Punishment for case of dragging a white dog behind a motorcycle for 1mile and 1,500yd reported by ‘TV Animal Farm’?

This is a translation of the Asia Economy news reported on August 25, 2014: Case of dragging a white dog behind a motorcycle for 1 mile and 1,500yd reported by ‘TV Animal Farm’ … Punishment is 300,000 Korean Won ($300 USD) ‘동물농장’ 백구, 오토바이에 매달려 3㎞ 끌려가…처벌은?

Case of dragging a white dog behind a motorcycle for 1 mile and 1,500yd reported by ‘TV Animal Farm’ … Punishment is 300,000 Korean Won ($300 USD)

This is a story aired on the ‘TV Animal Farm’ program in South Korea about a “dog raised for human consumption” called “meat dog” dragged behind a motorcycle to the slaughterhouse which was witnessed and recorded.

The full account of the ‘White dog motorcycle dragging animal cruelty case’ has been exposed.

On the morning of August 24th, SBS’s ‘TV Animal Farm’ program continued from the last episode with the story about a white dog that was dragged behind a motorcycle for 1 mile and 1,500yd.

After great efforts, the producer was able to find the driver and conduct an interview with him.

While the dog was being dragged to the slaughterhouse, witness was able to capture this tragedy on video. The dog was eventually killed at the slaughterhouse.

The perpetrator was an employee at a dispatch company (called “Quick Service” in South Korea) and he was delivering the dog from a dog farm to slaughterhouse for a $50 USD fee. When the producer questioned him, he said “I put the dog in the basket and I didn’t know that the dog fell out of the basket.” However, as the producer pointed out the images from the blackbox video, he made excuses, “I was very busy and I had to get the job done….the dog tried to bite me”.

The police forwarded this case to the prosecutor’s office to charge him for animal cruelty. However, the prosecutor indicted the man for only 300,000 Korean Won ($300 USD) stating that the “cruel act seems intentional but doesn’t seem to be habitual. The dog was treated cruelly but the dog was going to be slaughtered anyways for meat, the injury to the dog wasn’t serious…etc.” The final sentencing by the court still remains.

This is part of the ‘TV Animal Farm’ program aired on August 17, 2014 on SBS in South Korea.
Part 1 of 3 Click for English Caption!

This is part of the ‘TV Animal Farm’ program aired on August 24, 2014 on SBS in South Korea.
Part 2 of 3 Click for English Caption!

Part 3 of 3 (Stay tuned for English caption. Producer visits the dog meat restaurant’s farm and rescues 6 dogs.)

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

  1. ronny hartono
    ronny hartonoSeptember 4,14

    may hell open it’s door just for you , scumbag

  2. Галина
    ГалинаSeptember 5,14

    Убийцы!!!!! Гореть вам и вашим детям в аду!!!!

    SANDRA FARRELLSeptember 5,14


  4. Don Wisedagama
    Don WisedagamaSeptember 5,14

    A non conservative disgraceful race that torture and eat anything that walks.

    • Susie Baranski
      Susie BaranskiDecember 30,16

      Just letting you know that animals all over the world are treated like shit and abused and tortured and murdered for the selfish human race. That’s why I chose to go vegan, no animal will suffer for me.

  5. Chris J. Robert
    Chris J. RobertSeptember 5,14

    Light these people up with a nuclear warhead, and let God sort them out!!!!!!! Total Annihilation!!!

    YVONNE HALLSeptember 6,14


  7. EYG
    EYGSeptember 7,14

    These sub-human pieces of smoldering shit make me want them all to be annihilated. They are mental degenerates.

  8. Claire
    ClaireSeptember 7,14

    After reading the comments here, I am wondering which is worse between animal cruelty and racism. Obviously, this guy deserves proper punishment (mental treatment) for the cruel acts, but you don’t generalize the whole country, continent, and race, just as I would not judge all Americans to start a war killing a lot of innocent human beings, or even drop a nuclear bomb to kill civilians.

    There was animal cruelty found in BC, Canada, too, but nobody called Canadians barbaric evil people, because of what several assholes did.

    It is not like everyone in Korea and China eats dogs. It is quite limited. Dog meat has been believed to help one recover from illness and Koreans have not had a culture of owning a pet. Just because dogs are considered pets in the west, not everyone feels special about this specific animal.

    What’s the big different between dog farms and cow farms? Only vegetarians can criticize dog eating. Killing dogs is bad and killing cows, pigs, chickens, & fishes are ok? Every life is precious. Look into your own Hypocrisy.

    • jan
      janSeptember 9,14

      Are you kidding me??? They torture animals so the meat is better..the more horrific the torture the better the meat. Get your head out of your butt and learn more before you respond..Animal torture to any animal is a crime..And yes this happens all over their country. Not only there but other Asian Countries….It’s a huge business..not just a few people enjoying dog and cat meat. They are stealing peoples pets these demented monsters.

    • EYG
      EYGSeptember 10,14

      I am a vegetarian. And hurting someone’s feelings does not co.are to boiling, beating, dragging, burning, or skinning animals alive. Particularly domestic ones and stolen ones and loyal ones. I do not agree with ANY animal suffering regardless of specie, but Asians are so barbaric and savage it is beyond comprehension. Like pulling the legs off of frogs, sticking them on ice to have customers eat them alive. It is just cruelty on steroids over there. It is like thinking ISIS being extremely barbaric and wanting to kill them really bad is racist and hypocritical because other people commit murders too. Come on! I am sure not all Koreans condone cruelty just as not all Muslims condone terrorism, but they need to stand up and decry these actions if they want to disassociate themselves with cretins.

    • Sev
      SevSeptember 29,14

      Don’t think I see any other country eating fetus soup yes you read it right, fetus soup meaning they eat human babies in soup. Don’t believe me look it up. Are you serious in asking what’s worse? Racism or animal cruelty? Asians have proven to be the most vile people to walk this earth. They are the number one country when it comes to animal cruelty.

  9. Elyse C
    Elyse CSeptember 7,14

    I’m so glad I didn’t see this episode. I’m not Korean, but have many friends that are, and I’m involved in Korean culture. NO ONE I know eats dog. I have also read quite a few travel reviews from ‘white Americans’ (how they describe themselves) that have always wanted to try it–and many of them liked it, and said it’s no different then eating steak. More and More Korean organizations are popping up to help animals. There are still some people that will eat it…but KOREA has to get angry—– not only does it make the country and her people look bad in the eyes of others— but the fines are crap… animal abuse MUST carry huge fines and jail time– and if the courts and other legal people in Korea MUST do the right thing and make the punishment for these things much worse for whoever does things like this, or commit other abuses towards animals. That sekki nom didn’t get into much trouble because there’s not enough pressure on individuals NOT to do things like that–and then the courts basically say it’s as bad as going through a traffic sign or something…that isn’t going to stop bad people from doing it. Only pressure NOT to do it will have any affect–and that’s why Korean people on the whole have to get pissed off…or this will never change. There are also TONS more people in Korea that have pet dogs–and I guarantee that murders would be committed if their pets were treated the way that poor white dog was.

  10. admin
    adminSeptember 10,14

    Below is a letter from Thien H. She sent this letter to the South Korean Prime Minister, Hong-Won Chung. Thank you, Thien for speaking out against horrendous cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Trade!

    Dear Prime minister:

    I am just a normal citizen who is one of millions of people around the world happened to know a social disease, sickness and destruction caused and
    happened in our world today due to internet and global awareness and connection as a result of science and technology progress.

    As we say thanks to human progress on sciences that is able to ease human pains and suffering and bring cures and successful treatments to our
    lives to help us to live a better life in both health and prosperity, I am also mentally suffering to cry silently with tears and sorrows as if my heart
    is being ripped apart to watch in horror this news that happened in South Korea for a bloody image of a beautiful, innocent white dog being dragged miles and miles by a man on a motorcycle in your country.

    Dear Minister, no matter how much we achieve to ease sickness and disease around the world, I am and millions of people still living in suffering and
    night mares every day to watch in horror of the ways human societies are treating other spices on our planet that God had created and gave them an equal right to live and to exist and to be a part of his creation.

    We believe a greatest nation in the world can be judged by the way that it cares and shows respect for life for not only human but also animal welfare. I believe all forms of lives and any living beings on earth must be free from a subject of being tortured, being suffered both physically and emotionally. Every living being on earth seeks for survival in security, love, peace and happiness, not only human are the exception of this will.

    As we watched in horror the video posted on internet in South Korea where a guy driving a motorcycle dragging the poor bleeding white dog from miles to miles on the street in front of public in daily life. This innocent, defend-less dog means so much to human named pet or human loyal best friend ,being treated as an object, as if he has no blood, no pains, no suffering. This social problem that occurs so frequently in Korea, China, any parts of many Asian countries should has brought awareness to all of us and to you, yourself about a serious socio-disease that needs to be addressed and to be cured as soon as possible in such a country with economic development as well as being well known as Korean country.

    I myself sometimes puzzle with a question of why such a country as Korea which has so many nice, respectful young people and seems to generate many children who pay so much respect to adults, and embrace families values, caring people could have been completely cold blooded murder, be ignorant as if these nice, respectful citizens are all heart less people when the matter comes to the ways they deal with animal welfare and the ways they portray such brutal and ugly images of how their pets such as dogs and cats are treated in Korea.

    Growing up in Asian country, I have been a victim of our cruel and negligent on animal welfare compares to a much more humanity ways of
    lives that the West and North America have treated their innocent being livings that we all call them as our pets, members of families. At the age of eight, I have learned first time the lesson of having a broken heart when the day of my best friend in my lovely childhood has been stolen and murdered in cold blood for one damn meal for a wealthy man, who did not need to kill my best friend for his survival. The cost of my tears for days by days, months by months and years after years until now to the age of 50 years old can only be paid by the change in all Asian countries where you and those politicians who are given the powers to make new laws to enforce animals rights as well as human rights for citizens. Until now, my tears and my heart broken would never be paid off by our Asian societies that allows for this happening all the times. And I know I am just one of many children cried in Asia.

    The uneducated and brutal behaviors of our citizens in Asian countries including the attitudes of being heartless and ignorance of animals’ suffering of many Korean children and adults who were grown up in the rural areas as well as parts of many cities in Korea are unacceptable to humanity and dignity and integrity of human societies around the world in this 21st century.

    The fur farms industries and Restaurants in China, and Korea brutally tortured our voiceless animals with all kinds of techniques from boiling cats and dogs alive, skinning them alive, stabbing them to death, dragging their bleeding bodies on the streets like this current event shown in the video, has been watched in horror every single day by millions people that brings reality to our eyes as live witness around the world. Thanks for the technology that my silent sounds of tears from my broken heart during my childhood that has always tried to be buried to a corner of my memory for my life that could carry on, but it now has filmed lively to trigger my painful memory back to the reality of this video, some thing, the sameness could have had happened to my dear childhood best friend, my Lucky dog, finally after 30 years it seems my painful memory has brought awareness to our societies now. If your people could imagine and put themselves in the shoes of the victims whether he/she/it be your own child who has been dragged, bloodily on the streets, how would you feel?

    May I asked you a question as the Prime Minister, do you have children Sir, do you pay attention to your child’s happiness? do you pay attention to this event, do you really has a human heart to concern for the suffering of any living beings on earth that share our planet? Do you feel shame for your Korean people and for all our Asian people for the ways of life that led to the ways of life that our traditions has been so proud of our long history of thousands years born nations but as that parts of reputation such that we only bring shame to the world that we are the worst of all beasts so that we allow for this social phenomenon to become a common phenomenon that shows off to the world that our traditions of thousand years of eating habits in which, we eat anything from cows, pigs, chickens, monkeys to even human best friends that we own them and called them as our pets such as dogs and cats; that allows our people to treat these innocent, defend-less like children as if they are objects, having no feelings, and no pains just because we made them become our commodities.

    Excuse me Sir, please forgive my honesty to say to you that anything traditions does not means always be good things to be preserved and to carry on for generations. Let me be more specific to say many (Not All), but so many traditional habits must be out of dated, must be wrong, must be insane to carry on because all of us, human do not emerged suddenly smartest, and civilizes in a day. It took so much bloodshed, tears, and sacrifices of all scientists, ecologists, environmentalists, socialists,..etc. to bring human up to this day for a betterment of society. The day that our
    progress of technological effort for centuries that we all tried to achieve that allows us to take shames instead of prides to our consciousness of eyes witness of human brutality behaviors done by our ancestors and passed on generations. From fur farm industries to slaughter houses, and to this video event of a man, a Korean guy, dragging the bleeding dog inhumanely on the street in South Korea to make all of us whoever can blame
    we are human beings all feel shameful, hopeless for humane versus inhumane.

    Yes, we are human beings if we are all in shocked and being in agonies for such a savage crime that committed in day light as if this phenomenon is the way of life in our Asian countries. Does this sound shame on you, on me, or on all of us as we blame we are human, the most intelligent beings on earth where our superior attitudes of using human powers to suppress other beings weaker than us?

    Have you ever question that the way we live in the past, now and future are always the best ways to live, but nothing else need to be improved to catch up with the 21st civilization as our Sciences and Technologies are making progress that improve our lives for a betterment of societies that would only spare the progress of improvement also in humanity issue, all other living beings’ issue, or just for the selfish welfare of human beings?

    Dear Prime-minister, on behalf of Asian citizens, I urge your mercy, your consciousness, your roles as a role responsible for moral characteristics in such a respectful country who cares for adults, senior citizens, who embraces families in love and caring relationships of Korean people, who represents the pride of your nation, please do not ignore this social sickness that has been brought so much shames to your nation. Please look after this problem in the best of interest that proves who you are, someone who can bring change that liberate your citizens and society to make your nation be the pioneer who dares to accept the truth that yes, our traditional eating habits of boiling cats and dogs alive, the way our food process and marketing that has flaws, a flaw of inhumane, cruelty, salvage, barbaric cannibals, too old, too sick, too evils to keep.

    Let us be in all agreements with the waves of changes of our world when science and technologies progress do not stop us from moving on from our old salvage tradition towards more a world of humanity and progress for all others species not just for homo-species.

    I wish politicians and global education would pay attention to this social sickness by implementing a curriculum on animal rights education to
    educate people about treating other species on earth humanely, especially in all Asian countries.

    Dear Prime-Minister, if we must seat back, be all silent and wait for the change that might or might not happen, then we will continue to be in the cycle of bloody societies who continue to murder millions of innocent living beings on earth without mercy that is not necessary to be the way it is. We are those people, who stubborn to resist for change, to create masses of productions of lived-stocks who do not wish to be born to be suffered from human crimes that made them to be. A traditional market of creating and owning lived-stocks of dogs and cats meat trades, is such a brutal cycle of inhumane that only brings the shames, the ugliness of social problems that go against the will of humanity progress in our 21st centuries.

    To exchange for keeping old traditional habits that brings little profit to your socio-economy of Korea, but ruin huge reputation that brought shame to
    global citizens around the world, for being a part of a nation being boycotted for the reputation of our inhumane nation. More and more wake up
    calls from all people around the world who make their voices loudly to hear, to sacrifice on the front line to deal with dog and cats meat trades, fighting with local pets owners, restaurant owners, willing to risks their lives to rescues these dogs and cats, and willing to live in poverty and hardship for the sake of kindness and humanity. These animal activists in your countries are working so hard to rescue South Korea Reputations To The Movements of News ways of life.

    I am, a person who was a victim of a society that has no animal laws protection, a society that only cares to make profit, and wealth as greedy as
    much as possible to spoil our own children with materialism, our own families traditions, our own people’s wealth, but give a damn care about other
    children and other people’s business, other people’s sufferings and other innocent animals on earth, the weak, the poor, the voiceless.

    Please Prime-Minster, for the sake of our young generations who would like to live in and be embraced and to be grown up in a society where our
    children must not go through what I have gone through in my childhood. A better society where we can educate our children for treating all of living beings on earth with gentle and with kindness. Let’s put violence with bloody images away from our children hearts and souls, let’s allow them to be educated and grown up in a society of kindness and gentleness to all. Let’s bring new laws to enforce and push forward the change to the best of your actions that you are the only one and only one can do for your Korean people and your own country. Your people would never give up their ways of lives, although today, we all see flaws in that ways of life, although we all admit that ways of life is so brutal, so salvage, and should be abolished, unless there is established laws that make the change to be happened by you, Prime-Minster and by all other politicians who have powers to bring change to our societies.

    Thanks for listening to citizen’s message. I wish to live long enough until seeing the change that we all commit to make for our betterment societies
    for the well beings of all living beings on earth. Together we can make this change, please Prime-Minister.

  11. XeLynda
    XeLyndaSeptember 11,14

    This letter said it all!!!

  12. Bettina Ehrhardt
    Bettina EhrhardtSeptember 11,14

    Animal welfare

  13. beegee
    beegeeDecember 17,14

    i agree with u. I fele the same these poor animals being treated so so bad. makes vomit. INHUMANE no feelins

  14. Ann ellis
    Ann ellisJuly 14,15

    What a sick, sadistic continent! How can it harbour so much hatred towards animals as to treat them this way? Needs wiping off face of earth!

  15. Julie Tidball
    Julie TidballDecember 29,16

    So barbaric. Where is your soul & compassion ?

  16. Howard Malcolm
    Howard MalcolmJanuary 3,17

    Korea should be recognised as a proud country which protects and cares for the weak, helpless and defenceless! As such it is world class. Please prosecute severely the people who transgress these principles because it brings the country into disrepute!

  17. Carolyn
    CarolynJanuary 3,17

    Boycotting ???

  18. Rick Caballo
    Rick CaballoJanuary 3,17

    It is so sad that there is no respect or humanity for any form of human life.
    This also happens in our western worlds everyday with our live stock, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. we should all rethink what we put in our mouths, for the good of humanity!

  19. Sabine Kammerer
    Sabine KammererJanuary 3,17

    my words??

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