Gyeyang Animal Shelter: Dogs rescued can be adopted

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Neutering 64 large size dogs.
These dogs were bred as livestock, and only their weight and reproduction were important, as they were used as food. You have been watching as they were rescued and cared for, and now they are getting one step closer to be adopted as a family member.

Today will be remembered as the first day they get neutered as a group!
Lotte Dog Farm Rescue Civil Society Organization neutered 64 male dogs today. Spaying and neutering a large number of dogs isn’t an easy decision. The neutering and spaying had been postponed for dogs that were not adopted, not only because of financial difficulties, but the entire process of transportation, hospital care, resourcing, etc.

We made the decision to spay the dogs when we realized that a male dog had impregnated a female dog without our knowing that a litter of puppies were recently born. The Neutering Project was successfully done today, thanks to veterinarians and volunteers.

It is a sad reality that some dogs are considered livestock although they all have the same right to live. Lotte Dog Farm Rescue Civil Society Organization has shown that these farmed dogs CAN be adopted as a family member and experience a rest on a carpet rather than standing in an raised wire cage.

We converted dog farms to shelters and support civil societies as a part of No Farm for Dogs and Stop Eating Dogs Project.
We always welcome volunteers. @lotte250dogs

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