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New Calls for Action 
Shut down the illegal dog farms!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has a dog farm archive map which lists the dog farms throughout South Korea. Click HERE to learn more.
As of today (August 31, 2019), the list contains 2,861 dog farms. We will file e-People petitions for each of these dog farms, urging the Korean government to inspect and take immediate actions to shut them down. Click HERE to learn more and take actions.

We posted more responses to our Epeople petitions
We have posted more responses from the South Korean government regarding our Epeople petitions. Click HERE to learn more.

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Photo: One of countless dog farms in Icheon, South Korea. Empathy for Life.

KARA’s Rescued Dogs Need Your Help

Rescue dogs from Wanju dog farm – Wansik, Wanso, and Wanyeom!
April 17th, KARA rescued three dogs from Wanju dog farm. Caged in a poor condition, they had been eating rotten food waste. When found, they needed immediate medical care. Wansik and Wanso had skin disease, and Wanyeom’s leg wasn’t well.
Several months have passed since the rescue. The dogs became healthier. It also seems they are feeling more and more comfortable, but they are still very scared of people. What they had gone through in the dog farm may have been even worse than what we know. We are giving them enough time to recover from severe traumas.
There are about 3,000 dog farms in South Korea, and numerous dogs are caged there. KARA will fight to enhance the reality for dogs living in this country, and do our best to end dog meat industry in Korea.  Click HERE to see more photos.
🧡 KARA is funded entirely by donations.
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