[Fundraiser] Humans are food for aliens

The producer of documentary “The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea“, James Hyams, will be taking on a new project and need your financial support.

Short Summary by the producer is as below:

Our feature film is going to address socio-environmental issues, such as challenging our livestock farming systems, via using a Science Fiction film that subliminally pushes a message that sentient beings (e.g., animals) require welfare and rights. In this science fiction script, currently titled Alien Food, aliens conquer humanity and start raising us as a food source. These aliens, the Jartzopians, call us “primates” and “monkeys,” a lesser animal in their mind and can therefore justify farming and butchering humans. They freeze our flesh in preparation for the arrival of the second wave of Jartzopians, who will settle the earth.

Jartzopia is a planet in another galaxy that is over-populated, underfed, and a civil war is raging to determine the best way to manage their complex societal issues. One political faction has been conducting secret missions to earth so they can relocate and start a new settlement as well as send resources back to Jartzopia to further their own political cause.

However, a few humans befriend a female alien named Zrawlnooqra who is testing a translation device. Zrawlnooqra doesn’t eat meat, is academically minded, and doesn’t fit into her culture. The humans engage Zrawlnooqra and hatch an escape plan that requires sacrifice, courage, and committing to a cause bigger than the individual. Click HERE to learn more and donate.

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