Newsletter – September 9, 2017

Just a few minutes of your time for the Korean animals…

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Call for Action: Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market’s Cruelty
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This happened at the Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market at mid-day on August 17, 2017.
The dog in this photo was tied with a metal pipe rope and dragged approximately 1km of distance for about 15 minutes.
The dog screamed and yelped in agony, but it was of no use.
His skin was peeled on the hot asphalt, but the abuser kept on dragging him, without blinking an eye.
The perpetrator works at the Iseong Boshinwon (Health Food Shop) and this occurred when he was bringing the dog from someone who sold the dog to him.
his dog died on the road and is believed to be used as meat for human consumption.

​Watch this TV news report about the Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market. The Busan government is doing absolutely nothing to stop this. Their only plan is to provide education for the dog meat workers to transition to another profession. The dog meat traders/butchers are wanting compensation like a retirement fund, but the government isn’t willing to pay them. While this is at a stalemate, dogs are still being horribly abused and slaughtered. Shame on Busan, Shame on South Korea for being backward, Indifferent, barbaric and lacking of compassion. Boycott South Korean products!  Click below to take action TODAY!

Please donate to Exposing the dog meat trade to the world.
Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

We,, support this fundraising effort to expose Korea’s horrific dog meat industry to the world and to put pressure on their government to end this practice.
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Join us – October 21, 2017 Saturday
Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, California
Leafleting and Informational Event on the South Korean Dog Meat Trade

We will be displaying our banners and posters, and will be handing out leaflets and collecting petition signatures against the extremely cruel South Korean dog meat trade at the Fisherman’s Wharf, the famous San Francisco tourist attraction and landmark. We will need the help of volunteers to hand out our leaflets and to talk to as many of the visitors as possible, to make them aware of our campaign to help the South Korean dogs and cats. Can you help? Click to see the photos from our previous event on August 26, 2017!
​Free T-shirts and cold drinks are provided to volunteers at this event.

Location: San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf located near the corner of Jefferson and Powell streets along the chain link fence.

Date/Time: October 21, 2017 Saturday. 9:30am – 4:45pm.

Contact: Contact RSVP on Facebook or send us a message if you will be coming. Thank you!
Dogs are welcome! :O) Woof!
Hope to see you there!

Thunderclap Campaign is Twice a Month!
Please continue to join and speak out against cruelty!

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  1. Maria
    MariaSeptember 29,17

    I received a responce from e-people
    Your petition has been processed completely.
    Application No. : 1AA-1709-198278
    Receiving Organization : National Police Agency

    I don’t understand what it means, but I like the fact it goes to police…

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