Tina and team volunteering with protest letter mailing

Our dedicated volunteers make our campaign possible. They continue to work with the love and compassion for the Korean animals. Below is a Facebook post from Tina Overgaard who volunteers in mailing our protest letters on behalf of Thank you, Tina and all your hard working four legged assistants. 🙂

From Tina:

If you know me, you know how much I love advocacy 🧡 No matter what your cause is, if you think something is wrong, don’t settle and do something to change it! People have the power to change the world ✊ I know times are exhaustingly fast-paced and overstimulating but my hope is that everyone can take some time to bring about social change for those who cannot help themselves. Today, my crew pitched in to help the dogs in South Korea. No living thing should suffer in the way that they do 💔 May 2019 be a kinder and more compassionate world for all. 🙏

Odin signs and sends the petition to the printer.

Billie Jean signs the petition letters.

Asha puts labels on the envelopes and inserts the letters and leaflets.

Oakley seals and stamps the envelopes. (he likes the self sealing strips better than the kind that you lick)

Oakley and Odin fell asleep on the job.🤣

  1. Tina Dunleavy
    Tina DunleavyDecember 28,18

    Thank you Tina Overgaard and Giny AND all your little helpers here for all you do. Your tireless work does not go unnoticed. We WILL beat this Holocaust against the dogs of South Korea, no matter what ! Bless you and love you xxx

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