IOC say they are ‘limited to the scope of the Games’ – we question that response.

[Update: December 4, 2017] Received response to our petition signatures package.

In response to the petition signatures package we mailed to the International Olympic Committee, they sent us the below letter. This is the same one we received previously.

2017.12.04 - IOC reply to Mrs Giny Woo - PyeongChang 2018  Dogs

We sent a response to the IOC on December 6, 2017 as below:

Dear Ms. Tordjmann, Mr. Adams,

We thank you for taking the time to reply to our petition letter.

We acknowledge your response in the letter, but indeed, are saddened that you feel that it is not in your remit to take action on this matter.

Pyeongchang won the bid for hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics on several criteria, one of which was ‘public opinion’. We feel sure that this public opinion might not have been so positive had there been transparency on all the controversial issues surrounding the dog and cat meat trades; issues (over and above the abysmal cruelty) such as the deleterious effects, both physical and psychological, to the South Korean people, within the country and abroad, and also health concerns for the world at large. These concerns are real, and recognised by conscientious South Koreans, such as the inspiring politician, Dr. Pyo Changwon, who, as noted in his facebook statement [] in August this year, is working hard to right these wrongs.

Your IOC web-site was quoted as saying that “Sport presents broad opportunities to promote … far-reaching actions for environmental, social and economic development across society”.

We agree. Which is why we are now asking you to help us support the efforts of people like Dr. Pyo Changwon: if you cannot directly approach your South Korean counterparts on this matter, would you make them aware that you have received our petition, and how many people, across the globe, have signed it and are calling for change.
Thank you,

Photo: IOC.

Photo: IOC.

Following a letter sent by Francie, to the President of the International Olympic Committee(IOC), in Switzerland, regarding the brutal dog and cat-meat trades in South Korea, the following reply (shown below) was received stating that the remit of the IOC was purely games-orientated and they were declining to take any action, as the IOC could have no say in the affairs of a sovereign nation.

Whilst we are not asking them to ‘impose measures’ on South Korea, we are asking the IOC to consider their stated aim of promoting ‘far-reaching actions for environmental, social and economic development across society’ by, not only, building on the partnership they have with the Ministry of Education of this host nation, but also through the IOC’s stated expectation that “People expect the Games to be a catalyst for lasting change—a change that ranges far beyond sport performance and facilities.”

As such, we feel that the IOC are very well-placed to address our concerns.

IOC say they are ‘limited to the scope of the Games’ – we question that response.

Click for Francie’s letter to the IOC

Click HERE to send a postal letter of protest to the IOC.
Request them to respond to you.


Video: CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth). Jeju, South Korea.

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  1. Elizabeth Evans
    Elizabeth EvansOctober 26,16

    I have just read the response from Mark Adams oac
    It seems that there will be no help from that quarter. I will certainly not support the Olympic Games in South Korea. The attitude seems to be I’m all right Jack and no compassion at all for the animals that suffer at the hands of the Korean brutes

    • Maria
      MariaFebruary 3,18

      It’s even more horrible. Many (by some polls – majority) of Koreans are AGAINST dog meat, and 60% never ate a dog. Thus the government is ignoring their own people. That 60% are surely not happy to have their business boycotted because the other 40% like dog meat or don’t care.

  2. Linda Segal
    Linda SegalOctober 28,16

    There shouldn’t be Olympic Games in South Korea until the Torture of dogs and cats for food ends. I always thought thought that Sout Korea is the home of humane people, unlike North Korea. It looks like I’ve been terribly wrong. Shame on you for allowing this horrible act to continue.

  3. Carol Lipper
    Carol LipperOctober 28,16

    Fortunately there ARE other organizations that have no restrictions on acting decently.

  4. Evina Hameeteman
    Evina HameetemanOctober 29,16

    We have decided to abstain from visiting Korea full-stop! Who would want to support any nation that allows these otroceties?

  5. christine warman
    christine warmanOctober 29,16

    This vile animal killing country should never have been considered to have any sort of games,they are the pits of the world,all they want is money,and they cannot be bothered to stop this barbaric practice,why should anyone want to spend time or money there is beyond belief.

    Time they came out of their time warp and started taking responsiblity for what is going on under their noses and trying to pretend it does not matter,they might think twice when people stop going there.

  6. Agnes Losonczi
    Agnes LosoncziOctober 29,16

    IOC is a bunch of fat hypocrites! The tradition of the olympic games was resurrected and mad international especially for the reason of such improvements like stopping such a horrendous, torturous practice but today’s officials understand only the language of money! Their cooperation with the UN, that joke of an organisation shows the same, sucking up to oil sheiks for petrodollars!

  7. Judith Smyth
    Judith SmythOctober 29,16

    IOC is as corrupt and cruel as all the Korean government politician, putting a blind eye to this horrible cruelty.

  8. Sherry Compton
    Sherry ComptonOctober 29,16

    What a joke and shame on the Olympic committee for turning a blind eye to the sadistic torture of helpless creatures. South Korea is a dark, evil, ignorant country if heartless monsters and they have no place in the civilized world. Boycott !!!!!!

  9. Paul Scott Premo
    Paul Scott PremoNovember 2,16

    Let’s see how their mandate changes when we get enough people to petition corporate sponsors of the olympics and promise to boycott their products. We must speak with our wallets. Without corporate sponsorship they will be hurt badly.

  10. Lina solima
    Lina solimaNovember 2,16

    OMG!!!!! This is a disgrace Korea u need to stop this disgusting torturing of animals permanently!!!!!!! definitely boycott the Olympics Korea the world knows what u are doing and u should be ashamed of yourself, I would never visit or reccomend your country this is absolutely disgusting.

  11. vibeke hansen
    vibeke hansenNovember 2,16

    the world are so evil— for animal- i hobe this most stop, nowwwwww

  12. Jan
    JanNovember 2,16

    This country is so sick.

  13. Karen
    KarenNovember 2,16

    It’s so sad to see that they just don’t care enough and worried about offending the host country! They could make a difference/change and what an achievement that would be. Unfortunately they do not have the balls to do so!
    It is great what you are doing and I will keep emailing and doing what I can!

  14. Doris roemer
    Doris roemerNovember 9,16

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

    • Celia Clarke
      Celia ClarkeNovember 12,16

      I shall Boycott every and anything whatsoever that has anything to do with Korea.

  15. rose brooks
    rose brooksJuly 5,17

    I am desperate. So many normal everyday people are begging this backward country to abandon the mindless savagery of the dog and cat eating trade. What sort of mentality can embrace this? Why, South Korea, does this not shame you into consigning this subhuman cruelty to history where it belongs? Why do you insist on being hated and despised?

  16. Grant Fahlman
    Grant FahlmanDecember 12,17

    The reply from the IOC does not surprise me, at all. They are simply a group of well-paid, stuffed shirts trying to maximize their revenue. Look at how long it has taken them to take any actions on drugs in the Olympics (something that very clearly impacts all athletes)! Their statement on dog-meat consumption indicates how blind, and ignorant, they are to the world around them. Truly shameless; and much worse!!!

  17. Herman Lorenz
    Herman LorenzDecember 12,17

    BOYCOTT of course ! As long as the meat trade of abuse and savage blood shed of animal are stopped no one in their right mind should consider this place !!

  18. Hicham Mouchrik
    Hicham MouchrikDecember 12,17

    Tv station, big sponsor company are in charge of the succsess of this game.
    We are urgently asking all braodact tv station to broadcast the cruelty of animal before thinking of broadcast senseless game.
    We are asking all sponsor company of any game to hault their sponsorship untill serieus action been taken by the korean governement to stop this cruelty…and stop bu…ts us that you cannot do nothing about because is faulse claims.
    Any company that sponsor the korean game while knowing tbey can change /stop this cruelty is taking undirectly part of this cruelthy.
    People have to sse the graphic videos to undertsand the magnitude of this cruelty.
    I am not blaming all koreans peoples, but i am blaming the goverement.
    I stop for last 3 years to buy any product that made in korea incluxe sumsung product untill further action.
    Even with yulin…chinesse gov seems doing better job of fighting not 100% than koreans gov.
    And i just want to thank the koreans peoples whom are risking theif life to end this. Cruelty in their home country, and withount more koreans to get involved in this fight…than is loosing battle.

  19. Sarah
    SarahDecember 12,17

    Maybe a petition to the United Nations would work better and more effectively?

  20. Sammiejo
    SammiejoDecember 12,17

    On a day that takes me to buy gifts for the animals in a local shelter, this make me stomach sick. I will be boycotting anything Korean. I shall also not be promoting the Olympics in any way. The world now thinks your country is pure evil.

  21. Lillian Harris
    Lillian HarrisDecember 12,17

    I wonder how the athletes will feel being in South Korea knowing what is going on around them every second they are there; and that the IOC turned their heads with a shameful response.

  22. Fre Kremers
    Fre KremersDecember 12,17

    Even when they tortured and were eating political prisoners,this ioc would tell you the same thing..And that is…

    ”We are doing everything for money and our own pay-check..It’s all we want to do and are doing” ..sincerely IOC…That kind of ‘organisation’ it is.Nothing more.They will eat dogs when they arrive at their hotel and go out for a lunch..On tax-payers money..Believe me..

  23. Bernardette Feehan
    Bernardette FeehanDecember 12,17

    While we are on about it. Why expect anything from the IOC? After all the next Olympics takes place in Japan and that country is dedicated to destroying while we are on about it, the next Olympics in 2020 is in Japan. This country regularly slaughters dolphins and whales, some of them to near extinction. Taiji alone spends six months of the year destroying whole pods of dolphins on a regular basis, Japan also continues to practice whaling in the Artic, breaking international law. Do you think the ICO will do anything to express the public opinion’s disgust at Japan’s behaviour? Think again. The Koreans, the Japanese and the ICO don’t care a damn about the environment.

  24. LEVIF
    LEVIFDecember 12,17


  25. Margaret Melnick
    Margaret MelnickDecember 12,17

    I don’t think it is to hard to figure out what they are saying. In short term it is we don’t give a dam about the animals or the people who are trying to help them. WE DO CARE ABOUT THE MONEY THAT WILL LINE OUR POCKETS. I hope enough people stick by and boycott this event in this evil cruel Country. How did they ever get the Olympic at all? Hope they go belly up and lose money rather than make it. Then they will have their hand out asking for other Countries to bale them out. The people running the Olympic are sick and evil as the Korean. Hope they all rot in hell.

  26. Carmel
    CarmelDecember 12,17

    I’m totally disgusted with IOC, do they not understand how many people all over the world feel about the Korean dog and cat meat trade? So it’s easy to see that it’s all about money. I truly hope that this will deter many people from supporting the olympics.

  27. Bruce
    BruceDecember 12,17

    It would be interesting to see if any food vendors at the Olympic games venues are actually selling dog and cat meat. If the Koreans say they eat this stuff then you can bet it’s being sold there but probably not as “dog meat”. The IOC should wake up and realise that in this day and age if you want to succeed globally you had better be responsible for a lot of things, it’s an international stage.

  28. Christina Davis
    Christina DavisDecember 12,17

    Make PUBLIC who and HOW MUCH they are getting PAID for sponsoring the games in Peyongchang! Evil practices ALWAYS boil down to MONEY!! The OIC has been caught with dirty tricks before. Get the REAL information out there, and this sort of thing WILL stop. This “story” they are handing you is just that-a story to spin you off on another direction. It’s about getting paid to come there and generate dollars there.

  29. Renee
    ReneeDecember 13,17

    This is so SHAMEFUL. It breaks my heart for all these dogs & cats. I would be willing to bet that a high percentage of the athletes competing have pets that are most likely dogs & cats. It would be nice to make the athletes aware of this, (if they are not already) and for them to take a stand to try and stop this or at the very least create enough publicity so empathetic, caring people from around the world could see what the Korean government allows its people to do to these animals as well as it being legal and okay for people to eat these animals. Are they mans best friend or are they another thing which humanity can discard, abandon and torture.

  30. Biana Ninno
    Biana NinnoDecember 13,17

    Why can’t you do the HUMANE WAY of making money, you don’t need to use dog and cat meat for food consumption to make money, there are many other forms of making money not this disgusting, heartless, and inhumane way. These are companions animals not the meat you should be eating. Do the right thing, stop this barbaric act. HAVE A HEART AND SOUL!

    MIOARA PUICADecember 13,17

    I believe that dogs shouldn’t suffer and die for the trade in their meat. I support an end to the dog meat trade throughout Asia, and urge the governments of all countries where the trade in dog meat exists to work diligently and quickly towards eradicating this cruel and unnecessary practice.
    I know that is very disturbing but we cannot watch torture happen to the innocent and defenseless and do nothing!
    We were never given hearts and minds to think about the cat and dog meat trade, well they are not hurting me so I will look away and let it go on!We are better than this. It is our duty to do everything we can to stop this atrocity and genocides ASAP!!! Shame on you International Olympic Committee!!!You are heartless and ignorant people who cares ONLY ABOUT MONEY!!!

  32. Marie Campbell
    Marie CampbellDecember 13,17

    Why anyone would want to visit or spend money or time in such a backward place is quite beyond me. I hope they all roast in hell for their uncaring attitude to animals. Lets hope that America sorts them all out North and South Koreans – I would celebrate if they were obliterated from this earth.

  33. VB
    VBDecember 14,17

    What a bunch of cowards the Olympic Committee is!!! Shame, shame on them! This vile practice will equate with their cowardice and that in turn will reflect on the Olympics! I wonder how these cretins will like when that happens? It’ll serve them right if nobody wants to watch their games due to their thoughtlessness when they look the other way to ATROCITIES COMMITTED ON THESE INNOCENT ANIMALS!!!

  34. Brooke
    BrookeDecember 15,17

    ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. The lives of these beautiful dogs matter. Please stop this horrific torture and death of these animals. There is something terribly wrong with these people. I’m sorry, these are not people. They are sick pieces of shit. Bomb these *%#*<#%. They don't deserve to walk this earth.

  35. Lynn Watson
    Lynn WatsonDecember 31,17

    Do the Koreans treat all animals they eat in such a barbaric , cruel , sadistic way or just cats and dogs ? They should hang there heads in shame . Boycott everything to to with

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