Update: Seven dogs have been rescued from a dog farm in Paju, and the dog farm is now shut down!

Sharing for Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

Odo-dong dog farm in Paju was operated by an illegal pig farmer who fed animals nauseating food wastes. This dog farm was not even identified by the city of Paju when the first African Swine Fever outbreak occurred last year in South Korea.

After inspecting the dog farm, KARA paid a visit to Paju City Hall and strongly protested the fact that the site, which was feeding animals with unknown food wastes, was becoming a serious quarantine problem. We also complained that leaving the dogs unattended obviously constituted animal abuse. Paju, however, responded that there was no abuse at the site and the dog farms were not subject to quarantine. Meanwhile, the dogs continued to disappear.

It was only when people, supporting KARA, began to file e-People petition complaints that the City of Paju began to take action. KARA was finally able to go to the site yesterday with a city official and get a waiver of ownership of the dogs, and at last rescue the remaining seven dogs.

Three of the dogs rescued were siblings about 4 months old – brown haired Annie, May, and Sean. Each time we visited the dog farm in the past, these three young puppies had been left eating disgusting food waste, locked in a raised wire cage, without a sip of fresh water to be found.

Dark-haired Judy, Bonnie, and Hobbs also look like siblings. They are estimated to be between one and two years old.

Bobby, appearing to be about eight years old, is the oldest dog rescued yesterday. His teeth are severely worn, presumably because he had been biting on the iron bars of the cage for a very long time. How long had it been since Bobby had been dragged to that dog farm and locked in a cage biting at the iron bars until his teeth were worn down? The poor animal also had a wound on his leg, likely from the sharp wires sticking out all over the inside of the cage.

After their rescue, Annie, May, Sean, Judy, Bonnie, Hobbs, and Bobby were given baths and received medical care. They no longer have to eat rotten food waste. They don’t have to lick their wounds or gnaw at the iron bars of the cage.

Dozens of empty spaces were found at the rescue site. The owner himself admitted that before he was caught there had once been dozens of dogs on the farm, and that they had been sold as “dog meat.” The dog farm in Odo-dong has now been closed down.

And yet, there are still too many dog farms in Paju alone, and the city persists in responding passively. KARA will continue to speak out until the final demolition of the cages left at the Odo-dong site; until the fate of the missing dogs has been determined; and until the Paju administration reverses its passive attitude.

We’ll be back with more details on the seven rescued dogs. We ask for your support to provide for the futures of Annie, May, Sean, Judy, Bonnie, Hobbs, and Bobby, who have been saved thanks to the actions of many caring people.

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Photo: August 20, 2020. Annie, May, Sean.
Photo: Bobby.
Photo; Sean.
Photo: Annie.
Photo: September 24, 2020. Day of rescue.
Photo: March 2020. Judy, Bonnie, Hobbs, and one other missing puppy.
  1. Amber Henderson
    Amber HendersonSeptember 29,20

    God bless you all for saving these precious souls.

  2. Herbert Staniek
    Herbert StaniekSeptember 29,20

    Is South Korea a civilized country?
    Without the help of dogs it would not have been possible for our far ancestors to change
    their nomadic way of life against a settled one. No dogs – no domesticated animal herds the dogs helped to defend against predators; no dogs – nobody to keep watch against enemies; no dogs – no aid in hunting.
    No cats – no one to defend crops against the onslaught of noxious rodents.
    Dogs and cats have been mankinds LOYAL servants for thousands of years. We OWE dogs and cats a lot. It is about time we repay them a little bit of this debt in form of kindness or at least – mercy.
    So … IS South Korea a civilized country?

    • Maria
      MariaSeptember 30,20

      No. It appears that having texhmologies and being civilized is not the same. Presently Korea is a huge neanderthzl tribe with smartphones. And only a few people really belong to the 21th century and are demanding it to stop.

      That dog being bathed looks so happy.

  3. A. T.
    A. T.September 29,20

    Omg… this is horrible, but don’t forget the cats also because they also torture them, these people shoud be hanged….

  4. John Ward
    John WardSeptember 30,20

    No is the simple answer. South Korea is not a civilised country. Any country that allows dogs to be treated as food instead of companions has no soul.

  5. Martin
    MartinSeptember 30,20

    Thank you and well done.

  6. Jane Blythe
    Jane BlytheSeptember 30,20


  7. Anabelle Anderson
    Anabelle AndersonSeptember 30,20

    What a joyful thing to see these dogs rescued, what a wonderful organization KARA is – they deserve gratitude and support, financial and emotional (for all they see).

  8. Helena
    HelenaSeptember 30,20

    These are God’s creatures , and should be treated and cared for with respect

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