Write to the South Korean exporters – We will boycott!

"There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

The most powerful tool for changing the behavior of countries and companies alike is the imposition of economic sanctions.
Write to these South Korean exporters and urge them to take immediate action against dog meat consumption in their country. Let them know that until the horrific cruelty of the dog meat industry ends, the world will continue to boycott all South Korean products and tourism. Click for the list of South Korean exporters!

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Automobiles & Vehicles
Electronic Components
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Electronics, Computers & Telecommunication
Minerals, Glass & Ceramics – Metals & Metal Products
Textiles & Leather Products
Rubber & Plastic
Electric Equipments
Mechanical Parts & Tools
Agriculture & Fishery
Pulp, Paper & Printing
Beauty & Living Ware
Sports, Hobbies & Toys
Gifts & Crafts
Health & Medical

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