KOREANDOGS.ORG at Memorial Park in Jacksonville, Florida, June 10, 2015

Written and shared by Bob Heisler. Click HERE to see the photos from Bob’s Facebook page.

Jacksonville, FL 061015_8

We passed out leaflets and gave away promotional items including 28 tote bags, 22 Frisbees, 14 t-shirts, 10 baseball caps, and 7 visor hats. It was a beautiful day in Memorial Park with compassionate advocates and many concerned members of the public who are now informed about the torture and consumption of dogs and cats in the meat trade. I want to stress that we are not anti-Asian. We are supporting the brave, compassionate Asians throughout the world such as Nami Kim who are trying to stop the suffering. We are not hypocrites either. Most of our Florida advocates are vegans. Most of our activities are focused on atrocities perpetrated against animals in the USA.

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Jacksonville, FL_061015_1
Jacksonville, FL_061015_2
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Jacksonville, FL_061015_6
Jacksonville, FL_061015_7

Thank you, Florida advocates!!! We are grateful for your compassionate heart for the South Korean animals in the horrific dog and cat meat trade! Your dedication to help save the Korean dogs from horrendous cruelty is inspirational to all of us.

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

  1. Linda Ann
    Linda AnnJune 12,15

    All those who are helping to bring awareness about the barbaric & sociopathic behavior of consuming cats and dogs in those parts of the world, are HEROS!! xo

  2. Theresa Siskind
    Theresa SiskindJuly 3,15

    Heartwarming to see good folks in my state, rally together for such an urgent issue. I live in St Petersburg FL and am desperately looking for people in my area (Tampa Bay Area) to link up with. My goal is to replicate what was accomplished in Jacksonville. My email is [email protected]
    Please help xx

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