Another Rescue by Nami Kim (

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Update on May 20, 2017

Another Rescue by Nami Kim ( stated, “I would like to name this rescue “Moo” in honor of the old lady saving the dogs. I have arranged transport and Dr.Kim for the medical care spay/neuter. I am going to pull them out next Tuesday. Concerned about moving the mom and the new born babies. So sad I heard one puppy died this morning. I am just so lost in words how grateful I am, the supports received from the members of Project Save 70 is overwhelmed.
The dogs may go to Minnesota in a few weeks, I have Molly Nemec arranging to take a few of the dogs.”

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Update on May 18, 2017

Nami stated, “An old lady have been knocking at my door last few days. “help me to save them” crying every time over the phone, calling me day and night. I kept saying “I cant afford to help others, please you save me”

The story goes together with the pictures she sent me. She is 73 year old, Moo is her name, lives near a small meat farm that is going out of business. All the remaining 18 dogs including just born puppies are about to be sent to a slaughterhouse. She stopped the butcher and begged him to hold it for a few days.

I would need to visit her and find out more but I can not turn away from this. I would like to go ahead if I can secure a few homes for the big dogs. 8 are big 10 months old 5 girls 3 boys.
It seems none of the dogs are traumatized.

I don’t ask for donations (never did with an exception of one) because I need homes badly more than anything else. You actually save me when you open your home.

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Only with your support can continue to save the dogs from South Korea’s dog meat industry. Won’t you please show that you care about these poor animals and donate what you can, today? Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity.


Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
Another Rescue by Nami Kim (
  1. Eliane murar
    Eliane murarMay 21,17

    I would love too help

  2. Marianne T Persson
    Marianne T PerssonMay 21,17

    Please, save them, all animalindustri are cruel. Animal are souls not our slaves

    LILIANMay 22,17

    This is a government issue as the government should intervene and finally ban the consumption of meat and ban the use of dog and cat skin and fur for any industry and commercial business. The governments and world leaders have the power to force those countries and the black market who use cat and dogs for making profits from their meat and skin. I expect the intervention from all world leaders to use their power and finally make a stop for good to this horror.

  4. Gwyn Steiner
    Gwyn SteinerAugust 15,23

    Is anything being done to get the US government to advise countries we will stop aid to the countries if the dog meat trade continues? This is just horrendous!

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