Activist assaulted by dog trader at the Seoul Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market

An anti-dog meat trade activist group, SaveKoreanDogs, based in Seoul, South Korea suffered an assault to one of its members. Activist, Suyil, was brutally assaulted without warning or provocation while attempting to make a video record of the cruelty at the Seoul GyeongDong Dog Meat Market on June 6, 2015.

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Seoul_GD Market_20150606_180624

Photo: SaveKoreanDogs.

This travesty occurs in the center of Seoul (the capital city), South Korea every day because the majority of South Koreans are profoundly indifferent to the suffering of these dogs and do nothing to stop this cruelty.

What does it take for South Koreans to realize that this brutal and inhumane practice needs to stop???

We would like to thank each and every one of the activists in South Korea for their courage, compassion, perseverance, and dedication to ending the dog meat trade. You fearlessly speak out against this terrible cruelty at the risk of your own safety, and we have an enormous amount of respect for all you do. Thank you! We stand in solidarity with you!

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

  1. Jemma LeBaigue
    Jemma LeBaigueJune 18,15

    Disgusting behaviour

  2. Ruth Steinberger
    Ruth SteinbergerJune 19,15

    This is a good reason to boycott Samsung, Kia and others.

    • Maggie
      MaggieJuly 13,15

      Yes I agree! When do we start? this has gone on way too long, and clearly they only care about money! Boycott!!!

  3. SPark
    SParkJune 19,15

    There are a bunch of Korean activist groups making productive changes, and offering the dog breeders alternative careers. The numbers of people that eat dog meat are dwindling fast, so the dog breeders to want to get out of the business.

    The approach shown here is confrontational and not effective.

  4. Valentina
    ValentinaJune 20,15

    These EVIL, SICK IDIOTS, WEAK PATHETIC M/F in Korea & Asia that do this to dogs. I PRAY GOD PAYS THEM & THEIR FAMILYS BACK. In a really bad way. Stupid M/F. I hate Asia!

    BETSY ANJune 20,15

    I read this story with tears in my eyes. This is not 1910 story that Korea was poor and not enough food. I can not believe in 2015, there is a market for dogs and cats meat ….Dogs and Cats are not for human consumption. Dogs and Cats are our loving friends. South Korean government has to get involve in regulating killing and selling of dog/cat meat in general public.

  6. Valentina
    ValentinaJune 20,15

    THANK GOD for the activists trying to help these poor beautiful dogs. I really dispise the evil ones that are “trying to kill” these beautiful, intelligent dogs that God made “FOR COMPANIANSHIP”. Not food. GOD BLESS the activists & keep them strong.

    • Maggie
      MaggieJuly 13,15

      I agree! Well said and I totally understand your previous post of rage. It’s heartbreak talking and Im hurting too over this! But God works through people seeking change. And it’s a process. We are dealing with a force of demonic entity that seeks through humans to destroy Gods “gifts” to humanity. Don’t let them win! Keep supporting activists everywhere, join a cause in protest in your area, and pray…God moves people of passion like you to do awesome things! Be hopeful! God bless and protect animal activists everywhere!

  7. Kim Singer
    Kim SingerOctober 26,15

    With all due respect, I have a comment for all those people who have made reference to ‘God’ in their posts here. The fact that such appalling, unholy suffering exists in this world on such a massive scale should give you a clue that, in reality, there is no god. The savagery being visited upon millions of innocent animals in Korea and elsewhere in Asia is simply incompatible with the existence of God. It may help you believers to exhort your non-existant god to intervene by ‘protecting the activists etc., but the sad truth is they’re going to need something a lot more reliable than prayer to help them win this battle. That goes for the poor, unfortunate animals as the centre of this horror. The best thing you can do for them is to cast off the comfort-blanket of your god delusion, and recognise that practical approaches like political activism and charity fundraising are the only way you can help to make a real difference in this issue. Praying might make you feel a bit better about things, but it does absolutely nothing for the animals. If you’re being totally honest, surely you can see that? And please don’t waste your breath telling me the evil is man-made. Man-up and fact the truth. The animals deserve no less.

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