2019 Phone Blitz in solidarity with the Animals’ Battalion’s Boknal Demonstration in New York

Thank you, The Animals’ Battalion for giving a voice to the animals of South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade!!! Day 2 Demonstration: July 30, 2018.

The Animals’ Battalion will be holding a series of demonstrations for the fifth year in a row, in New York City, outside the South Korean Consulate, to make that Government aware of how strongly we abhor their indifference to the mass cruelty and suffering inflicted on sentient animals, within the dog and cat meat trades; and also of the failure of that Government to bring about an end to these evil trades.

Click HERE for more info on The Animals’ Battalion 2019 ‘Boknal’ Demonstrations in New York.

In mutual support with the Animals’ Battalion, and, no matter where you are in the world, we really hope that you can show your support and make your feelings known, by joining us to be part of ‘one voice’: we are asking you to take part in a telephone and mail ‘blitz’ at the same time as these demonstrations are being held, to back them up by getting your own message across to the South Korean Embassy within your country; details of which you can find here:

These are the dates, and information on the three events:

Day 1 – Friday, July 12, 2019 : Click HERE to join.

Day 2 – Monday, July 22, 2019 : Click HERE to join.

Day 3 – Friday August 9, 2019 : Click HERE to join.

  • Send letter:
    South Korean Embassy in Washington DC
    2450 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
    Washington DC
    District of Columbia 20008
  • Websites: Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Korean Embassy in USA
    Korean Consulate General in New York, USA
  • Telephone:
    Korean Embassy in USA: 1-202-939-5600
    Korean Consulate General in New York, USA: 1-646-674-6000
  • US Fax: 1-202-797-0595
  • Email Addresses:;;;;;;;;;
  • Whether writing or telephoning, here is an idea of the wording you can use:

  • For written protests:

    Subject: The South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trades

    Dear Sir, or Madam,

    I am contacting you today, as I wish to register my strongest protest to the indifference you, your countrymen and your government show to the suffering and cruelty that is carried out, by many people, within the dog and cat meat trades.

    This cruelty and suffering must end, and I cannot see it ending until your country puts a complete stop to these aberrant trades – trades which have no place in any modern day society.

    South Korea is a country that boasts a wealth of high-profile companies, with a 14th GDP rating; and if it still wishes to be seen as a modern, forward-thinking, civilized society, then your government must rethink its policy on allowing these illegal and unjustifiable trades to continue.

    I sincerely implore your government to immediately begin policing and enforcing your animal protection laws; and, until it brings about the end to both the dog and cat meat trades, I will boycott all forms of tourism, all products, and all services from your country; and I will urge others to do the same.

  • For telephone protests: We recommend that the best way forward, when calling an Embassy, is to politely ask to speak to a representative who has the authority to talk about the dog and cat meat trades within South Korea. The representative may well deny all knowledge of any illegality/wrong doing within these trades, or say that they are unable to help on this issue. If they are not forthcoming, then you might make the following statement or similar wording of your own – and please ask them to keep a record of your call and what you have said.

    “As an animal lover, and part of a high-profile animal rights group, which has supporters across the globe, I wish to register my deep concern about the unregulated, cruel and abusive dog and cat meat trades with your country, South Korea.

    I sincerely ask that your government immediately begins policing and enforcing your animal protection laws; and until it brings about a permanent end to both the dog and cat meat trades, I will boycott all forms of tourism, all products, and all services from South Korea; and I will urge others to do the same.”

  1. Fiona Valentine
    Fiona ValentineJuly 6,19


  2. Patrizia Vitelli
    Patrizia VitelliJuly 8,19

    Dogs and cats are our faithful companions. They have feelings and emotions, please stop this horrific barbaric mentally.

  3. Mehrnaz
    MehrnazJuly 8,19

    Stop this cruelty to man’s best friend …shame on YOU .



  5. Patricia A. Sacco
    Patricia A. SaccoJuly 9,19

    Please stop eating our Cats znd Dogs we have as pets. We !ove a d enjoy allour pets and feel you should think our way and stop your cruelty to our dogs and. cats now because it has gone on much too long a!ready. Thank You God Bless You!😁😁😯😊☺😁😀

  6. Agnieszka
    AgnieszkaJuly 10,19

    STOP THIS 🤬🐕🐕🐕🤬🤬🤬

  7. James Guinane
    James GuinaneJuly 12,19

    Stop the HORROR NOW.

  8. Michelle Scatchard
    Michelle ScatchardJuly 13,19

    Stop the torture. Stop eating dogs and cats.

  9. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 13,19

    Fermate questo orribile massaro

  10. Jacqueline Deaton
    Jacqueline DeatonJuly 14,19

    All this cruelty has got to stop. Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures on this planet. Please stop treating all animals with no respect , this world is not just ours . Live happy and in peace with every living creature .

  11. Donna Roberts
    Donna RobertsJuly 15,19

    It makes me physically and emotionally sick every time I see a picture or read about the horror these innocent animals, dogs and cats, are subjected to. PLEASE END THE HORROR!

    C PHILLIPSJuly 15,19

    STOP cruelty to animals now!!!!

  13. Linsey
    LinseyJuly 16,19

    Torturing animals to death is sick.what kind of decent civilisation would own to doing this. Shame on any who condone such behaviour and fail to pass laws to stop this pschopathic cruelty.

  14. Sherrill Barbary
    Sherrill BarbaryJuly 16,19

    Please stop this animal cruelty. Humans have no right to impose our will on other animals. There are other forms of food. Dogs, cats, cows, pigs, sheep, goats should not be food. We dont need to eat animals to get protein. Especially, please stop eating dogs and cats. Thank you for reading this and thank you for stopping eating animals. We don’t eat humans, we shouldn’t be eating any other animals, either.

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