Buddha’s Dharma – Evil Deeds Return to the Doer

The Buddha said, “Someone came to insult me upon hearing that I uphold the Way and practice great benevolence. But I kept silent and did not respond. After he had stopped, I asked him, ‘If you bring someone a gift and he does not accept it, does the gift remain with you?’ ‘It does,’ he replied.

The Buddha said, ‘Now you insult me, but I do not accept it; the insult will only bring yourself harm. Just as echo follows sound and shadow trails form, there is no escape. Be vigilant to do no evil.”

  1. linda
    lindaJuly 26,20

    I will try and practise this .

  2. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisAugust 14,20

    E’ un’ottima frase e veritiera

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