Royal Canin: Speak out against the dog meat trade operating outside your facility in Korea! (In Japanese)

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Royal Canin世界的に有名なペットフードのロイヤルカナン Royal Caninが韓国の全羅北道金堤市(キムジェ市)に
大規模な生産工場を建設します。 Koreabizwire, によると、全羅北道地方政府とロイヤルカナン社は


Video: The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea. The Korea Observer.

Video: jtbc. Meat dogs in wire cages feed on waste sludge while they wait to be slaughtered.


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Dear Royal Canin,

We had recently become aware of your production facility currently being built in Gimje, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.

You may be aware that in South Korea, a shocking estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year, while the majority of Koreans, who do not participate in this offensive trade, show a profound indifference by doing nothing to end it.

As an international pet food company and major investor to the economy of North Jeolla Province, it’s time to speak out against the cruel, inhuman and torturous practices of the dog meat trade operating right outside your own pet food facility.

An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress:
The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you,


  1. Lesley McCulloch
    Lesley McCullochAugust 24,17

    Cruelty to animals disgusts me, so if this is something you choose to do then you disgust me. I don’t care who you are or where you come from to hurt a defenceless animal is unacceptable. To torture or torment an innocent is brutal and barbaric. If you can skin alive any creature for any reason you are heartless and without soul and you will pay in hell. There will be no rest in peace for you and I have no respect.

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