New York, South Korean Consulate General, International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats (Day 3) – August 16, 2016 Organized by The Animals’ Battalion

Boknal Demo Day 3_NY Korean Consulate_the Animals' Battalion

What an awesome turnout! Thank you to The Animals’ Battalion for giving a voice to the animals of the South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade on August 16 at the Korean Consulate General’s office in New York!!! We are so grateful to The Animals’ Battalion members, especially Noelia and Roberto who organized this event.

The third day of 3 demonstrations was a big success. Not only did Consulate General Ghee-Whan Kim in New York acknowledge them, but he also promised to deliver their message to the Korean government. What a breakthrough!! It pays to be persistent and determined.

However, the Korean government is very good at taking the heat and doing nothing toward change. That’s why they are the ONLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION IN THE WORLD which still allows this barbaric practice. So, let’s keep up the great work and not stop until South Korea permanently ends this shameful trade.

Click HERE to see the photos from this event!

The Animals' Battalion

  1. roberto rachman
    roberto rachmanFebruary 26,17

    save animals i nthe world

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    SheenaFebruary 27,17

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