Dr. Dogmeat’s pathetic attempt to promote South Korean dog meat industry

Dr. Yong-Geun Ann, also known as the “Dr. Dogmeat (개고기 박사)” must be feeling the heat from the international outcry condemning the South Korea’s dog meat cruelty.
Seven months ago, he created 3 short videos with English titles, clearly targeted for foreign audiences, and uploaded to YouTube in an attempt to justify and promote dog meat as Korea’s tradition. In these videos he tries to show that the dogs in dog meat industry are treated humanely and eating dog is safe. But if he thinks that we will be less angry and more understanding about the South Korea’s dog meat consumption after watching these videos, he is even crazier than we thought. Read his 10 reasons why dogs should be eaten.
Watch them and see it for yourself!

안성 식용 개 농장(개고기) 1 – A Korean Edible Dog and Dogmeat (Ansung “meat dog” farm)

안성 식용 개 농장(개고기) 2 – A Korean Edible Dog and Dogmeat (Ansung “meat dog” farm)

논산 식용 개 농장(개고기) 3 – A Korean Edible Dog and Dogmeat (Nonsan “meat dog” farm)

Take a look at the debate reported on English Korean Newspaper, Korean Herald back in August of 2011 where Dr. Dogmeat lists crazy logic to justify South Korea’s dog meat consumption. Click to read!

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