What’s Happening in a Dog Farm in South Korea

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Depicted in this video is an illegal dog farm and slaughterhouse in Namyangju, South Korea. It has been operating for 30 years. Raised in wire cages amid freezing temperatures, dogs are fed rotting food waste and forced to live in their own urine and feces. There are countless houses of horror like this one all over South Korea that abuse and brutally slaughter puppies and dogs – all while the Korean government and corporate leaders turn a blind eye. is protesting at a nearby illegal dog auction market in Namyangju trying to shut it down. (courtesy KBS Animal TV)

Video: What’s Happening in a Dog Farm in South Korea. KBS animal TV : animal4u. Jan 25, 2021.

English Transcript:

00:01 At the end of last month, a shocking tip video was sent
00:06 A puppy that was raised at a complex nearby but it vanished at once
00:11 And nothing was recorded on the CCTV
00:13 People said like there is a place that stoles cared dogs
00:18 Get out!
00:21 What are you guys coming in here!
00:24 The site that was visited after asking all around was terribly shocking
00:28 From the entrance, it seemed puppies were on display for people passing by
00:34 It was really horrible like people could just buy one if saying ‘I’ll take it’
00:42 A suspicious dog farm in the green belt, what’s going on here?
00:50 A green belt area in Namyangju that looks ordinary to the eye
00:56 The site in the tip video was not unusual from the entrance
01:01 From here, about ten dogs can be seen through the cage
01:12 As I entered the farm, it was even hard to breathe because of the smell
01:18 Now, almost 100 dogs or more are barking badly
01:28 Looks like there’s no one inside
01:32 It seems they give the dogs food waste, not feed
01:37 You can see that food waste is scattered on the floor
01:44 The dog farm was incredibly disastrous in conditions
01:47 In a narrow jail with excrement and all sorts of filth were four or five dogs tangled together
01:54 This place in terrible conditions has been breeding dogs illegally for thirty years
01:59 It’s shocking just watching through the clip
02:03 Residents were also severely suffered from the noise and odor
02:06 The smell is severe in the summer or rainy season
02:12 There’s nowhere to complain about
02:14 Also, at night, I can hear dogs screaming
02:19 Sometimes, it smells like burning the fur or something at night
02:24 I saw stray dogs without leash around here and I thought that they were from there
02:33 Why is the farm owner raising dogs in such harsh conditions?
02:40 Hello
02:42 Get out
02:45 Don’t film this
02:48 After persuasion, he finally talked about the story
02:51 We heard that there was an owner who lost his dog and came here to find it
02:54 because it was suspected that the dog was here
02:55 It never happened for sure
02:59 Probably there’re only two ways: whether the dog went out or a dog seller took it
03:12 The farmer said he never stole any dogs
03:15 However, on the Internet, there were several articles complaining of similar damages
03:20 This illegal dog farm which were already notorious for a long time
03:23 was a place where dogs were slaughtered in brutal ways, even till a few years ago
03:29 A brown puppy, 15-20 cm tall was cut into pieces
03:37 It was really horrible
03:40 The internet says I’m a dog slaughterer
03:45 So I came here and checked
03:47 No slaughter, no proof
03:50 No machines, nothing is here
03:54 Even if there is no evidence of dog stealing
03:57 raising hundreds of dogs in unsanitary conditions is undeniable animal cruelty
04:06 Is the local government aware of this situation?
04:12 Regarding that, I got 20-30 calls every day last week
04:18 We also went to field investigations 2-3 times last week, and we are planning to take administrative measures
04:24 Is there any way to issue a demolition order?
04:28 Although the animals themselves are illegal stock, they are included in private property,
04:32 so when we bring them, it becomes larceny
04:36 We are also having difficulties dealing with it
04:39 The owner has been running the dog farm obstinately for decades
04:44 as there are no other measures other than fines for various illegal activities
04:49 The problem is, there aren’t just a couple of places like this in the green belt
04:56 Just two kilometers away, a dog auction house has been run illegally for over a decade
05:02 Three times a week, each auction sells 200 or more dogs, earns $100,000
05:09 The owner of a dog auction house has been in the filed for 30 years
05:12 and moved to that area nearly 10 years ago
05:15 In front of the dog auction house
05:19 there have been protests by animal protection groups calling for closure for several months
05:24 However, it is said that the auction is still going on
05:29 What are you doing here now?
05:32 Dogs sold at auction here go to slaughterhouses
05:37 I took a picture of the door open when I had just arrived
05:40 Look here
05:42 Dogs in each kennel are numbered like this
05:48 Food waste for dogs in this truck
05:55 Three or four dog kennels as well, and food waste was put here
06:06 How could you do this as human?
06:09 You, children of wrath
06:13 To the animal protection groups urging to close it
06:16 the owner of the auction house even threatened with harsh abusive language
06:20 Gotta meet him, the shameless one
06:25 We do business, but we do nothing illegal
06:32 So is it legal? Or is there a bit of illegality?
06:34 A little illegal
06:36 There is a stock violation, in that originally it is not allowed within the green belt
06:41 He claimed that the only violation of the law is violation of the stock law
06:44 As a result of the confirmation, he was charged with violating the livestock market law
06:49 Why are these illegal dog breeding facilities rampant in the green belt?
06:57 Since around 2017, many civil complaints have been reported
07:00 and administrative measures have been processed
07:03 Put simply, it was accused
07:04 So in 2017 and 2018, it had decreased a lot
07:10 But with the announcement of the new city in 2019, I think they got greedy
07:18 When a new city enters here, they could receive compensation
07:23 The area with these illegal facilities
07:25 has been designated as the 3rd new city in the metropolitan area and is about to be developed
07:29 It is said that if there is livestock in the land to be developed, compensation can be offered
07:33 according to the number of livestock
07:38 That’s how people get greedy
07:40 This district will be approved as the third new city in the metropolitan area
07:44 So, I want to get some rewards
07:47 Here the approval ends this year
07:52 Then, since this is the original structure, I have the right to be compensated
07:58 Will the government compensate as expected?
08:02 There is a precedent that judged that breeding dogs without permission in a development-restricted area
08:06 cannot be considered same as a business in a legal place and therefore is not eligible for compensation
08:14 According to this, it will be difficult to offer compensation
08:19 There may be cases where the enforcement fine for illegal activities is greater than the compensation
08:24 but it may take a long time to collect the fine, and there also may be difficulties in searching the property
08:32 For this reason, I think it is more urgent to come up with a method
08:36 to prevent illegal dog farms in advance rather than imposing the fine
08:42 Such brutal animal cruelty in the blind spot of law
08:46 When on earth can dogs locked up in the jail lead a new life?

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    Tina DunleavyFebruary 19,21

    Thank You Nami Kim for shutting down this Hell Hole

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