Buan’s negative and uncompromising response to our e-People petition (2/10/2023)

[Update: 4/14/2023] Buan’s refusal to assist us reveals their bias toward support for the dog meat industry.

Buan continues to amaze us with their shameless and ridiculous response to our request for information. We filed a follow-up petition to ask someone else in the Buan government to respond to our petition. However, avoiding the petition guidelines, the same person responded to our petition and refused our request to confirm the addresses of dog farms currently in operation. His response to our petition is even more ridiculous than before. His response sounding like a spokesperson for the Dog Meat Farmers Association rather than a government employee who is supposed to enforce the laws has left us speechless.

Below is a translation:

“You have requested the addresses of the dog farms currently in operation. The response to your complaint is as follows:

Please bear in mind that the Korea Dog Meat Farmers Association strongly opposes the release of information on dog farms as they consider it illegal and are concerned about the damage to their dog farms.”

1. 안녕하십니까. 귀하께서 부안군에 신청하신 민원(신청번호 1AA-2303-0818066)에 대한 검토 결과를 다음과 같이 알려드립니다.

2. 귀하께서 신청하신 민원의 요지는 민원 현장 주소 요청으로 판단됩니다.

3. 귀하께서 신청하신 민원에 대한 답변은 다음과 같습니다.
: 육견협회에서는 개사육 시설 정보 제공을 개사육 농가 피해 예상 및 불법 개인정보 제공으로 인식하고 강력하게 반대하고 있으므로 이 점을 양지하여 주시기 바랍니다.

Application No.: 1AA-2301-0589293
Application Date: 2023-01-19
Buan, South Korea: Shut down the illegal dog farms!
부안군에 불법 개농장, 개도살장 행정처분 시행과 즉각적인 폐쇄를 강력히 촉구합니다.

Despite our request for the English translation, an English translation was not provided.

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

In response to our petitions filed through the e-People petition site (South Korea’s official government petition site), we received various responses from the local Korean government.

Most of these responses are excuses about why they cannot do anything to stop the dog meat industry without social consensus. Some will say they are not obligated to respond to our petitions because we are foreigners in foreign countries. This is a misinterpretation of the law. Some will say they are doing their best to promote animal welfare, spending money on animal shelters, etc., while they still allow dogs in dog farms to be horrifically abused and brutally killed. Very few of them would actually take action to enforce the laws we had already clearly cited in our petition.

However, we received the below response from Buan, Jeollabuk-do province, and this is a first. This illustrates how entrenched the dog meat industry is in Korean society, where even the government has to fear retaliation from criminals operating illegal dog farms.

“The response to your complaint is as follows.
We notified the dog farms of your complaint on the e-People petition site and tried to discuss the scheduling of site visits and make plans for investigation with the dog farmers. However, the dog farmers are vehemently protesting. They oppose our site visits, claiming that most of the dogs are pregnant and giving birth, and threatening that they will pursue liability for damages for causing miscarriage and the spread of infectious diseases to their dogs if we enter their premise despite their opposition. Please be aware that it is difficult to investigate under the current circumstances.”

This is why changing the mindset of South Korea and stopping its horrible and illegal industry is very difficult. It will take a lot more effort and dedication by people worldwide to speak out, take action, and support the local animal activists fighting on the ground against this enormous challenge.

South Korea’s horrific dog meat industry. Cruelty during transport.

organization in charge
전라북도staff in charge 유_상contact 063-580-4445
processing date 2023-02-10
result 1. 안녕하십니까. 귀하께서 부안군에 신청하신 민원(신청번호 1AA-2301-0589293)에 대한 검토 결과를 다음과 같이 알려드립니다.
2. 귀하께서 신청하신 민원의 요지는 다음 내용으로 판단됩니다.
: 민원 현장에 대한 확인 및 조치 등
3. 귀하께서 신청하신 민원에 대한 답변은 다음과 같습니다.
: 귀하의 민원 내용을 민원 현장에 통보하여 현지 방문 등 조사 계획 일정을 협의하였으나 대다수 현장의 사육동물이 임신 및 분만 중으로 현지 방문을 반대하고 있으며 반대에도 불구하고 임의로 출입할 경우 사육동물 유산 및 전염병 확산 등의 사유로 손해배상 책임을 추궁하겠다고 강력히 반발하고 있어 현 여건상 조사하는 것은 어려움이 많음을 양지하여 주시기 바랍니다.

붙임 1. 민원신청서 1부.
2. 답변(1AA-2301-0589293) 1부. 끝.
답변(1AA-2301-0589293).docx 다운로드
End date
2023-02-10 23:59:59
Extended once
Extended once

End date : (Before)2023-02-01 23:59:59, (After) 2023-02-10 23:59:59

– Reason : 귀하의 민원을 처리하기 위한 관계기관(부서)와 협의가 지연되어 부득이 민원처리기한을 연장하오니 양해바랍니다.
The consultation on your petition among relevant institutions (ministries) is taking time. Please understand that we must extend the time limit for handling your petition.
– Extended date for handling : 2023-01-31 13:38:05

Translation by Google translate (Google translate does not translate with complete accuracy.):

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    Betty L BuckMarch 14,23


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    AnneMarch 22,23

    Paskiaiset hirviöt. Loppu lemmikkieläinten kituuttamineen, murhaaminen ja syönti. Jos tapat koiraan kauhealla tavalla ei se lisää miehekkyyttä eikä tule sinusta tule parempaa ihmistä. Jos olet paska nii olet murhaan jälkeen vielä isompi paska itiootti sarjamurhaaia. Niin että demonit Karma on tulossa. putsaas kunnolla, olisi hyvä. Nyt kuoli syyttömiä ihmisiä paljoon turhaan teitään vinosilmieen takia.

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