KARA: [Call for Action] Help us shut down a large-scale dog slaughterhouse in Gwangmyeong!

This is translation of Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)’s campaign posted on May 14, 2019:

We need your help to file civil complaints to demolish a dog meat farm that leaves dogs neglected amongst piles of garbage!

After a dog slaughterhouse was demolished in Taepyeong-dong last year, dog butchers have moved their base throughout the Gyeonggi Province to continue their terrible dog slaughter. Through the vigilant efforts of the Gyeonggi Province Special Judicial Police, an illegal dog slaughterhouse was raided in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province last March. Along with the Special Judicial Police, KARA actively advocates for animal welfare and strives to shut down dog slaughterhouses.

Earlier this May, KARA received a tip about a dog slaughterhouse in Gyeonggi Province and headed to Gwangmyeong to conduct a preliminary investigation. When we searched the address that the informant had provided to us on a web mapping service, it directed us to a junk yard. However, when we arrived at the location, there was a long-shaped large building in the middle of the farmland. Like many other large-scale dog farms, there was a No Entry sign and CCTV at the door, the exterior was also surrounded by large steel plates. Through a few the gaps in the steel gate, we could clearly see empty raised wire cages.

Typical dog slaughterhouse – To the right are the cages, to the left is a water tank.

Exterior of Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province dog slaughterhouse.

Empty raised wire cages seen through gaps in steel gate

We heard barking and headed to the entrance on the other side. On the way, we discovered a closed small dog farm. We presume that this farm went out of business as the consumption of dog meat has declined. Recently, several small farms in the Gyeonggi Province have closed down due to decrease in income and public complaints. As the demand for dog meat decreases, the small dog farms have died out, while the large dog farms have survived and continue to make huge profits.

Small dog farm presumed to have gone out of business due to the decline in consumption of dog meat

We were able to find a dog farm where dogs are subject to the terrible abuse of being locked in wire cages and fed food waste.

On the other side of the dog slaughterhouse, there was a junk yard. The junk yard located next to a small brook seemed normal at first glance. However, when we continued along a narrow road to the side of the junk yard, there were several dogs locked in wire cages in the middle of entangled garbage.

Dogs locked inside wire cages amongst junk and garbage.

Using a helicam, we took pictures of the buildings and the surrounding area. We were able to confirm that a dog slaughterhouse, a dog farm and a junk yard were all located around a power transmission tower, a place no one expected to find a building. After researching various ways to help these poor dogs, we were able to meet with the Resource Recirculation Division of Gwangmyeong City. We shared our pictures and information regarding this unreported and thus illegal dog farm, emphasized the seriousness of the situation and requested a formal site inspection by the Animal Welfare team.

Finally, last Friday, four departments of Gwangmyeong City, including the Environmental Management Division, Urban Agriculture Division, Urban Policy Division and Resource Recirculation Division conducted a site inspection. However, there were no real results from this inspection, in which KARA’s request to join was rejected. The dog slaughterhouse kept its doors firmly closed and did not allow the city officials a visit. Due to repeated demands by KARA, Gwangmyeong City officials went back for an inspection and after asking around was able to meet the landlord, only to receive the unfortunate news that the tenant had already vacated the premises.

However, there are still many areas, including the interior, that have not been inspected, especially the dog farm where dogs have been left neglected. In order to completely demolish this dog farm and slaughterhouse, KARA requests that the Urban Policy Division and Animal Welfare team take administrative action again.

Traces of sewage flowing into surrounding agricultural water

A dog farm located right next to a power transmission tower near Mokgam Stream

Please file a complaint to Gwangmyeong City using the suggested message below!

Your actions are a great force in helping shut down dog farm and put pressure on dog slaughterers.

Filing a complaint to Gwangmyeong City:

Example: Request to demolish dog slaughterhouse and dog farm

Thank you for working to better the Gwangmyeong City environment. Currently there are no legally registered dog farms in Gwangmyeong City, but near the power transmission tower in Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong City, there is a building housing a dog farm and dog slaughterhouse. As the Mokgam Stream flows in the vicinity, it is place where river water preservation is also of great concern. A stream that flows throughout Gwangmyeong City should not be contaminated by the wastewater from a dog slaughterhouse/farm. And more importantly, there is much evidence that dogs were subject to terrible abuse, locked in wire cages among filth and garbage, brutally slaughtered and these mass-distributed as meat at this place. This building, which has been purposely constructed near a high-voltage power transmission tower to decrease accessibility, threatens the safety of people and the safety of dogs. Please take action so that Gwangmyeong City buildings like this are demolished and the neglected dogs can be quarantined immediately.

Call for Action

  1. Hiedi Tan
    Hiedi TanMay 24,19

    Please let go of this outdated tradition. We have learned so much over the centuries that animals are sentient beings who have emotions and feel pain. Please.

  2. ms
    msMay 24,19

    SHUT DOWN these horrific dog & cat meat farms — close them PERMANENTLY — the world is watching & taking notice of meat farmers’ depraved cruelty & brutality to animals — let’s DO THE RIGHT THING — let’s do the rational & compassionate thing — SHUT DOWN these brutal meat farms PERMANENTLY.

  3. marque
    marqueMay 24,19

    Pitié c’est immonde .Quel pays ignoble Mon dieu pitié.faites une loi pour tous stopper.

  4. Dean j Francois
    Dean j FrancoisMay 25,19

    For thousands of years man has bred dogs to be man’s loyal companion. What kind of barbaric ignorant people would do this to them? I or my family will not purchase anything made in South Korea or China as in Kia, Hyundai, LG, Samsung and others as long as dogs are treated in this way. If it’s made in an evil backward dog eating country don’t buy it. There are plenty of other more civilized nations.

  5. Carol Boardman
    Carol BoardmanMay 25,19

    This horrendous dog & cat trade is s stain on all humans. How can a person with any kind of humanity at all commit such evil the death of all these animals is a crime. All involved in any capacity must be pure evil through & through and may you all rot in hell for eternity

  6. Carleen Terrano
    Carleen TerranoMay 25,19

    This is not the way of the modern world. It is a disgrace for your country and a cruel and cowardly , bully ritual to put innocent lives through. You should
    Become a better people and save lives instead.

  7. Cinzia Moore
    Cinzia MooreMay 28,19


  8. alessandra
    alessandraMay 29,19

    SIETE BARBARI INUMANI SENZA CUORE, tutto il mondo vi guarda e vi giudica molto severamente

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