Seeking Donations for Dog Food at Yangsan Shelter

Seeking Donations for Dog Food at Yangsan Shelter
A dog shelter in Yangsan, South Korea is home to many dogs who are abandoned or rescued from the dog meat industry. Currently they have several large dogs, most of which were rescued from the dog meat industry. However, they have almost zero chance of being adopted in South Korea because Koreans generally don’t consider large dogs as pets especially if they are not purebred western breed dogs. It would also put them at risk of ending up into the dog meat markets again if they were to be adopted within Korea.

For these reasons, a volunteer animal advocate, Nami (blog: who is fluent in both Korean and English is working with overseas rescue groups to find homes for these sweet dogs.

One dog, Cracker (See photos of Cracker here: has already been rescued by the Northern California Family Pet Rescue ( in San Francisco and will be flying to the US to find a forever home thanks to Nami and her dedicated effort.

The details of some of the dogs are as follows:

Male, a 5 year-old, breed – Great Pyrenees mixed, one eye blind. Waiting for loving and caring family who can provide a forever home for this very special guy.
Smiley was rescued and adopted by a home near the shelter in Jangseunpo. One day an alcoholic in the neighborhood was going to cook him when no one was home and started beating him. By the time a neighbor got there, Smiley was already beaten badly and his left eye was bleeding. Now he is back to the shelter with a blind left eye. Nami Kim, anti-dog meat activist and volunteering at the shelter, will handle all the documents required for overseas adoption including the quarantine documents. You are responsible to pay for the transportation cost. If adopted, Smiley can depart from Busan. Despite all that he has been through, Smiley is very cheerful and friendly.

Male, a 3 year-old, 18-20 kg, breed-Jindo.
Yellow was found with a big bleeding head wound. A neighbor saw an old man hitting him with a hammer and called the shelter.

Female, a 4 year-old, 17 kgs.(38 lbs), breed – Jindo
Someone purchased Sweety from a dog meat trader before being sold to a meat restaurant and brought her to this shelter. She is very sweet.
Sweety is vaccinated and spayed.

Male, a 2 year-old, 12 kgs, breed – Golden Retriever mix. He was rescued near a dog farm (where they raise so called “meat dogs” to be cooked) when Lobe was a puppy. Neighbor said Lobe was dead but fought hard for life at an animal clinic and has been living at the shelter since then. He is still traumatized.


These dogs are all vaccinated and spayed with an exception of Wharang. Yellow and Lobe are not yet rehabilitated from the trauma but Nami is working with them.

This shelter which is run by a private individual is in need of financial help to pay for dog food. They don’t get funding from government and their sole source of income are donations by kind individuals. Please help us feed these angels by making a donation directly to the feed supplier who will deliver dog food to the shelter.
Below is the information on the feed supplier and how to make donation:

Donation information:
Paypal Account: [email protected]

After you make a donation, send an email to Nami so that she can arrange the purchase and delivery: Nami’s email: [email protected], [email protected]

Feed store company president: Sonng Sik Kam
Feed store name: Daeju Animal Feed
Type of dog food: Ultra Special dog (made by Daehan Dog Food company), Kaiser 15 kilogram – 15,800 ($16 USD) per bag
NongHyeop Bank Account number: 815154-52-135447

Donation information in Korean:
감송식 사장

Daeju Animal Feed Store Business Card

을트라 특수견(대한사료), 카이저 15킬로 한 포대 15,800원
농협 815154-52-135447
페이팔 구좌: [email protected]
His business card is attached.

  1. liz
    lizSeptember 21,14

    What if we do not have PayPal but would like to help?
    I would like to help any way I can So please tell me how the process of donating would work?

  2. Susan Casey
    Susan CaseySeptember 24,14

    I have read that the Yangsan, Yong dang-dong “hell hole” slaughterhouse will be closing at the end of this year. I also read that the dogs in this “hell hole” will be slaughtered and/or sold to other dog farms.

    I am wondering why your shelter and other rescue groups in this area do not rescue these poor souls and give them a chance at a better life?

    This practice is beyond words abominable and just needs to stop. It almost seems like sport to these people who engage in this practice. And it is unbelievable to me how many people can do this day after day and sleep at night and have no regrets. Why can’t good overcome evil?!? and save these innocent animals who only have the misfortune of being born in South Korea?

    • admin
      adminSeptember 24,14

      Dear Susan, it’s sad and tragic beyond imagination what will happen to these dogs at Yongdang-dong, Yangsan dog farm. The dog farm owners have agreed to close it down but they won’t give up their dogs for free. The government won’t confiscate the dogs. It’s just how S. Korea is. The government would not have done anything to close this “hellhole” if it wasn’t for the animal rights activists in Busan who have sought legal action with perseverance and I hope that our effort with our petition have helped as well for this outcome. It’s all about money. The dog farm owners will try to maximize his profit now that their livelihood will be gone. They will try to slaughter them all or sell them to other dog farms which are still operating. If there was an animal rescue organization that offer to buy them the farmers will ask for the top dollars taking advantage of the situation. However, there aren’t any organizations in Korea who has the money or willing to spend the money to buy them and rescue them either. It’s really sad like I said. The only way to end this tragedy and horrific cruelty in S. Korea is for their government to make the dog meat consumption illegal and enforce this law. That’s why we campaign and ask for your support and compassionate action. This shelter in Yangsan is run by an old lady and she is having hard time feeding the dogs she already has and that’s why the volunteer activist is trying to adopt them out to other countries and that’s why we are asking people to help them with donations to buy dog food. For “what you can do” to help fight this cruel industry in S. Korea, please visit: Thank you for caring!

  3. julia richardson
    julia richardsonSeptember 26,14


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