Busan Gijang: Voluntary demolition of dog farm upon being fined

This is a translation of the December 19th, 2013 posting on Busan KAPCA(Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)’s website: Busan Gijang, Jwacheon: Voluntary demolition of dog farm upon being fined as a result of reporting by the Busan KAPCA. 부산동학방에서 기장 좌천 개농장 고발후 벌금 나오자 자진철거…
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Our planning team discovered a dog farm with raised cages at Busan Gijang, Jwacheon and reported it to the authority as illegal.
After an investigation, it was confirmed that the dog farm was illegal and a fine was imposed. The farm owner agreed to voluntarily demolish dog cages rather than paying a fine…
As of now all the dog cages has been removed.
Some argues that reporting illegal dog farms and dog meat businesses to the authority won’t change anything.
However, we feel very satisfied and proud when we see these cases of voluntary demolition as a result of our reporting.
First below are photos before the demolition.

Can you see the raised cages from a far?

Below are photos after the demolition…

Raised cages have all been completely removed.

  1. Serena
    SerenaJanuary 17,14

    Well its about time! At least no more dogs or cats will ever be tortured & killed from this farm! Well done for reporting it to the authorities.

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