have campaigned to urge Los Angeles to speak out against the cruelty of its sister city and other friendship cities in Korea. Click HERE to see our campaigns.

Click HERE to learn more and take actions.

The Los Angeles City Council resolution

Call for Action

We are sharing the below call for action from the Mr. Mausner’s article.

  • Click HERE to Submit comments in support of the City Council Resolution.

    Council File number: 19-0002-S101

    Suggested message

    I strongly support the resolution 19-0002-S101 asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal protection laws. Thank you for working to stop this cruelty!

  • 📧 Send emails to the City Council members in support of the City Council Resolution, CF 19-0002-S101.
    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
  • Call City Council members in support of the City Council Resolution, CF 19-0002-S101. Click HERE for their phone numbers.
    Mayor Eric Garcetti (213) 978-0600
    1. Gilbert Cedillo (213) 473-7001
    2. Paul Krekorian (213) 473-7002
    3. Bob Blumenfield (213) 473-7003
    4. David E. Ryu (213) 473-7004
    5. Paul Koretz (213) 473-7005
    6. Nury Martinez (213) 473-7006
    7. Monica Rodriguez (213) 473-7007
    8. Marqueece Harris-Dawson (213) 473-7008
    9. Curren D. Price, Jr. (213) 473-7009
    10. Herb J. Wesson, Jr. (213) 473-7010
    11. Mike Bonin (213) 473-7011
    12. Greig Smith (818) 882-1212
    13. Mitch O’Farrell (213) 473-7013
    14. Jose Huizar (213) 473-7014
    15. Joe Buscaino (213) 473-7015

    Suggested phone message

    I am calling to express my strong support for resolution 19-0002-S101 asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal protection laws. Thank you for working to stop this cruelty!

  • Write letters to City Councilmembers in support of the City Council Resolution, CF 19-0002-S101. Click HERE for their addresses.
  • Send letters to the consulates of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia asking them to stop the dog meat trade and enforce animal welfare laws.

    Honorable Consul General of the Republic of Korea
    Korean Consulate in Los Angeles
    3243 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    (If you only have time to send one letter, please send it to South Korea (Republic of Korea), since they are the most likely to listen to us, as discussed above. But if you have time, please send the letter to all 5 consulates. Include copies of the City Council and VANC Resolutions in your letters.)

    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the South Korean government. (English)
    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the South Korean government. (Korean)

    Honorable Consul General of the People’s Republic of China
    Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles
    443 Shatto Place
    Los Angeles, CA 90020

    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the Chinese government.

    Honorable Consul General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
    Vietnamese Consulate in San Francisco
    1700 California Street, Suite 430
    San Francisco, CA 94109

    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the Vietnamese government.

    Honorable Ambassador of Cambodia
    Royal Embassy of Cambodia
    4530 16th Street N.W.
    Washington D.C. 20011

    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the Cambodian government.

    Honorable Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia
    Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles
    3457 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    ✍ Click HERE for suggested message to the Indonesian government.

  1. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamJune 24,19


    • Eleanor McElroy
      Eleanor McElroyJune 24,19

      Me too.i feel sickened by what I read and see.have signed and donated and want it to stop sooner than later.

    • Ada Medina
      Ada MedinaJuly 1,19

      I strongly support the resolution 19-0002-S101 asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal protection laws. Thank you for working to stop this cruelty!

    • G Cramer
      G CramerJuly 2,19

      I strongly support the resolution 19-0002-S101 asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal protection laws. Thank you for working to stop this cruelty!

  2. Michelle Kaufman
    Michelle KaufmanJune 24,19

    I strongly support the resolution 19-0002-S101 asking the governments of China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and Indonesia to ban the sale of dog meat and to enforce their animal protection laws! Thank you for working to stop this cruelty.

  3. Pat Coghlan
    Pat CoghlanJune 24,19

    if dog meat is ok, why not human meat? they feel fear and pain and probably have some insight into the horrors before them. I feel sick at the thought

  4. Herbert Staniek
    Herbert StaniekJune 24,19

    Normally a most peaceful person I nevertheless feel an abstract desire to ram these electric rods up these uncaring butchers asses …

  5. Penny Dorfman
    Penny DorfmanJune 24,19

    Please, please, please stop this inhumane, horrific, disgusting, despicable act against innocent animals. This is barbaric.

    • Lesley Grant
      Lesley GrantJuly 3,19

      We must all fight for these barbaric acts to STOP for the sake of those poor innocent desperate poor creatures.

  6. Lisa Montgomery
    Lisa MontgomeryJune 25,19

    This horrific torture trade and the heinous crimes against our beloved companion animals has ruined my soul…No decent human being could or would torture an innocent helpless pet. For the love of God…make this inhumanity stop.

    • Stacy Yarbrough
      Stacy YarbroughJuly 3,19

      I feel the same, Lisa, it’s ruining MY life too. We have to stay strong so we can help them….it’s so ugly and painful that a lot of people and governments don’t want to look or acknowledge it… but we have to!! I really do feel we’re gaining some momentum, keep up the pressure! Sign, write, call!


    Chiediamo a tutti queste nazioni di entrare nella civiltà e di smettere immediatamente di cibarsi di carni di animali di affezione.
    E’ crudeltà e provoca solo problemi alla salute.

  8. naomi oliver
    naomi oliverJune 25,19

    I don’t live in America but this heinous practice is well known about and abhorred world over. Asian Governments need to move into a more civilized space and start acting with compassion. Do they really want murderers on their streets? Anybody who can do this to an animal can also perpetrate acts of violence to humans.

  9. Jack
    JackJune 25,19

    I already signed, and I have been vocal about this issue online in various places. I have also stopped buying “all” South Korean products and I’m limiting what I buy that is made in China for this very reason. Please start a boycott of products in these countries, with South Korea being the easiest country to target for the boycott as their phones and cars are big business. Just avoid LG, Samsung, Kia and Hyundai. Write letters to the CEO’s telling them of your decision. These people only care about money, so make them hurt where they will feel it: their wallets.

    • Ivonne Sanchez
      Ivonne SanchezJune 26,19

      I totally agree with all these comments! This barbarism is appalling!

  10. Berit Lönnvik
    Berit LönnvikJune 25,19


  11. CJ Kelly
    CJ KellyJune 25,19

    I just can’t understand how this is still allowed to continue. We need to speak up for these innocent and defenseless animals…they don’t have a voice and can’t take action so we need to!

  12. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinJune 25,19

    What is happening to animals in Asia is the most horrible, the most disturbing cruelty the World can see and imagine!
    I am sending petitions, letters and donations, now I prey every single day for these innocent, tortured animals, our best friends!
    This barbaric treatment of animals and meat trade of dogs and cats MUST STOP!!! NOW!

  13. Waltraut Bergmann
    Waltraut BergmannJune 25,19

    Ja, es ist richtig, wir dürfen keine Produkte mehr aus diesen Ländern kaufen! Gut, dass Jack auf LG, Samsung, Kia und Hyundai hinweist! Zu oft achten wir nicht darauf, woher unsere Konsumgüter kommen und welche Bedingungen für Menschen, Tiere und die Natur dort herrschen. – SCHLIMM ist, dass ich beim Kauf eines Monitors auch nicht darauf geachtet habe: Er ist von Samsung! Ich schäme mich sehr!
    Warum werden keine Kampagnen gegen diese Konzerne durchgeführt??

  14. shirley houston
    shirley houstonJune 26,19


  15. park sungnam
    park sungnamJune 26,19

    stop dog meat please !!!!!

  16. GK JONES
    GK JONESJune 26,19

    pure evil the lot of them,dont forget the cats to.

  17. Ann spencer
    Ann spencerJune 26,19

    The worlds governments need to act…turning a blind eye is not an option…animal welfare, education programs for future generations …zero tolerance, strong laws…naming & shaming… boycotting all products…show these countries the world will know longer allow such hideous cruelty

  18. jilly parker
    jilly parkerJune 26,19

    Any person, from whatever country that has the ability to carry out such hideous cruelty to another living creature, needs to be prosecuted. These people are phycopaths.

  19. esperanza pinto martinez
    esperanza pinto martinezJune 26,19

    yo también ya no compro nada que provenga del sufrimiento de los animales y aconsejo a mis amigos también y espero que sea pronto que se acabe esa carnicería o que Dios les mande un castigo y acabe con toda esa gente viviríamos mas libre sin esas persona si se pueden llamar asi son degenerados sádicos y asesinos muy pronto terminarán comiendo personas escoria de la sociedad

  20. esperanza pinto martinez
    esperanza pinto martinezJune 26,19

    no lo voy a cambiar porque es lo que pienso por eso es que el mundo está mal porque nos quedamos callados si no quieren publicarlo allá ustedes

    • team teamJune 27,19

      Dear Esperanza, please take actions on this page:
      Posting comments here doesn’t really help. Thank you for taking actions in advance!

  21. mary mollet
    mary molletJune 26,19


  22. Maria
    MariaJune 27,19

    sent a letter to them all.

  23. Natalie
    NatalieJune 28,19

    Så jävla vidrigt. Stoppa detta nu. Annars kan människan utrota sig själva. Hur kan denna värld se ut såhär ? Blir så arg att ja hade kunnat tagit miljoner människoliv utan att bry mig.

  24. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaJune 28,19

    Done ! letters sent !! it must be stopped ! how the people can do that ? !! it’s so awful that I have no words to tell what I am feeling !!

  25. irina rutenburg
    irina rutenburgJune 29,19

    No living creature should be subjected to such pain and suffering, especially dogs, who have served mankind faithfully and loyally for millennia. Dogs deserve our gratitude – not death and torture by our hand. And if we, humans, do this – then we do not deserve any justice, any fairness, any mercy!

  26. Clare Guy
    Clare GuyJune 30,19

    Please end this cruelty and bring some safety and rescue for these poor loving and trusting animals. The Koreans must start living like civilised and normal kind people. This cruelty must stop immediately.

  27. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinJuly 1,19

    I sent all letters.

  28. pamela blick
    pamela blickJuly 1,19

    This medieval practice needs to stop asap to earn respect from other countries. People are cruel sometimes in other countries but they are prosecuted. This dog/cat meat trade is systematic and barbaric. No need in this day and age. The people need to diversify to another trade that will bring prosperity to their country.

    C PHILLIPSJuly 1,19

    19-0002-S101 Please stop the suffering of these animals. The rest of the world are appalled,We will boycott until the barbarianism stops.

  30. Mary DeCraemer
    Mary DeCraemerJuly 1,19

    This is horrendous cruelty by Asian country’s. There are no words to express my feelings of despair in the matter of torturing and eating dogs AND cats! Shameful!


    To the ambassador of south Korea
    Dear Sir,
    Can I have your attention please ?
    Dogs are wonderful animals, and we humans must be grateful for al the help they give us.
    They are used for helping disabled people, blind humans ,as companions for elderly people .There are drug detecting dogs , rescue dogs, they can even detect cancer in humans. But apart from being so useful, they are man’s best friend !
    And what are the South Korean people doing with these lovely animals ,dogs and cats also ? They are eating them !
    But before being eaten, they have to suffer atrociously .
    They have to live in extremely small cages . And at the end of their miserable lives, they are tortured , skinned alive, cooked alive and/or their fur is burned off t alive. It makes me cry.
    I can feel that you must be ashamed that your people are committing such barbaric acts against animals.
    Do not ignore it. Ignoring is even worse than doing it.
    Someone very famous once said you can measure the rate of civilisation of someone by his attitude towards animals .

    Sincerly, with a lot of respect,
    Doctor Walter Statius Belgium

  32. Oleg
    OlegJuly 1,19

    Stop it!Stop!!!

  33. Carol Sedlak
    Carol SedlakJuly 1,19

    How long does ‘stop doing this to animals’ take? I have been signing petitions to end this for years and it still continues. If people are now serving on these Asian Boards that are for the animals , what is the hold up? The new president of the South Korean Council is a dog lover and , supposedly, wants to promote the Dog and Cat protection Act so let’s get on with it!

  34. Anne S Chapple
    Anne S ChappleJuly 2,19

    This hideous abuse of animals is one of the worst things I have ever witnessed. What kind of people could torture animals in this way and not understand the pain they are putting them through? Dog farmers and their ilk are missing something mentally … sociopaths perhaps. This practice reflects very negatively on Korea as a whole … people who eat dogs without any sense of guilt or remorse and the those people who cater to those tastes are immoral, unfeeling and inhuman. Please, please put a stop to dog meat festivals altogether and save the animals and those who love them around the world the anguish of experiencing your dog meat festivals. Revolting, stomach-turning abuse …. I will never in my life visit Korea because you allow this abuse and even celebrate it!! You people disgust me!

  35. Darling Rivera
    Darling RiveraJuly 2,19

    Please As A Animal I Beg You To Stop This Horrific Animal Cruelty No ANIMAL AND I MEAN NO ANIMALS DERSEVE To Be Killed Such In A Horrific Way! I Am Pleaseeee Begging You To STOP This , We Must Make A Change Please 🙏

  36. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 2,19

    Il trattamento che questo paese riserva a questi poveri indifesi animali, cani e gatti è vergognoso disgustoso e barbaro non degno di un popolo civile

  37. Heidi Hjelseth
    Heidi HjelsethJuly 2,19

    Stop this madness pleace, animals have feelings too.

  38. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaJuly 3,19

    So terrible, soon have no words for this awful … Stop this, you do not understand that you are doing evil God’s Creation..

  39. Sunny Singh
    Sunny SinghJuly 3,19

    I pray I get to see a large reduction to this unnesscessary cruelty in my lifetime. Thank you to all the people helping which reminds me of the good in humanity!

  40. Spassov
    SpassovJuly 3,19

    Please continue this fight for the sake of dogs.

  41. lambin
    lambinJuly 3,19

    arreter ces massacres c’est trop insoutenable … nous nous devons d’arreter toutes ces horreurs ..ces tortures c’est inhumain

  42. Paula Santos
    Paula SantosJuly 5,19

    Animals have feelings and rights too!| Please help!

  43. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 11,19

    I cani e anche i gatti, fino alla notte dei tempi, sono sempre stati i migliori amici dell’uomo i cani sono utili e lavorano al fianco di persone che si occupano per salvare delle vite e aiutano i disabili nella vita a superare delle difficoltà, tutto questo non merita la fine che viene loro riservata da questi popoli barbari e crudeli, mi auguro che presto cambino questa pratica tanto crudele e incivile

  44. Maria
    MariaJuly 20,19

    Fine! Thank you Mayor, thank you councilmembers and thank you people of LA! LA rules!)
    It’s especially great to see the vote rate 13-0, which shows that authorities finally understood that no one in their right mind can be against such steps. Now, others should follow. Who will be the next? Republican cities, maybe you? Dear Americans, please call your Representatives and tell them about this resolution and ask if they are planning to follow. The more they hear your voices, the closer is the day they will act. Every single voice matters.

  45. Wunderlich Simone
    Wunderlich SimoneJuly 25,19

    Sie sollten sich schämen. In der heutigen Zeit Lebewesen so zu behandeln! Die ganze Welt ist entsetzt von Ihren Zuständen! Das ist absolut unterstes Niveau und ich verachte Sie dafür!!!

  46. alessandra
    alessandraAugust 4,19

    Questa nazione è l’inferno in terra per questi poveri animali cani e gatti che nei paesi civili fanno parte della famiglia

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