Lawmaker Dr. Pyo Changwon’s plan to legislate a ban on dog meat

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Below is translation of lawmaker Dr. Pyo Changwon’s Facebook post on August 29, 2017:

Dr. Pyo Chang-Won.  Photo:

Dr. Pyo Changwon. Photo:,

Beginning in March of next year, with the revised Animal Protection Act going into effect, anyone engaged in cruel dog farming practices or slaughtering dogs using cruel slaughtering methods will be punished. The punishment for animal cruelty will also be doubled. I will introduce additional legislation to ensure the effectiveness of the crackdown. (Refer to Dr. Pyo Changwon’s Blog).

Since the dog farming and slaughtering industries that produce dog meat for consumption (dog meat, boshintang, or dog elixir) are in violation of animal protection laws, they could not continue to exist if these laws were actively enforced.

However, there is no punishment for distributing and selling dog meat. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs is responsible for enforcing laws regarding the dog meat industry, but since their main duty is to protect and promote the agriculture and livestock industry, very little is done to enforce these laws.

South Korea is an export dependent, industrialized nation, and we are concerned about our international status and image. Since dog meat consumption is an issue subject to international condemnation, the attitude of our government has been to hide and ignore the issue by excluding dogs as ‘livestock’ that can be bred, slaughtered, distributed, and sold under the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act.

As a result, there has been no crackdown on sanitation management and the distribution and sale of dog meat, which is full of antibiotics, insecticides, and bacterial contamination, continues.

In this state, a new type of infectious disease (such as avian flu, SARS, or mad cow disease) could be caused by unsanitary dog meat from our country or from China. There is a great possibility that not only our own health is put at risk, but that South Korea becomes the nation that causes a global health risk.

To those of you who support the dog meat consumption arguing that it is our culture: are you confident that you will be able to find lawmakers who will work to legislate the legalization of dog meat consumption and pass that legislation through the National Assembly standing and judiciary committee, especially with the PyeongChang Winter Olympics just around the corner? Are you aware that one of the reasons that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) turned down Park Geun-hye government’s demand that the Jindo dog become the mascot for the PyeongChang Olympics is because of the criticism from the international community regarding the consumption of dog meat?

The legislation banning dog meat consumption that I plan to push forward is not intended to punish those who consume or purchase dog meat. My legislation will prohibit the breeding, slaughter, and sale of dogs for consumption; this will save the dogs and protect the health of our citizens, which is at risk due to the cowardly “strategic ambiguity” utilized by our government. This legislation will also restore the pride in our youth who unfairly experience shame abroad, and help those with companion animals recover from their worries and sadness regarding the dog meat industry.

It is my understanding that those employed in the dog meat industry, which is already in decline due to a reduction of demand, are considering transitions into other businesses. The prohibition of dog meat is only a matter of time. It is the tidal current of the international community. We recommend that you change your profession before it’s too late. In the past, I have asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs to provide guidance, education, and a support strategy to transition people employed by the dog meat industry but I have never received a response. I know it will be different with the new government.

The process of revising the Animal Protection Act, which barely passed last March, was not easy. However, it was eventually passed.
I will not give up.
Thank you.


Pyo Changwon FB Post 082917

Interview of Dr. Pyo Changwon by [SBS Morningwide] TV program on September 2, 2016

  1. Diane Smith
    Diane SmithSeptember 4,17

    FROM DR. PYO CHANGWON, 8-29-17 : “The legislation banning dog meat consumption that I plan to push forward is not intended to punish dog meat eaters or consumers. My legislation will prohibit breeding, slaughter and sale of dogs for consumption which will save the dogs and protect our citizen’s health in crisis due to the our government’s cowardly “strategic ambiguity”, to restore(heal?) the pride of our young people who unfairly experience wounded pride abroad, help to reduce and recover from worries and sadness of people with companion animals.”
    This statement brings tears of joy to our eyes. For so long So. Korea’s young people , working against dog/cat torture, were lumped together with the barbarians who continued the dog meat trade. It was not fair but the world looked on with a disgust with the whole citizenry. This will stop. At last their pleas for laws and our pleas have been heard and merciful, moral lawmakers will triumph in a ban which will endear them to the world. Their moral integrity, which was so long in doubt, will be established, maintaining the approval of a grateful nation, a grateful world.
    Thank you Dr. Pyo Changwon and all those legislators who worked with him to achieve this momentous action!!!!! Thanks to the dedicated citizens who worked with him to cite the need and write the proposals.

  2. margaret Roy
    margaret RoySeptember 6,17

    The cruelty must end.

    • Karin Bleeker
      Karin BleekerOctober 16,17

      Dogs are our friends, in the past and it always has stayd that way. They are loyal companions in all kind of situations. This MUST come to an end,for once and for all, and other countries will follow, surely. Please give this example!

  3. Merthyr Stevens
    Merthyr StevensSeptember 8,17

    This is truly amazing news for the dogs……but this legislation must include the prohibition of breeding, slaughtering and sale of cats for consumption as well! They are treated just as cruelly. PLEASE confirm that cats are included in this legislation, Dr Pyo Changwon and legislators…..

  4. Donna Silverthrone
    Donna SilverthroneSeptember 8,17

    That’s great news for the dog’s but please don’t forget about the cat’s as well..they are treated the same way as dog’s are..spay and neuter so you control the breeding of dogs and cats.

  5. Denise Poole
    Denise PooleOctober 15,17

    This is truly amazing news, I sat here with a huge smile on my face while reading the news of the ban; but please Dr. Pyo Changwon like the other people in these comments have said, cats must be included with this legislation. Thank you so much for the changes you are making, you can make your nation great again.

    PETER WALDEROctober 16,17


  7. Sue Nicholls
    Sue NichollsOctober 16,17

    I hope this truly becomes law the world has been watching and is appalled at the cruelty reported at least someone is man enough to act

  8. Karin Bleeker
    Karin BleekerOctober 16,17

    Dogs are our friends, in the past and it always has stayd that way. They are loyal companions in all kind of situations. This MUST come to an end,for once and for all, and other countries will follow, surely. Please give this example!

  9. Rui
    RuiOctober 20,17

    Show the way to go Dr.!
    Lets save ours best friends lifes!
    Keep it going!
    Foward with faith!
    Animals forever!

  10. Edie Gegolick
    Edie GegolickNovember 2,17

    In this insane, merciless world that we live in, this is the best news I have heard in months. Please let this be true and include cats as well. These are sentient beings. The torture trade is a crime against humanity, a sin against the very God who gave us animals as His gift to us.

  11. Christine T Madden
    Christine T MaddenNovember 21,17

    Please stop hurting and killing innocent animals.

  12. DAN LEON
    DAN LEONNovember 28,17


  13. Kerstin Bartel
    Kerstin BartelDecember 22,17

    Help the Animals

  14. Linda badham
    Linda badhamMarch 4,18

    The cruelty in South Korea is Evil and repulsive .it must be stopped its too much to bear.

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