Busan KAPCA working hard to close down dog-slaughtering at Gupo Market

This is a translation of the December 10th, 2013 news on Busan Ilbo: “Stopping dog-slaughtering requires changes to the Animal Protection Act” and “Dog-slaughtering is not even illegal so the animal rights organizations have gone too far”.

Animal rights organizations are using mainly the Building Act and other laws, not the Animal Protection Act, to stop the dog-slaughtering.

Animal rights organizations who explain their actions as inevitable, as the current Animal Protection Act cannot stop the dog-slaughtering, and the dog-meat business owners who claim that this flood of civil complaints by the animal rights organizations are hampering their businesses, are tensely head to head on this matter.

According to the Busan Northern District government, the number of civil complaints filed this year by Busan KAPCA (Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) against the dog- slaughtering businesses reached 105 cases. Among these, cases for the violation of the Animal Protection Act are only about 20.

The remaining civil complaints against the dog-slaughtering businesses were for the suspicion of the violations of other laws, not the Animal Protection Act. The majority of the civil complaints were for the violation of the Building Act for unauthorized buildings, the violation of the Outdoor Advertisement Management Law for not properly displaying signs, the violation of the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and Food Sanitation Act for failure to be properly equipped for the slaughtering of not only the dogs but ducks and chickens as well.

The director for the Busan KAPCA, Aera Kim, stated, “Since the police and the district office is telling us that they cannot crack down on dog-slaughtering based on the Animal Protection Act, we are forced to report these businesses using roundabout ways.”

As a matter of fact, none of the dog-slaughtering businesses at Gupo Market has been charged for the violation of the Animal Protection Act this year.

According to Article 8 of the Animal Protection Act, killing by cruel methods such as hanging or killing in front of other animals of the same species are punishable. However, the enforcement agencies’ argument is that the interpretation of “cruel methods” is vague and it is difficult to prove.

Dog-meat business owners are up in arms saying that the animal rights organizations are interfering with their business. One of the “health food center” owners at Gupo Market stated, “Because of the activities of the animal rights organizations, nearly half of these businesses are about to close down next year. The law does not ban dog-slaughtering therefore the actions of the animal rights organizations have gone too far.”

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Busan Gupo Market. Photo: Busan KAPCA 부산동물학대방지연합

Busan Gupo Market. Photo: Busan KAPCA 부산동물학대방지연합

Busan Gupo Market. Photo: Busan KAPCA 부산동물학대방지연합

Busan Gupo Market. Photo: Busan KAPCA 부산동물학대방지연합

    BYRON ANTHONY VENTERDecember 14,13

    Dogs and cats are our companion animals. It’s inhumane to butcher and eat them. This is not culture. This is cruelty at it’s worst! The oriental nations are the cruelest nations on earth towards animals. These wicked people have no compassion for any living creature. They will eventually suffer for their barbarism. I pray that God may visit the most enormous natural disasters upon the entire Asian continent and wipe these evil people off the face of the earth! Hideous nations! Servants of Satan – all of them!!!

  2. Heather M. Blanck
    Heather M. BlanckDecember 22,13


  3. Renee Carter
    Renee CarterJanuary 17,14

    This makes me sick and I would never include this place in my travels

  4. Gwen Ware Gwen Ware
    Gwen Ware Gwen WareJanuary 18,14

    Dogs and cats suffer unbelievably thanks to this inhumane practice. The animals are rounded – strays and pets – crammed into trucks. giv en nmo food or water and after a long journey are brutally handled and killed..some skinned while still alive. There is no justification for this cruelty which is h happening on countries which consider themselves civilised!!!
    How much longer is this inhumane traffic to continue?????? Do the governments of these countries care so little about their world standing that they accept to be treated as pariah nations????

  5. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakAugust 23,15

    Because of this unspeakable cruelty perpetrated on these innocent dogs and cats, I just purchased three Sony television sets. Was on the verge of purchasing three Samsung TV’s till I realized they are manufactured in South Korea. Until this practice of torturing and eating dogs and cats ends forever, I will never purchase another thing made in Korea and I’m urging every one I know to do the same. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KOREAN !!!!!

  6. Kirsten Quinlan
    Kirsten QuinlanMarch 28,17

    These Asian countries are viscisously torturing and murdering companion animals! We understand third world country hunger may be the driver of this barbaric practice, but why do you continue to torture these animals their entire life?? The World is watching and is horrified and disgusted by this heinous atrocities! We are asking the government of a so called civilized society to stop this horrific trade in companion animals! Quit stupid thinking that the meat tastes better if animal is tortured. How insane is that! I personally never will buy products cars, phones, computers anything made in Korea or any other Asian country that does this until they stop murdering these helpless animals. Also I will never go as a tourist there and will boycott the Olympics. I will do just as Jan said don’t buy their products!

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