Florida animal rights activists lending their voices against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty

Bob Heisler of Green Cove Springs, Florida has recruited many Floridians and others for the campaign to stop the extremely cruel dog and cat meat trade. Here are photos of some of them. There will be more added. Thank you, Bob!!!


Adam is Co-Executive Director and Board Chairman of Compassion Works International – creating a more compassionate world for all beings

Compassion Works International began in 2010 as two separate projects, Circus Protest and Go Vegan USA. While both of those efforts focused on different aspects of animal advocacy, the ethos was the same: to empower activists to make change for animals in their communities.

CWI Co-Executive Directors Carrie LeBlanc and Adam Sugalski met in 2011 and recognized their similar passion to create widespread change for animals. They began working together on numerous projects that centered on professionalism and efficiency, and focused on the power of community building.

Carrie and Adam began by developing Circus Protest, which has become a leading force across the country in producing professional anti-circus activism. Today dozens of individuals have used Circus Protest materials, advice, media releases, posters, and literature to be a voice for the elephants, tigers, camels and other animals confined to lives of misery by the circus.

CWI’s successes include:
• The institution of a ban on animal performances on the University of North Florida campus.
• The development of the first-ever circus protest in Biloxi, Mississippi.
• The facilitation of the 2013 circus protest in Bend, Oregon, where Ringling has chosen not to return.
• Providing leaflet and poster designs free-of-charge via our website, which have now been used by dozens of protests across the country.
• A behind-the-scenes video captured at the UniverSoul Circus.
• Assisting dozens of activists across the country in making change for elephants, tigers, orcas, greyounds, and animals used in medical testing.

CWI was founded in 2013 to further this work and is now the umbrella for numerous campaigns dedicated to creating a more compassionate world for all beings. CWI believe in the power of YOU. For more information, please email: [email protected].

Outside of his work in animal protection, Adam is an award-winning graphic designer, an avid surfer, and a Muay Thai instructor. He lives in Florida with his three rescue dogs and two adopted cats. Adam gave a very inspiring speech at the National Animal Rights Convention in Los Angeles in July.

Martha is a new recruit to the Florida KOREANDOGS.ORG campaign. Thanks for joining us, Martha!

Cathy is one of our best Florida campaigners for KOREANDOGS.ORG.Thank you, Cathy!

Super activist Alan of Florida is wearing our hat and speaking out against horrendous South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty. Thank you, Alan!


Shonna will be driving down from South Carolina to help us give away 300 t-shirts and 300 hats at the University of Florida football game in Gainesville on October 11th. Thanks, Shonna. You are the best! Click for this event!

  1. Anne-Mari Gavin
    Anne-Mari GavinSeptember 9,14

    Thank you for caring special angels!!!
    This rips my heart out!!!
    Wish we can treat them the same way!!
    Make them feel what it feels like to be abused & mistreated.
    Blessings upon you caring angels!!

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