Backyard dog hanging in front of other dogs in Daejeon

This is a translation of a posting from Coexistence of Animal Rights On Earth(CARE)’s homepage: We are reporting an abuser who brutally hung and killed a dog that he raised at home to eat him. 10/16/2013

We are reporting an abuser who brutally hung and killed a dog that he raised at home to eat him.
Last Friday, we received a tip on our animal abuse reporting page about an old man who raises and kills dogs to eat.

This old man was raising 3 dogs and to eat one of these dogs, he hung him by the neck and killed him in front of other dogs. The witness tried to stop him but despite his effort the old man went ahead and killed this dog. A yellow dog who was next to the dead hanging dog cried all night long, licked and scratched his dead friend with his paws trying to wake him up. A black dog that is not shown in the photo is terrified of humans and whenever he sees a human he would run away and hide in his house even when the treat is offered.

Dogs raised for the purpose of consumption live in endless fear and torment and brutally killed.

This old man brutally hung and killed dogs in front of other dogs. This is a clear violation of animal protection law.

Article 8 (Prohibition of Cruelty to Animals, etc.) (Amended 3/23/2013, 4/5/2013)
(1) No person shall commit any of the following offenses against an animal:
1. Killing an animal by hanging it by the neck or by applying any other cruel method;
2. Killing an animal on the street or any other place open to the public or killing an animal with any other animal of the same species present at the scene;
3. Killing an animal by intentionally denying food or water

CARE obtained the abuser’s name and address and reported him to the authority for the violation of animal protection law. The abuser must receive a proper legal punishment. Also we will request a cooperation from the Daejeon’s Dongu Borough office to separate the remaining dogs from the abuser. We hope for the expeditious investigation on this case.

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  1. D.K.
    D.K.October 26,13

  2. Marta Rico
    Marta RicoOctober 26,13

    Imposible to live in a world with that kind of cruelty against the dogs and other animals in your country.
    No respect to animals, no respect to life, no respect to the world, what a shame…

  3. nelly virginia rondan vila
    nelly virginia rondan vilaOctober 26,13


  4. Janet Pokershing
    Janet PokershingNovember 24,13

    Seriously, this is not normal, you cannot eat dogs, there is a law in the U.S.and it should apply all over the world, especially in asia. Who came up with thinking that you can eat a domesticated animal? Also there are plenty of vegetables, fish, and other foods that are normal to eat. This has to stop as this is totally wrong. I will sign every petition for this nightmare of killing dogs and cats.

  5. Gillian
    GillianNovember 24,13

    I totally agree!!

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