Response from Gwangmyeong regarding a large-scale dog slaughterhouse

We received the below response from the City of Gwangmyeong regarding our campaign/petition: Help us shut down a large-scale dog slaughterhouse in Gwangmyeong! Click HERE to see our campaign.

This dog farm no longer have dogs. The structure has been found to be illegal, so the city of Gwangmyeong will take measures to demolish it.

Our campaign is effective because now they are aware that the eyes of the world are watching what’s going on in their city’s dog meat industry and bring this issue the attention and action from their government. Let’s keep up the pressure by taking action!

Response from the city of Gwangmyeong:

경기도 광명시 경제문화국 도시농업과

차수진 contact +82-
2019-06-05 09:38:14
[주관부서] : 경제문화국 도시농업과
[답변일자] : 2019-06-05 09:38:14
[작성자] : 차수진
[전화번호] : 02-2680-2329
[이메일] : [email protected] [답변내용] :
1. Thank you for participating in the development of our city.
2. As for the illegal slaughter of dogs that you mentioned, we inform that dogs are not subject to the Livestock Hygiene Control Act as they are not defined as the livestock in the law.
3. In addition, regarding for the animal abuse behavior according to the Animal Protection Act, I have been on the field(dog breeding farm) and interviewed with landowner, but it is judged that the owner is not breeding any dogs at present.
4. Currently, administrative measures for the illegal buildings are in progress by the City Policy division of our city, and if there is any suspicion about animal abuse, it is planned for us to take actions by Article 8 of the Animal Protection Act.
5. For more information, please contact the Animal Welfare Team of the Urban Agriculture Division.

1. 우리시 시정 발전에 참여해 주셔서 감사합니다 2. 민원인께서 말씀하신 개 불법 도축에 대해서는 개는 축산물 위생관리법에 적용받는 가축 및 축산물이 아니기에 관련법 적용 대상이 아님을 알려드립니다. 3. 또한 동물보호법 제8조에 따른 동물학대 행위 여부에 대해서는 2회에 걸쳐 현장 확인하였고 토지 소유주와 면담을 실시 하였으나 현재 개를 사육하지 않는 것으로 판단됩니다. 4. 현재 불법건축물에 대한 해당부서의 행정처분이 진행 중이오며 향후 동물보호법 제8조에 대한 의심 사항이 있을 경우 관련법에 따라 조치할 계획임을 알려드립니다. 5. 기타 문의사항은 도시농업과 동물복지팀(☎02-2680-6446)으로 연락주시면 자세히 안내하여 드리겠습니다.
[협조부서] : 도시재생국 도시정책과
[답변일자] : 2019-05-30 17:56:32
[작성자] : 강기철
[전화번호] : 02-2680-2777
[이메일] :
[답변내용] : 1. 시정발전을 위한 귀하의 적극적인 참여에 감사드립니다. 2. 귀하께서 요청하신 사항 중 우리부서에서 담당하고 있는 노온사동 112-2, 112-3번지(특별관리지역)의 불법건축물에 대하여 현장조사(외부) 및 위성사진으로 위법사항을 확인하였고, 관련법에 따라 행정처분 중임을 알려드리며, 3. 고압송전탑 관련하여 담당기관인 한국전력에 문의 결과 154kV, 345kV의 고압송전탑 주변 건축물에 대해 제한사항이 없음을 확인하였습니다. 4. 기타 문의사항은 도시정책과 녹색도시팀(☎02-2680-2777)으로 연락주시면 자세히 안내하여 드리겠습니다. 끝.
[협조부서] : 환경수도사업소 자원순환과
[답변일자] : 2019-06-04 18:15:02
[작성자] : 황의정
[전화번호] : 02-2680-2316
[이메일] : [email protected]
[답변내용] : ○ 귀하의 가정에 건강과 행복이 함께 하시길 기원 드립니다. ○ 귀하께서 신고해주신 노온사동 112-2번지 불법개농장 신고에 대하여 답변드리겠습니다. ○ 해당지번에 수차례 현장확인을 실시하였으며 토지소유주와 면담을 실시하여 현재 개를 사육하지 않는것으로 판단됩니다. ○ 현재는 불법건축물에 대한 해당부서의 행정처분이 진행 중이오며 향후 또다시 개사육시 위법사항이 있는 경우 관련법에 의거 조치할 계획임을 알려드립니다. ○ 기타 문의사항이 있으시면 연락주시면 성심껏 답변해 드리겠습니다. (담당부서 : 자원순환과, 자원시설팀 담당 황의정 02-2680-2316)

  1. Francine Ellis
    Francine EllisAugust 4,19

    It’s a start! Keep the pressure on until this unevolved barbaric society feels the pain of boycotts and nonstop protests. Boycott ALL things Korean until this atrocity ends!

  2. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamAugust 4,19

    Shut them all down in your country!

  3. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinAugust 5,19

    Wow! I believe that people out there may have compassion, soles and hearts and I believe in prayer! This works!

  4. Todd Williams
    Todd WilliamsAugust 5,19

    Positive start. Don’t stop we need to stop this barbaric practice everywhere.

  5. fahad al fahad
    fahad al fahadAugust 5,19

    good news

  6. Anthony Kenny
    Anthony KennyAugust 5,19

    yes good news, lets keep the pressure up together we will stop this cruelty for good.

  7. Carol Gibbons
    Carol GibbonsAugust 5,19

    Shut them all down, brilliant news

  8. Martina Wall
    Martina WallAugust 5,19

    Do not stop until hell on earth is shut down for good. The world is watching the world is sickened by these people who commit such horrific evil against innocent and precious animals. Get these hell holes shut down. Burn them to the ground and doss in Holy Water. Unbelievable evil. I cannot comprehend this evil. 👺

    • Gillian Hancock
      Gillian HancockAugust 5,19

      Totally agree breaks my heart daily 😞😞

  9. Angela Gair
    Angela GairAugust 5,19

    I would take this reply with a large pinch of salt. They’re fobbing you off with vague statements and promises. There are no dogs ‘at present’ would imply to me that there could be in the future, or that he’s moved them elsewhere. Wouldn’t trust these fuckers as far as I could throw them. Please please keep up the pressure, thank you so much for what you’re doing.

  10. Terri Miller
    Terri MillerAugust 5,19

    we need more people to help save these animals they don’t deserve to be killed, God put them down here to be loved not abused

  11. S. La Rue
    S. La RueAugust 5,19

    A small glimmer of hope. We must keep the pressure on and hope to see more results like this

  12. esperanza pinto martinez
    esperanza pinto martinezAugust 5,19

    hay que seguir al menos boicoteando todos los productos de korea de china de todos los países donde la gente tiene mente criminal asesinos de perros indefensos hasta que ya no los quieran recibir en ningún país del mundo para que aprendan

    • esperanza pinto martinez
      esperanza pinto martinezAugust 5,19

      no lo voy a cambiar es lo que pienso

    PETER GREERAugust 5,19

    Lots of people saying,’what a horrible country for commiting such atrocities to animals, but they still purchase goods by LG,SAMSUNG,KIA cars and many more, we must gather together and stop buying S korea goods.

    • Nancy Dee
      Nancy DeeAugust 8,19


  14. jane Jones
    jane JonesAugust 6,19

    No animal should suffer this brutal sick cruel practice, these people need to change their old ways and join the 21st century, no one wants this end it now.

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