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$1,000 Reward offer to activist responsible for closing down a dog meat farm or restaurant

동물보호활동 파파라치를 위한 1,000 달러 포상금 지급 개인자격의 동물보호활동가를 위한 1,000 달러 포상 한 미국단체에서 부산 지역 어디건 상관없이 개농장, …

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Seeking Donations for Dog Food at Yangsan Shelter

Seeking Donations for Dog Food at Yangsan Shelter A dog shelter in Yangsan, South Korea is home to many dogs …

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Dr. Dogmeat’s pathetic attempt to promote South Korean dog meat industry

Dr. Yong-Geun Ann, also known as the “Dr. Dogmeat (개고기 박사)” must be feeling the heat from the international outcry …

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Punishment for case of dragging a white dog behind a motorcycle for 1mile and 1,500yd reported by ‘TV Animal Farm’?

This is a translation of the Asia Economy news reported on August 25, 2014: Case of dragging a white dog …

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Compassionate Florida activists demonstrating against marine mammal exploitation in Orlando and Cocoa Beach support KOREANDOGS.ORG

Written by Bob Heisler, September 2, 2014. The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida staged a huge demonstration against dolphin and …

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