Newsletter – May 3, 2017

What would you do for a loyal friend?

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What would you do for a loyal friend?
PyeongChang Winter Olympics is just around the corner
and the World will be watching South Korea.

Don’t let this perfect opportunity to bring attention to the shameful and horrific cruelty toward our loyal friends, pass us by. Let us speak up for them, because we are their voice. Send letters of protest, email and make a call to the International Olympic Committee TODAY!

UK Animal Activists Protest at South Korean Embassy

Nami Kim, founder of, and her UK supporters protested at the Korean embassy in London on May 1, 2017 against the cruel dog meat trade and also to show their support for Mr. Moon Jae-In as president of South Korea. The message, “UK animal rights activists support Moon”, was sent to the local social media and to the election camp of Moon Jae-In. The embassy staff were not pleased about their presence at the gate and had told the demonstrators that the ambassador was out of town.

Team USA, Great Britain, Germany: 
Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog/cat meat trade!


PyeongChang, host to the 2018 Winter Olympics – the world will be watching South Korea, which is why this is the perfect time for you take action to support our campaign to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade in South Korea for good!

Team USA: Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade!

Let’s ask the Olympic Committees of USA, UK and Germany to take a stand and speak out against this shameful trade. You can help by signing and sharing our petition, sending out letters and emails, and raising awareness of this brutal and barbaric practice and calling for an end to the trade by exposing this issue in social media.

Team USA: Click HERE.
Team Great Britain: Click HERE.
Team Germany: Click HERE.

Photo: Yellow dog.

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