Commentary by CARE/Watchdog: Crackdown on The Watchdog?

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We have translated and published a news update regarding the Dog Meat Discussion Committee. Below is CARE/Watchdog’s commentary regarding this news.

[Watchdog: Abolish the dog farms #7] Crackdown on The Watchdog?

It has been reported that “The Consultative Discussion Committee on Ending Dog Meat Consumption” (dog meat committee) has not reached a conclusion despite an extension and has instead decided to extend the deadline once again. 👉 Click HERE to learn more.

The dog meat industry is demanding that they be allowed to continue operating for the next 15 years, while animal protection groups are demanding that the dog meat industry close operations within the next 8 years.

As animal rights activists continue to shut down dog farms and slaughterhouses, the dog meat industry will disappear in less than 8 years anyway. Therefore, from the dogs’ perspective, it doesn’t matter whether the grace period is 15 years or 8 years. The more concerning issue is that the committee is offering the industry a guarantee of business continuity during this time.

Most dog farms already violate existing laws, such as the Farmland Act and Waste Management Act. Therefore, dog farms and meat consumption will disappear if the current laws are simply enforced. Watchdog campaign activities have demonstrated this over a hundred times throughout the past year.

Guaranteeing businesses the right to continue during the grace period means that illegal dog farms will have de facto legal protection to continue their operations. The net result means they will have more authority than before the agreement to end the dog meat industry! The animal rights groups and the government representatives participating in the committee are, in essence, negotiating to prolong the existence of illegal dog farms because they will not be closed if such an agreement is reached. Instead, only the activities of those trying to shut down the dog farms and slaughterhouses will be forced to stop.

Animal rights groups should never have participated in the discussion committee on dog meat consumption in the first place. Law is the strongest reflection of social consensus, so violating existing law means violating the social consensus. The job of animal rights groups is to file civil complaints on illegal dog farms and shut them down immediately. What agreement do they expect to reach by negotiating with an industry that breaks the law by its very existence?


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Video: Action Alert: Boryeong must relocate the remaining 180 dogs from the illegal dog farm/slaughterhouse!

Audio interview with CARE/Watchdog Director. The shameful South Korean government hides behind the people to make decisions about the dog meat industry. They are incompetent and callous beyond belief. Using currently existing laws, the dog farms and dog meat industry can be stopped, but the Korean government is doing about it. Watchdog is working hard to shut them down using existing laws.

  1. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonJuly 20,22

    This is pure evil. Dogs and cats were not put on this earth to be tortured and abused. They were not put on this earth for human consumption. We have to shut down these illegal farms NOW.

  2. Anna Shaughnessy
    Anna ShaughnessyJuly 20,22

    This act is so barbaric, I can not believe it is going on in today’s world.

  3. Roberta Giovannini
    Roberta GiovanniniJuly 23,22

    terribile orribile non sembra nemmeno possibile tanta cattiveria gratuita tanta insensibilità io inorridisco e finchè avrò vita difenderò sempre queste splendide creature … ignobile

  4. Tiffanie Ann Roher
    Tiffanie Ann RoherJuly 24,22

    Eye for an eye! You get back what you do to others! Cowards! Try to pick on someone that isn’t caged, tied up, scared, or hurt! You can’t or you’d get your ass beat and you know it! God has a place for you and it’s a life of torture like you’ve done to others and more, so you’ll get yours.. you’re not getting away with anything! God makes Sure of this!

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