Newsletter – July 28, 2016

Dog Valley in Gimpo | Speak up! Korean Buddhists!

Mayor Paula Devine of Glendale, California:
Tell Sister City, Gimpo, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

Our campaign, asking for the Mayor of Glendale, California to support us, by contacting the Mayor of Sister city Gimpo, has been partially successful, in that Mayor Sinanyan did raise our concerns with his Korean counterpart, Mayor Young-Rok Yoo. This is good news as it is encouraging to know that Glendale is prepared to take positive action, and are willing to ‘better understand South Korean standards, practices, laws … cultural differences’, etc. etc. But, in response, Mayor Young-Rok Yoo’s office has done nothing more than to give the ‘standard’ assurance to Glendale that their country’s animal treatment laws etc. are being adhered to. We know that this cannot be the case.

“We found dog valley in Gimpo yesterday. Has an awful feeling being in the saddle of a mountain with about 10 dog farms all in the same small area, most with tall steel fences so you cannot see in, and everyone watching you as you drive in and out. Very odd feeling.”  – A source in Korea.

We are now asking Glendale to follow up their initial contact by continuing to urge Gimpo to stop the dog/cat meat trades in their city; trades which are not adhering to their animal treatment laws and which employ brutal and inhumane methods of rearing and slaughtering their meat-dogs.

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Updated Sister City Campaign – Gimpo, South Korea
Video: Dog farm/slaughterhouse in Gimpo, South Korea. Undercover by CARE.
Wake up and speak up! 
Korean Buddhists, please openly denounce 
the dog and cat-meat trades in South Korea.

One of the notable South Korean Buddhist leaders, the Venerable Beopjeong, was born in 1932 and therefore knew well that war and famine led to shameful eating practices in Korean food culture. But he also made it very clear that eating dog meat is wrong and “is barbaric in today’s environment”; he said that “Culture must progress with the flow of time”. The Venerable Beopjeong was not afraid to speak out against the dog meat trade.

The cruelty and abuse employed within the dog and cat meat trades goes against the fundamental teachings of Buddhism. Many South Koreans are Buddhists (@24%), and there are many Korean-American Buddhists; why are they not taking up the baton, today, from where the late Venerable Beopjeong left it, and speaking out against these evil trades?
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Photo: The late Venerable Beopjeong.

Wake up and speak up! Korean Buddhists, please openly denounce the dog and cat-meat trades in South Korea.

“In the process of mass breeding of dogs, a lot of noise pollution occurs and its negative effects on the public are serious. To solve that dog farmers commit the cruelty of forcibly bursting dogs’ eardrums to reduce the noise of barking. There isn’t anything they won’t do in order to eat dog meat. Moreover, to flavor the meat, sometimes the dogs are hung by the neck then mercilessly bludgeoned all over with a club, bursting their internal organs and killing it brutally and heartlessly. We must indeed call this a diabolical behavior.”


  1. elisa kleven
    elisa klevenJuly 28,16

    This is horrifying andn disgusting! The world is watching, South Korea.

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