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Shut down the illegal “Meat Dog” auction house in Gimpo! | Our interview with a Belgian news magazine
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Call for Action: Shut down the illegal “Meat Dog” auction house in Gimpo!

Shut down this awful dog auction site, where bidders bid for dogs such as jindos (one of the Korea’s national treasures), golden retrievers, labradors etc., while their cage mates watch on in horror as the humans try to out bid each other for their meat. This is an example of how horrific humans can be to our best friends. Let’s take action now to close this auction for good!

Our interview with a Belgian news magazine

Campaigns against South Korea’s dog meat trade by and the New York-based animal rights group, The Animals’ Battalion, was covered in, a Belgian news magazine. We have posted our interview with the Knack reporter. Click HERE to learn more.

URGENT! Tongyeong, South Korea:
Punish the dog butcher bludgeoning dogs to death!

Dog butcher in Tongyeong, South Korea is daily bludgeoning dogs to death in front of other terrified dogs and the local government authority is doing nothing about it. This video is not a replay of same clip over and over. Each of these were recorded at different times. This psychopath criminal has 40 to 50 dogs in his farm and the dogs are killed in this horrific way. This is a violation of the Animal Protection Act. We want the city of Tongyeong to punish this criminal and shut down the hellhole dog farm/slaughterhouse immediately. Please sign and share!  
Click HERE for our campaign page.

[UPDATE] Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) rescue of 21 dogs at slaughterhouse.

KAWA rescued 21 remaining dogs at this dog slaughterhouse in Tongyeong where the psychopath butcher bludgeons dogs to death. Of the 21 dogs rescued, one dog is missing a leg and barely able to walk. Imagine the pain and agony these dogs would have experienced….

Thank you, KAWA!  Click HERE to learn more. 

Photos: Dog slaughterhouse in Tongyeong, South Korea.  21 dogs rescued from this slaughterhouse by KAWA in vet for exams and treatment.  KAWA.

Sign the Korean Official Government Petition:  Strengthen the punishment for animal abuse and crackdown on harmful Youtube videos

The Korea Times reported on July 31, “An increasing number of people are calling for tougher punishment against those who abuse animals, with claims that that the current law is too lenient.  A public petition was posted on the Cheong Wa Dae website, Monday, demanding that the government strongly punish those who maltreat animals. It had more than 107,000 signatories as of Wednesday.
The call came after a YouTuber with 37,000 subscribers, live-streamed himself beating and throwing his puppy to the floor numerous times last week. Angered viewers called the police to stop him and police officers visited his house, but the YouTuber refused to admit them, saying, “Disciplining my dog is none of your business.” Angered by his act of cruelty, the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) reported him to the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul, Monday. “
Click HERE to learn more.
Click HERE to sign the petition by KAWA demanding that Korean government strengthen punishment for animal cruelty, crackdown on harmful Youtube videos, and this Youtuber punished!
Click HERE for How to Sign Korean Government Official Petition.

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